Heidrick & Struggles Is A High-Quality Company That Could Deliver High Returns

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As a starring supplier of world activity advisory and talent solutions, Heidrick & Struggles (NASDAQ:HSII) caters to nan senior-level talent and consulting needs of nan world's foremost organizations. I deliberation nan banal has tons of bully qualities, and it performs good during caller macro headwinds. Some of nan caller moves by nan guidance could besides fortify nan early capacity of nan business. Here, I will talk immoderate of my thoughts.

Business updates

HSII's financial capacity is really not bad fixed nan softness successful nan macro environment. The total revenue for nan existent 4th was $255.2 million, which is 3.4% little than nan grounds consolidated nett gross of $263.8 cardinal achieved successful nan 3rd 4th of 2021. However, if we exclude nan antagonistic effect of speech complaint fluctuations, nan consolidated nett gross really accrued by $2.0 cardinal aliases 0.7% compared to nan 3rd 4th of 2021.

The nett gross of Executive Search, which is nan recruitment business ,was $212.8 cardinal successful nan third 4th of 2022, which represents a 4% alteration compared to nan erstwhile year. Number of searches consultants accrued to 389 from 368 past year. The Executive Search nett gross per consultant, measured connected an yearly basis, reflected a productivity of $2.2 million, which was somewhat little compared to nan $2.4 cardinal recorded successful nan 3rd 4th of 2021. Moreover, nan confirmed searches reduced by 17.1% from nan aforesaid play successful nan erstwhile year.

The On-Demand Talent business offers impermanent solutions and interim positions for apical independent talent. The quarterly nett gross was $23.2 million, little than past year. But nan year-to-date gross is 69M, which is really up 60% than 2021. The Consulting business nett gross was $19.1 million. The institution had 72 Heidrick Consulting consultants, which is an summation from nan 66 consultants it had astatine nan aforesaid clip past year.

HSII doesn't request tons of fixed assets to tally its business

HSII is simply a business that relies heavy connected its knowledgeable consultants to service its customers. Unlike different businesses, it does not require a batch of fixed assets to operate, and nan mostly of its costs travel from adaptable expenses specified arsenic salaries and benefits. It tin make income for astir 1.1B while only request nett tangible plus of 239.3M. This allows HSII to stay thin and agile while besides being capable to trim costs if needed. In caller years, nan institution has made awesome strides successful improving its operational margins, pinch a maturation from 4.9% successful 2012 to 11% successful nan erstwhile year. Most recently, HSII has successfully lowered its net and benefits expenses by 7.8%, which accounts for 67.2% of its revenue, compared to 70.5% successful nan erstwhile year. These changes show nan company's expertise to accommodate to marketplace conditions and stay competitory successful nan industry.

The push for On-Demand Talent program

The On-Demand Talent business is gaining momentum, and management is passionate astir its imaginable successful nan existent labour market. As companies strive to run pinch a attraction connected adaptable versus fixed costs, nan On-Demand Talent business offers elasticity and agility. Additionally, nan guidance squad has noted that nan On-Demand Talent business has been amended capable to upwind economical downturns. While nan business has had immoderate cyclical challenges successful nan past owed to its reliance connected Executive Search, nan non-search businesses are seen arsenic having counter-cyclical attributes. HSII is evidently aiming to found much dependable gross streams, to trim reliance connected Search to 50%, a strategy that is rather reasonable to me. Nevertheless, not each of its caller business segments are performing up to expectations. The occurrence of nan On-Demand Talent business requires a spot much clip to validate their viability.

Change of prize argumentation whitethorn beryllium a bully thing

Recently, HSII's equilibrium expanse has displayed fluctuations successful its accrued expenses, which tin beryllium attributed to nan changes made to its prize deferral guidance policy. In nan past, a information of nan rate bonuses earned by nan Company's consultants and guidance were deferred and paid complete a three-year vesting period. However, successful 2020 and 2021, nan Company terminated nan rate prize deferral for consultants and management, respectively. As a result, nan Company now pays 100% of nan rate bonuses earned by consultants and guidance successful nan first 4th of nan pursuing year.

In bid to salary retired bonuses successful nan first 4th and clasp advisor talent much effectively, HSII must purpose to accumulate a maximum magnitude of rate during nan 4th quarter. By adjusting nan deferred prize programme successful this manner, labor person their compensation sooner, making nan institution look much invested successful its workforce. This makes HSII much charismatic to clasp talent which mightiness beryllium nan cardinal facet of its business.

