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A headteacher created a meme of 1 his students pinch her bosom exposed earlier it was shared pinch labor astatine The school, a suit claims.

Bradley Layfield and adjunct headteacher Matthew Jones are accused of making The meme by utilizing information camera footage which showed Aniya Harmon, 18, confronting a boy and a woman astatine The Sussex Central High School in Delaware in May this year.

A female who useful astatine The schoolhouse had stepped in and pulled Ms Harmon distant from The confrontation - causing The student's apparel to travel isolated and exposing 1 of her breasts, according to The lawsuit.

Layfield and Jones are alleged to person created a meme by replacing Ms Harmon's look pinch that of popular prima Janet Jackson.

The meme is said to person referenced erstwhile Jackson's bosom was exposed by vocalist Justin Timberlake during The 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

Jones shared The meme pinch vice principals, administrators and teachers connected his school-issued laptop, according to The lawsuit.

At slightest six group had entree to images of Ms Harmon's breast, The suit alleges.

Ms Harmon's mother Tosha White has said she heard a rumour that The meme existed a fewer days later.

She said: "I didn't person immoderate impervious that it was my daughter, but each of The facts started to adhd up."

Ms Harmon, who graduated from The schoolhouse this twelvemonth and is now in college, said: "I'm still upset, I'm hurt, disappointed."

Ms White said she didn't person confirmation The meme existed until 8 days aft The incident, erstwhile The adjunct superintendent called her to schedule a meeting.

She said by this constituent some men had been placed connected administrative leave.

"I was in shock. I conscionable couldn't process it correct away," Ms White said. "And then, aft The daze came down, it was much anger, hurt, disbelief. So galore emotions."

She added: "And still to this day. I still person each of The emotions."

Ms Harmon sued Layfield and Jones earlier this period alleging penetration of privateness by intrusion and publication of backstage matters.

The lawsuit, revenge in The Delaware Superior Court in New Castle County, names Sussex Central High School and Indian River School District arsenic defendants.

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Emeka Igwe, a lawyer for Ms Harmon, said what happened to her customer is reprehensible and that The intent of The suit is to clasp The administrators responsible.

Thomas S Neuberger, Layfield's lawyer, has denied immoderate wrongdoing by his client.

He said Layfield was placed connected time off connected 22 May.

Mr Neuberger says Ms Harmon's bosom became exposed while she was progressive in a conflict - thing which The student disputes.

The lawyer said Layfield was not progressive in creating aliases circulating The meme and that The headteacher showed The information video to 9 people, including authorities troopers and immoderate staffers, specified arsenic administrators and teachers, pinch The intent "to support children safe".

Mr Neuberger placed The blasted for The meme connected Jones, whom he said created and shared it.

Jones did not instantly reply erstwhile asked for remark by Sky News' US partner NBC News.

A typical from The schoolhouse besides declined to comment.

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