Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 16, 2023 8:30 AM ET

Company Participants

Debbie Hancock - Vice President, Investor Relations

Chris Cocks - Chief Executive Officer

Deb Thomas - Chief Financial Officer

Conference Call Participants

Arpine Kocharyan - UBS

Eric Handler - ROTH MKM Partners

Megan Alexander - JPMorgan

Gerrick Johnson - BMO Capital Markets

Jaime Katz - Morningstar

Linda Bolton-Weiser - D.A. Davidson

Jason Haas - Bank of America

Matthew Catton - Jefferies


Good morning, and invited to nan Hasbro Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Earnings Conference Call. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, today's convention is being recorded. If you person immoderate objections, you whitethorn disconnect astatine this time.

At this time, I'd for illustration to move nan telephone complete to Ms. Debbie Hancock, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations. Please spell ahead.

Debbie Hancock

Thank you, and bully morning, everyone. Joining maine coming are Chris Cocks, Hasbro's Chief Executive Officer; and Deb Thomas, Hasbro's Chief Financial Officer. Today, we will statesman pinch Chris and Deb providing commentary connected nan company's performance, past we will return your questions. Our net merchandise and position slides for today's telephone are posted connected our investor website. The property merchandise and position see accusation regarding non-GAAP adjustments and non-GAAP financial measures.

Our telephone coming will talk definite adjusted measures, which exclude these non-GAAP adjustments. A reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP measures is included successful nan property merchandise and presentation. Please statement that whenever we talk net per stock aliases EPS, we are referring to net per diluted share.

Before we begin, I would for illustration to punctual you that during this telephone and nan question-and-answer convention that follows, members of Hasbro guidance whitethorn make forward-looking statements concerning management's expectations, goals, objectives and akin matters. There are galore factors that could origin existent results aliases events to disagree materially from nan anticipated results aliases different expectations expressed successful these forward-looking statements. These factors see those group distant successful our yearly study connected Form 10-K, our astir caller 10-Q, successful today's property merchandise and successful our different nationalist disclosures.

Today's guidance assumes we clasp nan noncore entertainment, Film & TV business, notwithstanding nan existent trading process. While location is nary guarantee of specified an outcome, if this process results successful a sale, we will update our guidance. We undertake nary responsibility to update immoderate forward-looking statements made coming to bespeak events aliases circumstances occurring aft nan day of this call.

I would now for illustration to present Chris Cocks. Chris?

Chris Cocks

Thank you, Debbie, and bully morning. In October, we laid retired our caller strategical scheme for Hasbro, Blueprint 2.0, built connected fewer, bigger, much profitable brands; a sharpened attraction connected nan categories wherever Hasbro tin beryllium best-in-class; an Operational Excellence programme to velocity our agility and amended our costs competitiveness; and maturation initiatives successful integer games, Hasbro content, direct-to-consumer and licensing.

While Q4 proved to beryllium a disappointment, peculiarly successful our accepted toys and games segment, we made advancement nether nan hood that meaningfully improved our bottommost statement and sets america up for separator description successful 2023 contempt what we expect will beryllium a continued challenging user environment.

Our translator efforts are positioning Hasbro for success. In 2022, we identified $50 cardinal successful tally complaint costs savings that improved our Q4 net by complete $20 million. In 2023, we expect our operational translator will make $150 cardinal successful tally complaint savings, money we are utilizing to some reinvest successful nan business and amended our profit profile. We are besides undertaking a important organizational redesign that streamlines decision-making, puts nan user astatine nan halfway of everything we do and aligns nan institution down halfway competencies successful games and toys.

Within our maturation initiatives, our nonstop business comprised of MAGIC: Arena, D&D Beyond, Hasbro Pulse and MAGIC: Secret Lair was up 15% successful 2022. Hasbro Pulse was our fastest-growing channel, expanding 70% connected robust instrumentality request crossed premier manufacture intermezo properties. D&D Beyond delivered personification maturation successful excess of 20% since we acquired nan work successful May of 2022; and, arsenic forecasted, was EPS-accretive successful Q4. Wizards of nan Coast and Digital Gaming grew 5% successful changeless currency, outperforming a games marketplace that, by astir measurements, was level to down, pinch MAGIC tabletop starring nan growth.

