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Apple showing The different devices that Apple Intelligence useful on.Apple

At its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple lifted The lid connected Apple Intelligence, its ain artificial intelligence (AI) strategy that infuses your devices pinch instrumentality learning goodness and AI power.

Want to cognize if your Mac is compatible? Then look nary further, arsenic we’ve listed each Mac that useful pinch Apple Intelligence and what you’ll request to get started. Let’s spot what’s required.

Which Macs activity pinch Apple Intelligence?

Apple's Craig Federighi discussing Apple Intelligence astatine The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024.Apple

On its dedicated Apple Intelligence page, Apple has listed each Mac that useful pinch its caller AI, arsenic good arsenic The spot you’ll request wrong that device. The database is beautiful straightforward:

  • MacBook Air: M1 and later
  • MacBook Pro: M1 and later
  • iMac: M1 and later
  • Mac mini: M1 and later
  • Mac Studio: M1 Max and later
  • Mac Pro: M2 Ultra

In different words, an Apple silicon spot (any M-series chip) is essential. That said, The database is reasonably generous, arsenic you don’t request The very latest chips and moreover a Mac released 4 years agone (like The M1 MacBook Air) will beryllium compatible. So, depending connected what Mac you have, you mightiness not request to upgrade astatine all. Getting Apple Intelligence for free is awesome news, and it’s thing that Microsoft’s AI-infused Copilot+ PCs can’t dream to offer.

How to place your Mac

Not judge if your Mac is listed above? There’s a elemental measurement to find retired what spot it uses. Just prime The Apple logo in The top-left area of your screen, past prime About this Mac. This will unfastened a model that shows your Mac sanction and type, its merchandise year, The spot it uses, positive different details. Just cheque that against The database supra to spot if your Mac will activity pinch Apple Intelligence.

Does Apple Intelligence activity pinch Intel Macs?

Unfortunately, Apple Intelligence will not activity pinch Intel-based Macs. Simply put, The astir caller Intel chips Apple utilized in Macs are from 2019 and don’t person capable processing powerfulness to grip Apple Intelligence workloads. That comes down to The Neural Processor utilized in Apple’s M-series chips, which is leveraged for AI workloads.

Since Apple has designed its AI strategy to transportation retired a ample number of tasks on your device, that intends your Mac needs to person a spot powerful capable to grip a batch of very analyzable instrumentality learning workloads. In that regard, The older Intel chips recovered in pre-Apple silicon Macs conscionable aren’t up to snuff, arsenic they deficiency immoderate benignant of dedicated Neural Processor.

Which different devices activity pinch Apple Intelligence?

A personification demonstrating The caller Siri revamped pinch Apple Intelligence astatine The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024.Apple

Apple Intelligence is not conscionable constricted to Macs — iPhones and iPads Can usage it too. According to Apple, The pursuing devices and chips are compatible:

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max pinch A17 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro pinch A17 Pro
  • iPad Pro: M1 and later
  • iPad Air: M1 and later

That intends that The latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are not compatible, contempt being released astatine The aforesaid clip arsenic The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. That’s because The entry-level iPhone 15 models incorporate The A16 Bionic spot alternatively than The A17 Pro, and it’s not arsenic Can for AI-related tasks.

If you person an iPad, though, Apple’s requirements are little stringent. As pinch galore Macs, you’ll conscionable request an M1 spot aliases later to beryllium capable to usage Apple Intelligence.

What does Apple Intelligence do?

Apple Intelligence features.Apple

Apple Intelligence is simply a wide-ranging strategy that brings AI to a ample number of apps and processes wrong Apple’s operating systems. Some of its best features are subtle, while others are overmuch much important and attention-grabbing.

It Can beryllium utilized to heighten existing apps and workflows. For instance, it Can summarize your notifications truthful that you cognize what you whitethorn person missed, benignant your emails into categories to support things orderly, and springiness you much powerful photo-editing devices that are simpler to use.

Like rivals from Microsoft, Apple Intelligence besides includes generative elements. At WWDC, Apple explained that Apple Intelligence Can create civilization emoji (called Genmoji) based connected your prompts, rewrite emails utilizing different tones and styles, whip up images based connected group you cognize and photos you’ve taken, and more.

Siri has besides received a major AI revamp and now looks group to go 1 of The astir useful integer assistants connected The marketplace (a acold outcry from its antecedently underperforming version). Apple showed disconnected various caller Siri features, including really it is capable to understand The travel of a speech without you needing to repetition details, and The measurement it Can propulsion up specifications from different apps and files that you mightiness want to use.

Apple Intelligence is 1 of The astir important overhauls to Apple’s operating systems in years. That makes it each The much important to cognize which Macs activity pinch it and whether you request to upgrade your machine. With this guide, hopefully The reply is now a small clearer.

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