Help! Jarring, ‘teeth-rattling’ connector ramps at 87 and 280 need to be smoothed out: Roadshow - Beritaja

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Q: Outstanding resurfacing of northbound and southbound Highway 87. You wrote in caller columns that Caltrans said they’re going to decorativeness off- and on-ramps, galore of which they person done and instrumentality is still retired there.

But what astir The northbound 87 connector ramps to some directions of Interstate 280? It seems they could person gone different 50 feet in each lane. I’ve driven some and arsenic it is now, arsenic soon arsenic you thrust disconnected The caller pavement, a driver practically lands in an asphalt ditch that rattles The teeth. Does Caltrans’ scheme see finishing those connector ramps?

Dan Hendrix, San Jose

A: Hopefully this will besides beryllium taken attraction of arsenic portion of The project. I’ve forwarded your remark to Caltrans.

Q: I understand and admit each The activity that is being done connected Interstate 80 and its ramps. However, I find it highly frustrating that they Can person The activity area lit up for illustration Christmas, but they can’t person an physics motion to alert a driver that an upcoming ramp is closed. I had to transverse The Carquinez Bridge precocious because location wasn’t a visible notification earlier The Cummings Skyway ramp.

I would admit an email aliases telephone number for The Caltrans fellow, truthful I Can lodge my complaint. This isn’t The first clip it has happened.

Melanie Andersen

A: Use The Caltrans Customer Service Request shape to picture The problem, hopefully preventing it in The future. You’ll find it online at: I’ve besides forwarded your remark to Caltrans arsenic wide feedback astir signage during roadworthy closures.

Q: You wrote astir reflective cogwheel for motorcyclists and bicyclists. The lion’s stock of riding cogwheel for some of these types of riders has retro-reflective elements in it. This has thing to do pinch “coolness.” According to The Hurt Report (Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures), two-thirds of accidents involving a car and motorcycle are The responsibility of The car driver. It is because drivers aren’t looking for motorcycles. They person been taught to look for and debar different cars.

Most drivers are tuned out, and driving is secondary to immoderate different thoughts are going connected in their head. They conscionable aren’t paying attention, aliases scanning The roadworthy for imaginable hazards aliases unsighted spots. They are reasoning astir that spousal argument, a child’s issues astatine schoolhouse aliases their market list, etc. If drivers return The figurative equine blinders off, and move their heads to spot what is going connected astir them, it could prevention a life.

David Fraguglia

A: Distracted driving, whether because of exertion aliases being mislaid in worries aliases thought is dangerous. Paying attraction and being fresh for The unexpected Can forestall collisions and tragedy.

Look for Gary Richards astatine aliases interaction him astatine

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