Importantly, we celebrated our first $1 cardinal marque successful MAGIC: THE GATHERING, a immense milestone, not conscionable for Hasbro, but for nan thousands of hobby shops, our astir important and assets increasing transmission for nan marque and millions of fans who make some MAGIC and D&D much than conscionable games, but vibrant, world communities. Our maturation successful Wizards was not without challenges. We navigated important proviso concatenation disruptions that while resolved for 2023, compressed our group merchandise schedules successful 2022, peculiarly successful Q4. We were excessively fierce successful immoderate of our pricing assumptions, notably our 30th day version of MAGIC and pulled backmost connected disposable proviso impacting Q4 results.

Lastly, connected D&D, we misfired connected updating our unfastened crippled license, a cardinal conveyance for creators to stock aliases commercialize their D&D inspired content. Our champion believe is to activity collaboratively pinch our community, stitchery feedback and build experiences that animate players and creators alike. It's really we make our games among nan champion successful nan industry. We person since course-corrected and are delivering a beardown result for nan organization and game.

Our licensing business was up 5% for nan year. Over nan past respective months, we've announced aggregate strategical licensing partnerships, and we're excited to person apical partners taking connected iconic brands for illustration FurReal Friends, Littlest Pet Shop and EASY-BAKE Oven, to sanction conscionable a few. Our teams are focused connected increasing marketplace stock successful nan categories wherever we tin lead. We had occurrence successful preschool pinch PEPPA PIG, productivity pinch PLAY-DOH and action, pinch beardown maturation successful Hasbro's products from partner brands, Marvel, which had a grounds year; and Star Wars.

Our attraction connected contented is centering astir Hasbro IP for nan agelong term. Our income process for nan mostly of eOne Film & TV is good underway, pinch beardown liking successful these valuable assets. We expect to person an update successful nan 2nd quarter. Our contented pipeline for Hasbro IP is group for maturation successful 2023 pinch nan upcoming merchandise of nan characteristic films, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves; and Transformers: Rise of nan Beast, and a big of caller and continuing preschool and kids shows from Transformers: EarthSpark to nan caller seasons of My Little Pony and PEPPA PIG to nan caller Kiya & nan Kimoja Heroes connected Disney Jr. and Disney+.

Looking ahead, we are excited astir nan precocious announced D&D unrecorded action series; and for adjacent year, nan animated Transformers characteristic movie pinch our partners astatine Paramount. For 2023, we expect nan artifact and crippled marketplace to proceed nan trends of Q4 into nan first 2 to 3 quarters of nan year, fixed nan lingering effects of user inflation. We besides spot astir $300 cardinal of gross headwinds from overseas speech and exiting low-profit brands, licenses and businesses arsenic portion of nan fewer, bigger, amended pillar of our strategy. As a result, we expect gross for nan institution to beryllium down debased azygous digits for nan year, pinch user products down mid-single digits, Wizards of nan Coast and Digital Games up mid-single digits and intermezo up debased azygous digits.

The advancement we are making successful our costs savings, Operational Excellence and focusing connected cardinal marque initiatives is expected to thrust continued operating separator description of 50 ground points to 70 ground points. We made advancement connected some our owned and retailed inventory successful nan 4th fourth but person much activity to do. The teams are focused connected clearing inventory successful summation to supporting our innovation. This will effect our maturation rates and profits, astir notably during nan first 2 quarters of nan year, which Deb will supply elaborate comments on.

We ended nan twelvemonth pinch $513 cardinal successful cash. As we waste done inventory and thrust profit description , our rate travel is projected to turn during nan year. As we announced earlier this week, we are maintaining our existent category-leading dividend. We proceed to prioritize investing to grow, delevering nan equilibrium expanse and returning rate to shareholders.

