How to save money on having your hair done

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Switch hairdresser

The costs of looking aft your hairsbreadth Can adhd up to hundreds of pounds a year, pinch prices for women averaging astir £50 for a cut, £35 for a blow-dry and much than £80 for highlights, according to caller figures from The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (Habia).

But for illustration immoderate service, you Can shop astir for The champion deal. There are thousands of hairdressers to take from, and a small, section salon whitethorn connection a overmuch cheaper complaint than a chain.

Compare prices and inquire for cheaper recommendations in your neighbourhood connected sites specified arsenic Nextdoor and your section Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Many hairdressers besides connection caller customers money disconnected their first trim – possibly 25% – truthful you Can effort retired different salons and get a discount.

Meanwhile, during The existent costs of surviving crisis, immoderate hairdressers person been offering “pay what you Can afford” and moreover free haircuts to struggling customers.

Downgrade your stylist

Ask for a junior, arsenic they are usually a overmuch cheaper action than a elder stylist pinch years of experience.

The quality in value Can beryllium hundreds of pounds, depending connected what you person done. These stylists are afloat trained and usually eager to do a bully job, and much knowledgeable hairdressers will typically cheque that they don’t make immoderate large mistakes.

Joan Scott, main executive of Habia, says: “Look astatine The curen and work menu, and spot if there’s a much affordable option. If you’re not sure, inquire your salon what options are disposable wrong your budget.”

Be flexible

If you are capable to get your hairsbreadth done connected weekday, for example, aliases connected a peculiar evening, you whitethorn prevention a mini fortune.

Hairdressers often tally discount days aliases connection cheaper prices during quieter times specified arsenic mid-morning.

When you are making an appointment, inquire erstwhile their cheaper times are, and what they propose for The champion deal.

If you are really flexible, time off it to The past infinitesimal and a hairdresser whitethorn beryllium capable to connection a hefty discount for a vacant appointment.

Discounts and cashback

Search Groupon for salons offering discounts. Go to The website, participate your area and hunt for The work you are after. There are usually tons of deals connected offer.

This week erstwhile we looked, a woody connected Groupon offered balayage (a hairsbreadth colouring technique) pinch a wash, trim and blow-dry for £39 alternatively of £125 astatine a cardinal London salon.

You could besides effort Wowcher, which useful in a akin measurement and was this week offering deals specified arsenic savings of up to 79% connected a keratin hairsbreadth treatment.

Cashback sites, specified arsenic TopCashback, are a go-to erstwhile it comes to hairsbreadth products, offering money backmost connected well-known brands specified arsenic Sephora, Boots and Superdrug.

As pinch immoderate product, comparison prices in discount stores, supermarkets and pharmacies to make judge you get The lowest price.

Be a model

Search for salons that request models for their trainee hairdressers. An knowledgeable stylist will beryllium coming for The process to debar immoderate disastrous mistakes.

For example, Toni & Guy often wants volunteers astatine its London and Manchester salons to get a inexpensive trim from its supervised academy students.

You could get your hairsbreadth trim from arsenic small arsenic £10 in a apical salon this way.

You Can motion up to beryllium a trim and colour exemplary astatine The Vidal Sassoon school academy in London, but beryllium alert that you are asked to time off a minimum of 3 hours for The appointment.

When we looked, the London Hairdressing Academy was offering a scope of discounted services, specified arsenic a wash, trim and decorativeness for £11, aliases £35 for a afloat caput of highlights, if you are booking pinch 1 of its students. However, possibly not amazingly in The existent costs of surviving crisis, The exemplary slots often get booked up quickly.

You whitethorn besides find that your area has a section beauty assemblage that offers inexpensive cuts.

Loyalty schemes

Some salons, specified arsenic Headmasters, tally loyalty schemes, and plentifulness are offering discounts to thief customers during The costs of surviving crisis.

You Can motion up online and get a Headmasters paper offering 25% disconnected each services from Monday to Friday (9am-4pm), and 10% astatine different times. It besides has a refer-a-friend scheme, offering 40% disconnected a trim and style for you and your friend.

If you are already a regular astatine a peculiar salon, cheque you are signed up to immoderate loyalty strategy it offers.

There whitethorn beryllium different discounts, too, specified arsenic complimentary blow-dry appointments to effort The work earlier you book.

Do it yourself

You whitethorn person already tried cutting aliases colouring your hairsbreadth astatine location during The pandemic lockdowns, erstwhile hairdressers unopen up shop. If you did, you will astir apt person discovered it’s not arsenic easy arsenic it looks. However, if you want to springiness it a go, location are plentifulness of videos online specified arsenic this one that guideline you done The hair-cutting process.

You Can bid master hairdressing scissors online, which are specially angled for a sharper cut.

Also, if you walk a batch connected hairsbreadth products aliases salary for conditioning treatments astatine The salon, get imaginative and make your own. You Can make an effective hairsbreadth disguise retired of egg, avocado and oliva oil. Search online for inspiration.

A mobile hairdresser

Plenty of self-employed hairdressers person group up a mobile service, aliases activity in their ain homes for a fraction of salon prices. As they don’t person to salary salon overheads, they are usually substantially cheaper.

They Can besides beryllium useful if you struggle to find clip to spell The hairdresser and want a much convenient and relaxing experience.

Many connection appointments extracurricular salon hours, too, specified arsenic connected Sundays aliases aft 6pm. Search for your section mobile hairdresser astatine Your Local Hairdresser.

Hairdressers often effort to waste you styling products aliases typical conditioning treatments erstwhile you are astatine The salon. But these typically adhd a batch to your bill, truthful make judge to opt retired if you are asked, and double-check that you are not being charged for extras astatine The till.

You could besides ditch your regular extras to trim costs. If you usually person a blow-dry, for example, spell without. Go for a damp trim and barren your hairsbreadth astatine home.

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