A beardown equilibrium expanse pinch liquidity

HSII's equilibrium expanse boasts a robust rate equilibrium of 456m and is devoid of semipermanent debt, indicating fantabulous financial health. Hence, bankruptcy is not a anticipation astatine present. Nonetheless, nan existent liquidity position will beryllium revealed successful nan 2nd 4th of 2023, erstwhile nan institution will request a important rate reserve to fulfill its prize programme commitments.


Despite HSII's awesome growth, its long history of acquisitions has not ever resulted successful nan astir favorable superior allocation decisions. Some acquisitions, specified arsenic Senn Delaney, Philosophy IB, JCA Group, and Amrop Denmark, had nan extremity to bolster nan company's taste shaping consulting businesses. In fact, they grounded to meet expectations and has resulted successful impairment charges for those acquisition moves. When it comes to investing, I americium skeptical of nan conception of a "next game-changer". The reality is that existent breakthroughs successful business are incredibly challenging to achieve, pinch galore chartless variables successful nan investment. As such, I often spot HSII's awesome acquisitions arsenic consequence items.

Secondly, It is important for nan institution to support a adjacent oculus connected its workforce and forestall precocious turnover rates. In this statement of work, consultants thin to reap astir of nan rewards and could perchance bargain customer relationships from nan company. HSII doesn't person overmuch leverage arsenic a institution to clasp talent.

Lastly, HSII faces important threats from nan emergence of caller recruitment channels specified arsenic LinkedIn, which whitethorn punctual immoderate businesses to prosecute candidates without nan request for HSII's services. This could perchance consequence successful a simplification successful nan measurement of searches conducted. Furthermore, nan separator that HSII had antecedently gained done its intelligence spot and information could beryllium diluted.

Bottom line

HSII is simply a salient subordinate successful its specialized industry, pinch a beardown estimation and well-established relationships pinch top-tier clients that caller companies would struggle to match. While it whitethorn not beryllium a high-growth stock, it still has nan imaginable to present returns exceeding GDP growth. Considering nan truth that it generates complete 1.1 cardinal successful gross and 123 cardinal successful EBITDA, yet has an endeavor worth of only 240 million, it is an undervalued banal pinch a batch of room for growth. Currently, nan depressed authorities of nan marketplace shows that HSII's endeavor worth is lagging down its gross and EBITDA maturation (chart below), making it an moreover much charismatic and affordable finance opportunity. Personally, I felt HSII's endeavor worth (purple) has nan imaginable to turn to a higher level than EBITDA (blue).

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I judge existent worth is from growth, not cigar butts. Time is investors' champion friend.  Evaluation matters but request to beryllium viewed from a semipermanent perspective. Great businesses often connection tremendous worth to nine and are ace durable. When your products and services are 10x amended than others, you merit to turn 10x (or group you to turn 10x) and enactment dominant. Selection, convenience, and worth are tremendous characteristics I americium looking for.  Durability is simply a awesome multiplier of worth (I don't bargain a cyclical business). The capacity of making products and work features that support crushing competitors. Adding aggregate gross streams. Anti-fragile business structures and highly analyzable operations are often preferred. A awesome trial is to find if nan business tin travel backmost nether adversity (macro&micro).  Uniqueness is NO.1 worth driver. The debased costs required to support existing business offers precocious leverage for reinvesting and growth. Low large trading dollars are needed. TRUST and NETWORK EFFECTS are besides awesome devices to spot durability. Management is besides highly important. I want executives to person aligned interests and hyper-focus connected nan business (seasoned CEO, founders, family businesses). I dislike authorities and titles. Good business ever empowers group and attracts talent. Good managers are continuous learners.The occurrence of amazon showed that genuinely focusing connected customers tin bring bonzer returns for investors. I emotion nan win-win-win situations wherever really a existent ecosystem was built. If a head finds it has a durable business, he should buyback, buyback, buyback!!! The champion clip for investing is erstwhile nan bad news were each known to people. When layoff started and companies don't person to pursuit people, past existent worth starts to show. I don't bargain if I americium not readying to bargain much erstwhile it goes down. Price actions are each based connected expectations and surprises, I americium much willing successful nan ones that pinch negativities priced successful but affirmative factors underestimated.

Disclosure: I/we person nary stock, action aliases akin derivative position successful immoderate of nan companies mentioned, and nary plans to initiate immoderate specified positions wrong nan adjacent 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my ain opinions. I americium not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I person nary business narration pinch immoderate institution whose banal is mentioned successful this article.

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