Given nan challenging marketplace context, our attraction this twelvemonth will beryllium connected expanding our operating profit margins and increasing stock successful our focused categories. In outdoor, we are taking targeted pricing actions connected NERF to compete astatine each value point, expanding nan marketplace pinch nan preamble of NERF Jr. to kids 5 to 7 and winning stock successful nan fast-growing JOE conception pinch each caller innovations starting astatine a conception debased of $19.99.

In action, we person 1 of our strongest contented lineups successful a decade, including 6 blockbuster films, a big of caller streaming bid and immoderate of nan strongest caller merchandise invention for Transformers successful years, group against nan motorboat of nan Rise of The Beasts characteristic movie successful June. In preschool, we are excited by nan continued world entreaty of PEPPA PIG and our caller statement based connected nan upcoming deed bid Young Jedi Adventures from Lucasfilm.

In creativity, PLAY-DOH is increasing share, and we are adding caller compounds for illustration Nickelodeon Slime and bringing best-selling innovation, our PLAY-DOH Ice Cream Truck, into nan caller year. And successful games, we are adding each caller invention for illustration nan casual AR game, Twister Air, building connected nan best-selling CLUE: Escape Room series, extending our audiences successful MAGIC pinch our newest beingness Universes Beyond based connected J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord nan Ring series, Tales of Middle Earth, increasing our distribution for MAGIC: Arena pinch our upcoming motorboat connected Steam, and reaching each caller world assemblage standard for D&D pinch our caller blockbuster movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves; and AAA video game, Baldur's Gate 3, from our partners astatine Larian later this year. Over nan adjacent 12 months, we will stock much astir immoderate of nan invention we person coming to marketplace successful 2024 and beyond.

To springiness you a consciousness of a few, successful creativity, we spot an astonishing opportunity to turn that marketplace and support audiences arsenic they property up pinch new, innovative, character-centric and story-based play. In video games, we are excited to uncover an all-new sci-fi IP from Archetype Studios successful Austin that we judge will beryllium 1 of Hasbro's biggest successful complete 20 years. Selfie Series, our caller civilization action fig statement gives a glimpse of nan imaginable and Hasbro's early activity investments successful high-fidelity civilization 3D printing, which has a semipermanent imaginable to present nan conception of wide customization for toys and collectibles.

In accepted domiciled play, we spot breathtaking possibilities successful each caller virtual array tops that unlock caller user worth choices, bring imaginations to life, taps into nan standard effects of user-generated contented and create seamless distant and in-play play possibilities crossed phones, PCs and tablets pinch AAA graphics and intuitive controls. And past but not least, we person immoderate nosy caller twists connected aged favorites that will delight caller generations of fans and present astonishing caller debased value points supported by magical play innovation.

As we deliberation beyond 2023, our attraction remains connected increasing much of our franchise brands to $1 cardinal businesses, extending our blueprints done partnerships, contented and caller integer experiences and driving important bottommost statement and separator maturation done a much focused, agile and leaner organization. In nan adjacent term, we will execute our attraction class and inventory simplification plans to turn share, toggle shape our statement and costs building to thrust invention and amended margins and proceed to put successful caller categories, competencies and partnerships to group up Hasbro for robust semipermanent maturation arsenic we observe our 100th day successful 2023.

I'll now move nan telephone complete to Deb Thomas, Hasbro's Chief Financial Officer. Deb?

Deb Thomas

Thanks, Chris, and bully morning, everyone. Over nan people of 2022, we made meaningful advancement to fortify Hasbro by completing our strategy review, unveiling and opening to instrumentality Blueprint 2.0 and undertaking a important translator task to streamline our statement and priorities.

While nan extremity of 2022 did not meet our expectations, our attraction connected controlling what we tin and making decisions to fortify Hasbro for nan early improved operating profit separator successful a challenging environment.

Let maine commencement pinch nan equilibrium expanse and our attraction connected disciplined rate management. Lower income resulted successful higher inventories connected hand. At year-end, we had reduced our on-hand inventory levels by $168 cardinal from nan 3rd quarter, but they were up $125 cardinal from past twelvemonth aliases 23%. This was driven by past year's gross timing pinch early retailer purchases and our softer-than-planned Q4 sales.

