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Welcome to The world of Chromebooks! These budget-friendly laptops are a awesome middle-ground betwixt mobile devices for illustration smartphones and tablets, and much robust laptops and desktop PCs. There’s a spot of a learning curve to these Google-powered machines though, moreover down to really you’ll run trackpad clicks. For instance, we’re judge you’re acquainted pinch really to execute a right-click in Windows aliases macOS. You Can besides right-click connected a Chromebook, but astir apt not The measurement you’re utilized to.

Not to interest though. At The extremity of The day, learning curves Can beryllium nosy and educational, and we’ve made this guideline to locomotion you done executing right-clicks and a fewer different Chromebook commands.

A personification tapping The touchpad of an ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA pinch 2 fingers. Bill Roberson

Method 1: Quick right-click

This is beautiful easy if you’ve utilized an Apple aliases Windows touchpad in The past. Instead of tapping pinch 1 finger, pat connected The pad pinch 2 fingers while hovering complete The entity you want to right-click. The touchpad will construe your 2 fingers arsenic a right-click and show The dropdown paper — aliases immoderate other your right-click is expected to unveil.

The cardinal present is timing and position because your fingers request to pat down and emergence backmost astatine The aforesaid time, aliases things Can spell a small screwy. If you’ve ne'er tried to right-click for illustration this before, it whitethorn return a small believe to get down (always make judge The touchpad is cleanable and dry, which makes rather a difference).

Method 2: Right-click pinch keyboard

If you really don’t for illustration tapping connected The touchpad aliases are still in The learning shape and request a much reliable measurement to right-click while you maestro The pad, past effort The keyboard method. Press down and clasp The Alt key, and past pat The pad pinch 1 finger; this acts conscionable for illustration a two-finger pat for right-clicking, but it whitethorn beryllium much meticulous and easier if you don’t person a digit to spare.

This method Can activity good if you are already engaged typing and your fingers are correct there, truthful to speak — aliases if you are connected The spell and awkward positioning makes it easier to conscionable clasp down Alt and tap, alternatively than effort two-finger tapping.

A personification utilizing The Lenovo Thinkpad-13 Chromebook. Bill Roberson

Method 3: Right-clicking to move objects

This is simply a small much complicated. To move objects utilizing The Chromebook touchpad, you person to harvester correct and near clicks. First, pat The pad while hovering complete The object, but support your digit held lightly down connected The pad. Then, pinch your 2nd finger, pat down and move it crossed The pad to move The object.

Here, your first digit is enabling The movement, and your 2nd digit is really moving The object. The cardinal is keeping 1 digit comparatively still while moving The other, which does go intuitive in time. As pinch our first method, this whitethorn return a small practice, particularly if you are still getting utilized to The sensitivity of The touchpad. The better Chromebooks person smoother touchpads that make this easier, but it whitethorn consciousness a spot disconnected connected cheaper models.

The surface to disable The Chromebook Touchpad.

When in doubt, move it off

Chromebooks let you to alteration The touchpad settings aliases unopen The full point down if it’s bothering you. First, spell to The Settings screen, which you Can typically find in The aforesaid spot arsenic your web connections and artillery life. The existent icons Can alteration a small depending connected what marque manufactured The Chromebook, but it’s usually a cog aliases a wrench.

Once there, region for a infinitesimal and statement The slider that allows you to alteration touchpad speed. If you find The touchpad a small excessively twitchy, effort turning The velocity down and experimenting a small — this will besides make clicking a spot easier. When finished, look for a fastener that says Touchpad Settings, and take it.

A personification utilizing The Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac rodent connected a desk. Logitech

Or you could conscionable usage 1 of these

If you're conscionable not into The autochthonal right-click controls connected your Chromebook, connecting a mouse to it will lick each your problems. Once paired, near and correct clicks will activity precisely The aforesaid measurement they do connected immoderate different mouse-equipped PC.

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