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The motherboard is, arguably, The astir important constituent wrong your PC. It's The motherboard that dictates what benignant of hardware you'll beryllium capable to use, truthful it's important to cognize your nonstop model. This knowledge Can travel in useful erstwhile you build a caller PC, upgrade your existing computer, aliases moreover conscionable update your drivers.

You whitethorn beryllium acquainted pinch searching for components wrong your system, but The methods utilized to check your GPU model won't ever use to The motherboard. To make it easier, we've compiled a database of each The methods to cheque your motherboard exemplary connected Windows, and they'll only return a fewer minutes.

Dell XPS Desktop 8960 pinch The broadside sheet removed. Jacob Roach

Check pinch System Info

This is by acold The easiest method of checking your motherboard model. It takes each of a infinitesimal and is arsenic straightforward arsenic it gets.

Step 1: Your first measurement is to entree System Information connected Windows. This Can beryllium done in a number of ways.

The simplest action is to type System Information into The Windows Search bar, past pat connected it aliases property Enter. Alternatively, you Can navigate to it manually by going to The Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Tools > System Information.

Lastly, you Can deed The Windows and The R keys connected your keyboard to unfastened Run, past type in msinfo32 and click OK.

All of these paths bring you to The aforesaid place: System Information.

Step 2: No matter The way you took to get here, you're now in The System Information conception of Windows.

To find retired your motherboard model, look for The following: Baseboard Manufacturer and Baseboard Product. Under Manufacturer, you'll find retired which institution made your motherboard, and nether Product, you'll spot The nonstop model. That's each you request to know!

In astir cases, this should beryllium capable and you shouldn't person to spell digging further. However, if this didn't activity for immoderate reason, let's research your different options.

System accusation connected Windows 11. Monica J. White
A readout of constituent statistic pinch The HWInfo tool. Jon Martindale

Check pinch third-party software

If you don't want to messiness astir pinch different settings and options, you Can conscionable download a speedy and easy instrumentality that will do The activity for you. The astir celebrated options for checking your motherboard see HWiNFO and CPU-Z, and some of these Can travel in useful for different purposes, specified arsenic monitoring your strategy capacity and temperatures.

Step 1: First, download your programme of choice. For The intent of this article, we will usage HWiNFO, but you Can besides usage CPU-Z. Both are free to download.

When it comes to HWiNFO, you Can take betwixt a portable download (meaning 1 that won't request to beryllium installed) and a regular install. Either useful fine.

Step 2: Once you've downloaded HWiNFO, motorboat The program. You'll beryllium presented pinch an overwhelming magnitude of information, but correct now, you only attraction astir The Motherboard section.

Two windows will person popped up — The System Summary model and The main HWiNFO window. In The former, you'll spot The Motherboard conception correct in The middle, pinch accusation connected your board, including The manufacturer, The model, and The chipset.

In The main window, simply click connected The Motherboard action connected The left-hand broadside to get a elaborate overview of each things related to your motherboard.

There's a batch much absorbing info in programs for illustration this, truthful while you're here, walk immoderate clip looking into it if you're interested. For example, you Can usage HWiNFO to check your CPU temperature aliases measure your PC powerfulness consumption.

The motherboard conception in HWiNFO. Monica J. White
The Command Prompt connected surface during Windows 11 installation. Jacob Roach

Check pinch Command Prompt

If you're emotion adventurous, you Can usage The Windows Command Prompt to cheque your motherboard model. This is simply a small much precocious than The erstwhile 2 methods, but only really takes a mates of minutes.

Step 1: Start by opening The Command Prompt. To do this, type Command Prompt into Windows Search, past right-click connected it and prime Run arsenic administrator.

Step 2: With The Command Prompt up and running, type in The following:

wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer

You Can besides conscionable copy-paste it if that's easier for you.

Press Enter. Windows will springiness you your motherboard exemplary soon after, conscionable arsenic it would in System Information.

Motherboard accusation in Windows Command Prompt. Monica J. White
An Asus motherboard pinch a Phanteks NEON LED portion surrounding it. Phanteks / Newegg

Check pinch PowerShell

If, for immoderate reason, you'd for illustration to usage Windows PowerShell to cheque your motherboard arsenic opposed to The Command Prompt, it Can beryllium done very quickly.

Step 1: Launch Windows PowerShell by typing PowerShell into The Windows Search. Next, make judge to right-click it and prime Run arsenic administrator.

Step 2: In The PowerShell window, paste in The following:

Get-WmiObject Win32_BaseBoard | Format-Table –Auto Manufacturer,Product,SerialNumber,Version

Press Enter to tally The command. PowerShell will past return pinch a bunch of information, and immoderate of it whitethorn beryllium blank moreover though it shouldn't be. However, what really interests you is The accusation nether Manufacturer and Product, which discloses your motherboard model.

Checking The motherboard pinch Windows PowerShell. Monica J. White
The AMD Ryzen 5 8600G APU installed in a motherboard. Jacob Roach

Check The container and The bid history

Whether you bought a prebuilt PC aliases built yourself a computer, The accusation astir The benignant of motherboard you're moving is location retired there. Here are a fewer options to consider.

First, in The lawsuit of civilization PCs, cheque if you mightiness still person The box. This is an evident 1 that mightiness resoluteness each your problems easily.

Next, for some prebuilts and civilization computers, commencement digging for receipts and bid history. Log connected to your relationship pinch The retailer(s) that you utilized and check. Give them a telephone if there's thing there. In The lawsuit of prebuilts, erstwhile you find The nonstop exemplary of your computer, uncovering The motherboard should beryllium easy — conscionable type The exemplary into a hunt motor and adhd specs.

PC build-out guide Bill Roberson

Open up The case

If you ain a desktop, your past edifice is to unfastened up The lawsuit and past physically cheque The motherboard. Be mindful that if you ain a prebuilt, your warranty whitethorn dangle connected you ne'er opening up The case, truthful make judge to cheque that first. Laptop users should instrumentality to The methods listed above, arsenic The motherboard exemplary is not arsenic easy discernible connected notebooks.

Assuming that your PC lawsuit has a solid broadside panel, you mightiness beryllium capable to adjacent wrong and spot The motherboard model. Pretty overmuch each azygous 1 of The best motherboards will person its shaper and exemplary written down location astatine The front. If you don't spot it, turn disconnected your PC and crushed yourself by either utilizing an anti-static wrist strap aliases rubbing The metallic chassis of your PC pinch your bare hands.

Remove The broadside sheet and look astatine your motherboard carefully. If immoderate components are in The way, you mightiness person to region them, truthful support our guideline to building a PC connected manus to put things backmost together erstwhile you're done.

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