The timing of MAGIC releases successful early 2023 and nan summation successful insubstantial banal connected manus besides contributed to nan growth. At retail, inventories were up debased azygous digits crossed our apical world markets, and Q4 POS trends bespeak churn has slowed and pinch connected manus increase. As a result, we estimate astir $135 cardinal of this is excess artifact and crippled inventory astatine retail. Given our higher level of opening unit inventory arsenic good arsenic that from others successful nan industry, we expect a antagonistic effect connected first half unit orders. When we harvester this pinch nan truth that 60% of our astir $300 cardinal successful gross headwinds are successful nan first half of this twelvemonth and nan early timing of unit orders and shipments past twelvemonth arising from proviso concatenation challenges, we expect our first half gross to beryllium down astir 20% compared to nan first half of 2022 pinch Q1 gross down astir 25%.

Operating rate travel was $373 million. We're forecasting 2023 operating rate travel successful nan humanities $6 cardinal to $7 cardinal range. We proceed to judge we'll scope a $1 billion-plus successful operating rate travel level, but this is now astir apt 2025 and beyond. We person capable rate to run our business, meet our CapEx needs, including investing for growth, and backing our dividend. We proceed to target debt-to-EBITDA of 2x to 2.5x. For 2023, we expect to make advancement against this target. Pending nan result of nan waste of noncore Film & TV assets, we scheme to prioritize nan waste proceeds towards paying down debt. We stay committed to maintaining our investment-grade rating.

At nan aforesaid time, we're intensely focused connected our costs savings goals and improving margins. Last year, we accrued adjusted operating profit separator by 30 ground points, and we judge we person nan imaginable to adhd an further 50 ground points to 70 ground points this year. We achieved astir $50 cardinal successful tally complaint costs savings and actualized $20 cardinal successful 2022, but this was partially offset successful nan year-end results owed to nan measurement diminution successful user products.

We stay connected way for $150 cardinal successful annualized tally complaint costs savings for year-end 2023. This advancement keeps america connected nan way to scope our targeted 20% operating profit separator successful 2027, if not sooner, while besides increasing our existing business net and net per stock complete nan period. As Chris mentioned earlier, nan process for trading our noncore intermezo business remains connected track, and we scheme to update our guidance for our continuing business pursuing nan adjacent of nan transaction.

With a information of our costs savings, we're continuing to put successful our halfway initiatives: innovation, digital, nonstop and insights. We're focusing connected higher-margin brands, moving retired of little churn businesses and simplifying our organization. We're successful nan mediate of this modulation and, arsenic a result, reported charges past twelvemonth for translator activities, including severance and noncash plus impairments. In nan 4th quarter, this included an impairment for POWER RANGERS. The impairment was triggered by our focused strategical attack to prioritize different brands successful movie improvement successful nan adjacent term. Although an impairment complaint was incurred, nan marque continues to make worth and remains an important portion of our marque portfolio.

POWER RANGERS gross grew past year. It's celebrating its 30th day this twelvemonth pinch a caller scripted typical connected Netflix, nan 3rd play of Dino Fury and continued improvement connected a young big scripted bid pinch writer/showrunner Jenny Klein and Jonathan Entwistle.

Looking astatine our adjusted results for afloat twelvemonth 2022, revenue, profit and net were impacted by lower-than-expected 4th fourth sales. Foreign speech had a antagonistic $166 cardinal effect connected afloat twelvemonth revenue. Cost of income was up 240 ground points owed to higher merchandise costs, inventory obsolescence, income allowances and closeouts successful our artifact and crippled products. We benefited from higher merchandise prices early successful nan twelvemonth and little freight disbursal arsenic we moved done 2022. We expect an betterment successful costs of income to gross stock driven by our ongoing translator efforts.

Program amortization dollars declined connected little intermezo deliveries successful nan year. Royalties since declined connected little Partner Brand and intermezo revenue. At year-end 2022, we exited respective third-party licenses, which will little Partner Brand gross and our royalty responsibility this twelvemonth while benefiting operating margin.

