HashiCorp: Cloud Technology Enabler Yet To Generate Returns

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Investment thesis

HashiCorp (NASDAQ:HCP) is making headway successful becoming an manufacture modular successful nan toolkit to adopt unreality technologies. Recent KPIs person been affirmative pinch a Net Revenue Retention complaint of 134% successful Q3 FY1/2023. However, contempt signs of maturation acceleration, nan shares look reasonably weighted connected FY1/2024 Price/sales of 9.7x.

Quick primer

Established successful 2013 and listed successful December 2021, HashiCorp is simply a package institution that provides technologies to lick infrastructure challenges complete unreality adoption, developed by a operation of open-source and proprietary code. The company's unreality operating exemplary automates captious processes successful delivering applications, focusing connected infrastructure provisioning, security, networking, and exertion deployment.

In Q3 FY1/2023, 73% of gross was generated successful nan United States. There were 3,899 customers (growing 63% YoY), which are said to screen a wide scope of sizes and sectors, but pinch a attraction connected larger enterprises pinch complete 420 of nan Forbes Global 2000 arsenic customers. NRR (net gross retention rate) maturation was a robust 134% YoY.

Competitors are said to beryllium unreality level providers pinch akin in-house solutions specified arsenic AWS (AMZN), Azure (MSFT), and Google Cloud Platform (GOOG). There are besides bequest providers pinch constituent products specified arsenic Red Hat, CyberArk (CYBR), VMware (VMW), and IBM (IBM).

Key financials pinch statement forecasts

Key financials pinch statement forecasts

Key financials pinch statement forecasts (Company, Refinitiv)

To use from displacement to unreality tech

HashiCorp is successful a saccharine spot, providing cloud-adoption exertion arsenic enterprises accelerate their displacement toward integer transformation. Q3 FY1/2023 income maturation was precocious astatine 52% YoY, pinch precocious double-digit maturation for customers and NRR.

We want to measure really sustainable gross maturation will beryllium for nan mean word and measurement up nan existent and forecast rate pain floor plan pinch its financial position and outlook.

Growth metrics stay steadfast

Generating income chiefly via package subscriptions, we for illustration to usage NRR arsenic a halfway metric to measure growth. With HashiCorp expanding its NRR from 127% successful Q3 FY1/2022 to 134% successful Q3 FY1/2023 (page 10), we judge this highlights stronger description gross from existing customers. We reason that nan company's exertion is delivering value, and that customer occurrence is resulting successful cross-sells and falling personification churn. We statement NRR maturation is higher aliases astatine akin levels to different DevOps firms specified arsenic GitLab (GTLB) which grew NRR by complete 130% YoY successful Q3 FY2023 (page 26), and Atlassian (TEAM) grew unreality deployment income by 40% YoY (page 10) successful Q2 FY12/2023. HashiCorp is making decent headway successful a secular maturation marketplace but is not to beryllium adjacent outpacing its peers. As nan benchmark NRR for a subscription business catering to ample enterprises is astir 125%, nan institution is executing well.

With a US-centric business, HashiCorp is yet to make a awesome effect successful nan remainder of nan world. Although customer numbers are growing, it is still a adjacent niche marketplace pinch nether 4,000 customers - Gitlab has complete 6,000. Whilst cultivating important income overseas whitethorn return time, location is still an untapped marketplace for nan institution to waste into, providing a perchance agelong runway for growth.

With complete 90% of full gross arsenic recurring, nan company's net visibility is high. This should mean that pinch expanding scale, nan institution should go free rate travel generative successful nan mean to agelong term.

The rate pain floor plan group to continue

HashiCorp recorded a TTM FCF separator of antagonistic 23% successful Q3 FY1/2023, a akin level to a twelvemonth erstwhile astatine 22% (page 10). Driving topline maturation comes astatine a costs and nan institution is expanding wide levels of spending successful income and trading (74% of Q3 sales), R&D (43% of Q3 sales), and wide and administrative costs (27% of Q3 sales). With nan attraction connected investing successful nan business, nan institution is not clearing nan 'rule of 40' pinch 52% Q3 gross maturation YoY and operating margins of antagonistic 62%. Operating losses are expected to proceed into Q4 FY1/2023 and guidance has fixed nary denotation of operating losses to constrictive into FY1/2024.

Recent institution commentary highlights greater customer scrutiny complete procurement, and expanding sensitivity to pricing, peculiarly for multiyear contracts. Hyper-scale unreality vendors are seeing a slowdown successful request arsenic customers tighten power complete unreality spend, which could person an effect connected unreality deployments successful position of fund and timing. It should beryllium said that nan institution presently does not look to beryllium facing an uphill struggle to turn nan business, but it is intelligibly coming astatine immoderate sizeable costs pinch expanding losses YoY.

Consensus forecasts (see Key financials array above) look to beryllium blimpish fixed a notable slowdown successful income maturation into FY1/2024 of 27.7% YoY. Market expectations are that nan institution will proceed to pain rate for nan adjacent 2 years - this is not a immense dealbreaker, considering nan institution remains well-capitalized pinch a rate heap of USD 1.27 billion.

We reason present that worth creation via free rate travel will not beryllium generated for nan mean term.

Outlook for Q4 FY1/2023

The institution has guided for a USD123-USD125 cardinal income scope successful Q4 FY1/2023, which looks blimpish pinch a level maturation floor plan QoQ. Non-GAAP operating margins are expected to beryllium astatine -42% astatine nan midpoint, highlighting that guidance will proceed to put successful nan business to thrust growth. FY guidance scope for income is USD463-USD465 million, successful statement pinch statement forecasts.


On statement forecasts, nan shares are trading connected FY1/2024 Price/sales 9.7x and a antagonistic free rate travel output of 2.1%. For a maturation institution pinch constricted basal attractions, nan shares do not look peculiarly inexpensive connected paper.


Upside consequence comes from guidance achieving an charismatic equilibrium betwixt business finance to thrust income maturation and providing an denotation that profitability is wrong visible reach.

Major occurrence successful overseas markets could supply a caller driver for growth, though finance costs whitethorn person to summation successful bid to execute geographic description .

Downside consequence comes from costs hikes successful bid to support existent rates of growth, denoting a inclination of diminishing returns.

Although not high-risk, financing activities whitethorn beryllium seen by nan marketplace arsenic an denotation that rate pain will proceed for longer than initially expected.


HashiCorp is making advancement successful becoming a modular package instrumentality successful nan displacement toward unreality exertion adoption. Recent KPIs are pointing successful nan correct direction, but it is coming astatine a price. With constricted prospects of nan business achieving profitability aliases generating rate profits, we are neutral connected nan shares.

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