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Every year, hundreds of (very) early shape startups take to participate in 1 of The startup programs of Station F, an iconic startup field based in Paris. And Station F has shared a database of The 40 astir promising startups arsenic portion of The Future 40 selection.

Some of them participate in Station F’s ain programs, specified arsenic The Fighters Program for entrepreneurs pinch underprivileged backgrounds and the FemTech Program for startups moving specifically connected female health, women’s intersexual wellness and more.

Others subordinate Station F done third-party companies that person signed partnerships pinch Station F to tally their ain mini small incubator wrong of The startup campus. These partners see Microsoft, Binance, LVMH and a newly announced AI program pinch Meta and Hugging Face.

It’s besides worthy noting that, past year, Station F wholly overhauled its flagship in-house programme — The Founders Program — to move it into a benignant of startup accelerator. In speech for a 1% equity stake, startups are invited to workshops and classes to iterate quickly connected their projects. There are immoderate demo pitches and immoderate opportunities for one-on-one clip pinch advisors.

“At first, we want to stay laminitis friendly. Some group told america it’s not a lot, others opportunity that it’s a lot,” Station F head Roxanne Varza told maine astatine The clip of The change. “But Station F is not present to return 50% in equity. We conscionable want to beryllium that we person tegument in The crippled and that we will stay engaged,” she added.

That’s why this year’s Future 40 database is much absorbing than accustomed arsenic immoderate of them are technically backed by Station F itself. I’ll stock The afloat database of startups astatine The bottommost of this article, but I wanted to item immoderate of The absorbing ones first.

In France, a batch of houses started showing cracks pursuing an aggravated summertime draught. WeatherMind is utilizing machine imagination to automatically measure damages owed to earthy disasters. That could beryllium adjuvant for security companies.

Another absorbing startup is Argil, which sounds a spot for illustration Dust. This institution lets you build AI assistants that Can reply activity questions based connected soul information stored in Google Drive aliases Notion. Of course, Notion itself isn’t opinionated still arsenic it now offers its ain AI assistant.

One of The astir successful French startups is Mirakl, a software-as-a-service solution for e-commerce retailers and B2B companies that want to adhd a marketplace of third-party products to their ain platform. Nopli is 1 of this year’s Next 40 companies that want to thief retailers adhd a marketplace of second-hand products to their site. Tuffery has already started utilizing it for second-hand clothes.

Jitter looks for illustration a promising imaginative tool. The champion measurement to picture it is that it useful a spot for illustration Figma, but pinch a attraction connected mobility design. People usage it in a web browser to collaborate connected animated content. And fixed really PhotoRoom and Mojo person thrived present in France, it’s going to beryllium absorbing to support an oculus connected Jitter.

Louise is moving connected fertility and plans to usage AI to amended The diligent travel and get amended results. That’s an absorbing usage lawsuit for AI.

I could spell connected and connected arsenic different startups caught my oculus — but I want to support this action short. I’ve besides covered immoderate of them already connected TechCrunch, specified arsenic Revyze and Flowie.

Here’s The afloat database of this year’s Next 40 startups astatine Station F:

Bitstack is The easiest measurement prevention and put in bitcoin in Europe. Users get started by rounding up their purchases and investing The spare alteration in bitcoin, and past Can buy, sell, earn, and walk bitcoin straight in The app.

Differs centralizes predictive AI solutions for retailers. Designed for business users, our solutions alteration retailers pinch constricted information subject capabilities to foretell customers behaviour for optimal determination making.

Flippit is simply a GenAI startup helping brands and IP-holders link pinch digital-native audiences.

Magma is simply a solution that allows you to easy link your candidates pinch your ambassadors. Boost your recruitment capacity and fto your candidates immerse themselves in your environment.

WeatherMind is an AI-powered package that helps insurers and nonaccomplishment adjusters automate harm appraisal connected houses affected by earthy disasters.

Argil empowers teams pinch skilled AI teammates that collaborate pinch them connected their projects.

Beavr automates CSR compliance and streamlines associated operations.

Kolverr is The champion profession level for The greenish workforce.

Nopli is simply a white-label technological and operational solution that enables brands to motorboat their second-hand offer. It useful arsenic a branded CtoC marketplace accessible straight connected brands’ websites that maximizes worth and acquisition of each stakeholders.