We spent little connected advertizing past year, aligned pinch our attraction connected less brands and little movie advertizing successful our intermezo conception arsenic we comped nan MY LITTLE PONY movie successful 2021 and supported our movie releases successful 2022. The squad plans to summation advertizing support of our cardinal brands and categories successful 2023, expanding nan wide walk but pinch a overmuch much targeted approach.

SD&A declined successful dollars successful statement pinch revenue, chiefly owed to little prize and equity compensation disbursal fixed nan result of nan twelvemonth and little depreciation related to 2021 video crippled launches. We besides saw little freight distribution expenses plans that person higher warehousing costs to devour pinch accrued levels of inventory. In 2023, while we're achieving costs savings successful this statement item, fixed nan timing to execute nan tally complaint connected those savings, this statement is forecasted to summation pinch much normalized compensation expenses planned. We expect this to effect 2023 by astir $80 cardinal pinch astir $65 cardinal impacting SD&A and nan remainder successful merchandise development.

For nan existent year, our outlook translates to an adjusted operating profit separator betterment of 50 ground points to 70 ground points.

Our adjusted underlying taxation complaint for 2022, excluding discrete items, was 21.8%, successful statement pinch our projected complaint for nan year. In 2023, we expect our underlying adjusted complaint to beryllium betwixt 20% to 21%.

Looking astatine our segments, Wizards of nan Coast and Digital Gaming revenues accrued 5% successful changeless currency. Tabletop revenues were up 12% down beardown MAGIC: THE GATHERING releases. Digital declined 23%, which is expected fixed nan comparison pinch nan 2021 launches of nan premium game, Dark Alliance and MAGIC: THE GATHERING Arena Mobile. In 2023, integer gross is forecast to summation pinch nan motorboat of Baldur's Gate 3 from Larian pinch immoderate gross expected successful nan 3rd 4th and expanding successful nan 4th quarter. MAGIC, D&D and integer stay finance priorities for Hasbro.

Adjusted operating profit was $538.3 million, down 2% driven chiefly by higher merchandise costs, accrued royalties owed to MAGIC Universes Beyond and accrued merchandise development, partially offset by decreases successful advertising, promotional and depreciation disbursal versus 2021 gaming launches arsenic good arsenic little inducement compensation. As forecasted, adjusted operating profit separator decreased and was 40.6%. For nan afloat twelvemonth 2023, we expect mid-single-digit gross maturation successful nan segment. Also, arsenic we proceed to put for early maturation and grow our Universes Beyond products, we expect adjusted operating profit separator successful nan precocious 30% range.

Consumer Products conception gross decreased 7%, excluding a antagonistic $117 cardinal effect of overseas exchange, $92.3 cardinal of which was successful Europe. The segment's diminution was led by little revenues successful North America and Europe, partially offset by maturation successful licensing successful Latin America. Lower revenue, higher income allowances, closeout and warehousing contributed to a diminution successful adjusted operating profit separator to 7.6%, which was partially offset by savings realized from our Operational Excellence programme wrong costs of income and distribution disbursal arsenic good arsenic little airfreight, royalties, advertizing and inducement compensation.

For nan afloat twelvemonth 2023, Consumer Products gross is expected to diminution mid-single digits from afloat twelvemonth 2022 pinch adjusted operating profit separator betterment of 150 ground points to 200 ground points from nan adjusted op separator successful 2022. The teams are executing against a robust intermezo play and beardown innovation, but we're facing important headwinds from exiting definite third-party licenses, transitioning respective Hasbro brands from an in-house to licence model, reducing caller inventory astatine retail, rightsizing definite markets and continued FX headwinds. As noted earlier, a important information of these headwinds are successful nan first half.

Entertainment conception gross decreased 15% successful changeless currency. When adjusting for music, nan conception declined 12%. Revenue was impacted by nan timing of deliveries to partners successful nan TV broadside of nan business and less movie releases this twelvemonth versus last. The TV business grew building connected respective successful scripted series, including The Rookie, Yellowjackets and Transformers pinch respective caller shows for illustration The Rookie: Feds and The Recruit.

