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The Skylight Cal Max is simply a unsocial gadget that sits location betwixt a smart show and a integer image frame. Its superior usability is arsenic a calendar, allowing you and your family to sync your schedules into 1 convenient location — but erstwhile it's not actively in use, it converts into a integer frame. Before it Can commencement showing disconnected your favourite photos, however, you'll request to nonstop your photos to The Skylight Cal Max. This process is speedy and easy, and location are a fewer different ways you Can spell astir The task.

Keep in mind that you'll request to beryllium a Skylight Plus personnel to nonstop photos and create photograph albums, pinch a yearly rank costing $39. But erstwhile you're signed up, you're fresh to commencement utilizing your Cal Max arsenic a integer image frame.

How to nonstop photos to The Skylight Cal Max via email

If your photos are stored connected your PC, The fastest measurement to get them to your Skylight Cal Max is via email.

Step 1: When mounting up your Cal Max, you'll request to springiness your instrumentality a name.

Step 2: This sanction will besides beryllium utilized to create an email reside for your Cal Max. For example, naming your instrumentality "testing-cal-max" will create an relationship called "".

Step 3: Be judge to retrieve this email address. If you forget, you Can interaction Skylight support to thief retrieve The email.

Step 4: With The email reside in hand, simply nonstop a connection to The relationship pinch immoderate images you want to adhd to The Cal Max arsenic an attachment. There's nary request to adhd a title aliases assemblage matter to The message, arsenic The Cal Max email Can only decipher attachments.

Step 5: Once The email sends, your images will automatically beryllium added to The Cal Max.

How to nonstop photos to The Skylight Cal Max via mobile app

If your photos are connected your smartphone, utilizing The mobile app is simply a amended option.

Step 1: Open The Skylight app, past prime your Cal Max from The database of registered devices.

Step 2: Click The Photos tile.

Step 3: Click The Plus fastener astatine The bottommost of The screen.

Step 4: Select Pick from Gallery. Alternatively, you Can return a photograph pinch The Use your Camera option. You Can moreover tie a image to nonstop pinch The Draw a Doodle action aliases nonstop a greeting paper pinch The Send a Card option.

Step 5: If you take Pick from Gallery, you'll simply request to prime which images you'd for illustration to upload. You'll past person The action to adhd captions to The images earlier finalizing The process.

Step 6: It whitethorn return a fewer seconds, but erstwhile The images are sent, they'll beryllium added to The Photos conception of your Cal Max.

How to delete photos connected The Skylight Cal Max

No longer want an image connected your Cal Max? Here's what to do.

Step 1: Dive into The Photos conception connected either your Skylight app aliases straight connected The Cal Max.

Step 2: Press The Select button.

Step 3: Click connected each image you'd for illustration to remove.

Step 4: Press The reddish Delete button. This will region The photos from your device.

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