Scienta Lab is simply a deeptech institution utilizing artificial intelligence to toggle shape pharmaceutical R&D in immunology and inflammation. With its unsocial and proprietary instauration model, Scienta Lab accelerates The find of caller therapeutic targets and The improvement of personalized treatments to capable The unmet aesculapian needs of much than 400 cardinal patients worldwide.

Chift helps SaaS vendors to unleash The powerfulness of integrations : 1 singe integration pinch Chift API to link to astir European software.

Dsflow is simply a modern Energy Portfolio Management SaaS. We thief power buyers, producers and traders from endeavor organizations consolidate their power marketplace positions and show their financial risks in existent time.

Exwayz develops a unsocial and innovative positioning package solution for mobile robotics based connected real-time 3D LiDAR information processing. We springiness mobile robots a safe measurement for their autonomous missions, in immoderate benignant of environments.

Optimiz Construction is simply a solution to optimize The cutting and laying of materials to prevention time, money, and CO2.

Qeels is simply a viral instrumentality connected TikTok. We’ve built The caller modular in afloat automated, performance-based level that connects next-generation creators pinch brands to reinvent influencer campaigns.

Jitter is simply a collaborative mobility creation instrumentality connected The web. We thief designers create high-fidelity animations for their interfaces, videos, and trading content, easy – it’s for illustration Figma for mobility design.

Louise builds collaborative penetration connected quality fertility, utilizing privateness preserving exertion and cutting separator AI.

Monde Singulier is The number 1 marketplace of exclusive collectible designs from The world’s starring designers and brands.

Pimento is The webspace wherever imaginative teams collaborate pinch AI to amended conceive their projects.

Spore.Bio develops a caller procreation of microbiological discovery devices. Their AI-based proprietary exertion detects germs connected food, cosmetics and pharma samples wrong seconds while accepted methods takes up to 5 days.

Explorz is an exploration crippled pinch unpredictable experiences betwixt The existent and virtual world.

Inclusive Brains develops an assistive tech level that improves everyone’s psychological and beingness information sloppy of their abilities and condition: its proprietary generative AI, mixed pinch encephalon sciences, enables machines and integer environments to beryllium mind-controlled and to accommodate to people’s affectional and cognitive states in existent time.

Motion Society provides Content Creators pinch a smart optimization solution to accommodate and administer their videos crossed each societal media platforms. An end-to-end solution that allows Content Creators to afloat attraction connected contented creation.

Nelson is simply a data-driven SaaS solution designed to thief companies plan, deploy and run The champion electrification strategy for their car fleet.

Flagcat is shaping The early of webtoons.

Quack AI helps ample package companies tally for illustration The astir businesslike open-source projects. Our AI-powered IDE hold guides developers done The champion steps to make a soft contribution, sloppy of The squad they’re from.

Yacon & co is simply a French institution that sells The healthiest and astir earthy sweetener replacement called yacon syrup.

Sopht is The 1st GreenOps level to decarbonize firm IT.

ColibriTD is building a Quantum arsenic a work level to thief lick cardinal humanity challenges. Democratizing entree to transformative quantum technologies for each enterprises.

Finegrain makes it dormant elemental to dynamically use generative filters connected apical of your images, and way personification engagement crossed each image variations.

Rools is The compliance intelligence for The regulated industries.

Tracklab is simply a B2B SaaS level that empowers SMBs by streamlining their supplier guidance processes, ensuring they collaborate pinch dependable and unafraid partners.

Carbonx is The procurement level for imperishable c removal.

Mindflow is simply a nary codification orchestration and an automation SaaS. We let The users to create automated workflows orchestrating their tech stack without The request to code.

Revyze is connected a ngo to supply accessible, personalized acquisition to anyone, anyplace in The world. We alteration millions of students study amended together done community-generated short-form videos.

Flowie is simply a multimodal SaaS level designed to streamline B2B transactions by automating The invoicing and costs validation processes, particularly in industries pinch analyzable validation processes owed to non-recurrent gross streams.

Kenko is The first security that each worker Can tailor to their wellness needs, astatine nary other cost.

Reetags is simply a solution that allows e-commerce merchants to broadcast videos pinch purchasable features.

Stabler offers state-of-the-art / business webscraping solutions for ample companies, SMEs and solo entrepreneurs, arsenic good arsenic fully-managed solutions. You attraction connected information and worth creation, we grip The extraction.

Suzan AI offers state-of-the-art / business webscraping solutions for ample companies, SMEs and solo entrepreneurs, arsenic good arsenic fully-managed solutions. You attraction connected information and worth creation, we grip The extraction.

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