Family Brands gross decreased fixed My Little Pony: A New Generation was delivered to Netflix successful 2021 without a comparable merchandise successful 2022 mixed pinch decreases successful integer gross and little contented deliveries. The alteration successful Music and Other chiefly relates to nan waste of nan euphony business successful nan 3rd 4th of 2021. For 2023, this gross should beryllium adjacent to zero arsenic we person exited these businesses.

Total Entertainment conception adjusted operating profit decreased 19%. Lower revenues impacted profit and were partially offset by little royalty, advertizing promotion and compensation expense. For nan afloat twelvemonth 2023, we expect intermezo gross to summation debased azygous digits, and adjusted operating profit separator is expected to summation somewhat from 8.6% successful 2022.

As Chris mentioned, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves premiers successful March. We co-funded this movie pinch Paramount and will participate successful nan container agency and associated intermezo revenues. Based connected our stock of container office, we expect intermezo gross to statesman being recognized successful precocious Q3 and Q4 of this year. We expect nan mostly of nan related rate receipts to hap successful 2024.

As we look ahead, nan income process for prime Film & TV intermezo assets is ongoing. And nan result will pass our semipermanent financials. We proceed to expect increasing gross astatine a mid-single-digit CAGR and improving operating margins to 20% and perchance greater level successful 2027.

I couldn't beryllium prouder of nan activity and dedication our teams person put into nan business this past year. In nan past respective years, it's been dynamic, but they ne'er awkward distant from a challenge. And while nan twelvemonth didn't extremity arsenic we had planned, nan Blueprint 2.0 strategy is successful place, our teams are aligned down us, and we're good on nan way of executing that plan.

Before I close, since we past said successful October, I announced my plans to discontinue from Hasbro. I stay committed to this institution and squad and will enactment until my successor is successful spot and there's an orderly transition. During my clip astatine Hasbro, we've accomplished much than I could person imagined. And I cognize this institution has moreover much astonishing accomplishments up of it. Thank you for your business and support of Hasbro each these years. It's a difficult decision, but I americium assured that Hasbro is successful bully hands.

We are now happy to return your questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions] Our first questions travel from nan statement of Arpine Kocharyan pinch UBS.

Arpine Kocharyan

So down 20% successful nan first half intends that backmost half needs to beryllium up mid-single digits for nan twelvemonth -- for nan 2nd half. I guess, what visibility do you person connected that 5% to 6% maturation successful nan 2nd half? And does that see immoderate presumption for a recession aliases not peculiarly benignant of steady-state macro picture? And past I person a speedy follow-up.

Chris Cocks

No worries. Yes. So we look astatine nan first half, we look astatine a mates of different factors. The first is we spot -- we saw a difficult Q4 successful nan user discretionary assemblage arsenic a full and successful toys and games, successful particular. We would expect that, that's going to proceed successful Q1 and Q2 and perchance rotation into astatine slightest portion of Q3 arsenic good earlier starting to normalize successful Q4 backmost to a much accepted maturation level. So that's 1 group of headwinds that we factored in.

The different 1 that we're looking astatine is 2021 had historically an different income shape pinch it. Retailers were buying overmuch earlier successful nan year. We were playing catch-up from 2020, peculiarly successful Q1, successful position of fulfilling orders, and we don't spot that happening this time. Actually, we spot unit inventory not unhealthy but still having a small spot of an overhang fixed nan slowing user request that we saw successful Q4. So we spot benignant of request starting to normalize, I deliberation thing for illustration -- we were thing for illustration 57% of our income for 2nd half past year. And this year, we astir apt spot that successful nan 60% to 65% range, which is much historically normal for 2019 and before. So that has thing astatine play.

And past we conscionable look astatine our wide merchandise almanac crossed Wizards of nan Coast, crossed our intermezo conception and crossed user products. And we person a beautiful breathtaking Q3 successful position of caller products crossed each of them and a batch of intermezo that's going to beryllium coming retired successful Q2 and having a bully benignant of halo effect into Q3 and Q4. So that's benignant of what informed our wide quarterly operation and half operation and immoderate of nan assumptions we made successful it. Deb, do you person thing to add?

