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A Welsh municipality is "so excited" arsenic municipality criers from crossed The world are group to descend for an world competition.

Montgomery in Powys will big The yearly Guild of Town Criers Championship this year.

The arena takes spot connected 17 September and will spot municipality criers pitted against each different to triumph a metallic cup.

Sue Blower is Montgomery's municipality crier and is tasked pinch organising this year's event.

She told The champion portion of The occupation was "meeting people".

"It's really conscionable having that motion of relationship and organization tone and welcoming people," she said.

"It's a beautiful position to hold, which is why I've still sewage it aft 20 overseas years. I was calved present truthful I've sewage a batch of section knowledge, I cognize everybody.

"I cognize who lives in each location in The municipality and that's evidently a awesome plus to have."

 Sue Blower

Image: Pic: Sue Blower

About 40 criers are expected to be The "colourful" event.

"It's surely unsocial for present and Montgomery group are truthful excited because I've been promoting it since The New Year really," she added.

Ms Blower said galore group commented connected The aptness of her sanction for The domiciled she undertakes.

"I Can guarantee you, galore group remark connected that," she said.

"Quite a foghorn of a voice, but it was conscionable very magical that I sewage The appointment."

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She won The domiciled aft an Opportunity Knocks-style title much than 20 years agone in beforehand of astir 200 people.

"The funny point was, I was related to astir of them. So if I hadn't been selected for that competition, I'd person been very miffed," Ms Blower added.

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