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Removing 3rd statement characters from your Character AI location page. Character AI

Character-AI is simply a chatbot work filled pinch absorbing personalities that emulate notable figures, from celebrities to anime characters to adjuvant personas specified arsenic therapists aliases coaches. It is easy to unfastened up respective conversations to effort and get a sensation for different characters. However, if having excessively galore chats unfastened gets overwhelming, you whitethorn want to clear retired your location page. Follow The tips beneath to study really to shape your Character.AI characters.

How to delete third-party characters in Character.AI

Character.AI doesn’t person a straightforward deletion process for characters. Because chats are nationalist and must still beryllium disposable for others to use, you cannot delete them completely. However, you do person The expertise to region chats from your account, truthful they are nary longer visible connected your location page. 

Character.AI has a web interface that makes it easy for you to region characters from your location page. Once you log in, each of your characteristic chats are listed to The left, pinch a three-dot icon denoting a settings tab. Click The icon and past click Remove from recents to delete The chat from your location page. You whitethorn besides want to permanently delete immoderate aged messages from your chat earlier removing The speech from your chat tab. 

Removing 3rd statement characters from your Character AI location page.Character AI

There is besides a deletion method if you’re still utilizing The original type of Character.AI. You Can person backmost to The aged tract by selecting your relationship sanction astatine The bottommost of The page and selecting Back to aged site. On this version, your existent unfastened chats are visible prominently connected your location page. Then you Can prime See more connected The correct broadside of The page. All of The characteristic chats you person unfastened will beryllium listed. Select Edit and this will put an X supra each of The chats. Select The X supra each of The chats you want to delete and past prime Done erstwhile you’re finished. 

How to delete your ain characters in Character.AI

The workaround for deleting your ain characters in Character AI is simply a small different. However, location is The aforesaid situation in that The work doesn’t let you to permanently delete characters erstwhile you’ve created them.

You Can region them from your location page for illustration third-party characters, but they will still beryllium connected The platform, peculiarly if they are public. Other Character.AI users will beryllium capable to interact pinch them.

Setting your Character AI floor plan to private. Character AI

Instead of deleting your character, you Can group it to backstage truthful only you will beryllium capable to interact pinch The chatbot. You Can do truthful by selecting your relationship sanction astatine The bottommost of The page. Select Public profile, past prime The three-dot icon connected The characteristic you want to private, and past prime Edit. Once connected The settings page, scroll down and prime Private nether visibility and past prime Save changes. After this, you Can region The characteristic from your location page, but it will still beryllium privately in your profile. 

Another action is to input gibberish consisting of random letters, numbers, aliases dashes into The characteristic title and description, fundamentally ruining The character. If public, nary 1 will apt want to aliases beryllium capable to interact pinch The character. You Can besides group this to backstage to forestall further interaction. 

Yet different action is reusing an already unfastened characteristic record to commencement a caller characteristic alternatively of starting a caller file. If you person an rumor pinch clutter connected your profile, you Can beryllium savvy by updating aged characters pinch caller specifications to meet your changing tastes. 

If The magnitude of characters you person connected your relationship is highly overwhelming, you Can see deleting The relationship in afloat and starting fresh. This will delete each characters and information and you’ll person to create caller characters from scratch. To delete your account, prime your relationship sanction astatine The bottommost of The page and past entree Settings > Account > Manage relationship & Data > Delete account. Be judge to backmost up immoderate information that you don’t want permanently deleted. 

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