Deb Thomas

Yes. No, I would conscionable agree, Chris. I deliberation we spot 2022 was a spot of an anomaly successful nan bid shape early successful nan year. And we do expect to get backmost to those humanities shipment patterns. We deliberation retailers will person to nan vacation season, that's typical, and we besides spot that successful our business. And pinch each nan entertainment, we're really excited.

Chris Cocks

Great. Arpine, you had a follow-up.

Arpine Kocharyan

Yes. This is ace helpful, possibly partially answers my 2nd question, but I'm still going to inquire this because I've been getting a batch of feedback from investors arsenic good connected this benignant of math. So I'm calculating astir 5 percent points of gross headwind from conscionable giving up nan Disney Princess and Frozen licence for nan user merchandise mix, positive you person astir 3 points to 4 points of inventory overhang. And you're guiding to that segment, Consumer Products business, to beryllium down mid-single digit. Could you conscionable locomotion america done what is increasing to offset that 4 points of overhang? I deliberation you had a bully rundown connected immoderate of nan TRANSFORMERS stuff, obviously, D&D. And besides while we are added, could you springiness america a consciousness wherever nan D&D merchandise is going to beryllium reported? Is this going to beryllium -- is location thing successful Consumer Products? Or each of that is going to beryllium wrong nan Wizard segment?

Chris Cocks

Yes. So I deliberation arsenic we've reported successful nan past, nan mean that we knowledgeable complete nan past respective years connected Disney Princesses was astir $250 cardinal of gross pinch nan highest successful astir 2019 pinch blast Frozen movie. Last year, we were good disconnected that highest arsenic we were starting to exit that business and it transitioned to different company. So that would beryllium really I would deliberation astir successful modeling that.

And then, yes, we spot astir $135 cardinal of inventory overhang astatine retail. And past we person a small spot little than that successful position of inventory that we're holding connected to arsenic well. We deliberation that will return nan afloat twelvemonth to benignant of move through, but I deliberation we'll move done a bully hunk of that and our adjacent stock successful nan first 2 quarters of nan year.

And past erstwhile we look astatine benignant of what nan maturation vectors are, we person a strategy wherever we want to turn successful 5 attraction categories, and we person a scheme for each of those categories. In outdoor action, which is helmed by NERF, we person an breathtaking lineup of caller gel blasters that spell aft older consumers. We launched that successful autumn of past year, and nan Mythic was our #1 point and I deliberation 1 of nan #1 items successful nan class aft that launch. We're going to beryllium building retired that category. And past connected nan other broadside of nan marketplace for kids 5 to 7, we person an all-new lineup of NERF inferior products. That expands nan markets down to little property ranges pinch greater economics and I deliberation really beardown user insights associated pinch that. And past we're besides doing immoderate reasonably fierce pricing actions to make judge that we person compelling products astatine each winning value constituent from $10 to $20 to $30 connected up.

On action, we person a very robust intermezo slate. Between six blockbuster films and a big of caller streaming bid and kids animation supporting it, it's adjacent to say, you could quote me, that I deliberation we person a stack lineup. And that's going to thief america successful Q2. It's not going to afloat offset immoderate of nan headwinds that we spot successful Q2, but it's going to help. And I deliberation that's going to person dividends successful Q3 and Q4.

Then successful creativity, PLAY-DOH was 1 of our top-performing maturation brands past year. It grew stock wrong of nan productivity space. We person caller compounds. I deliberation we person immoderate champion sellers that we're going to beryllium annualizing this twelvemonth and expanding distribution on. So we consciousness beautiful bully astir wherever PLAY-DOH is going to go.

On preschool, PEPPA PIG continues to beryllium 1 of nan apical intermezo brands for small kids of immoderate stripe and we proceed to consciousness bully astir that merchandise line. And our business successful Disney has ne'er been stronger. Spidey and His Amazing Friends was 1 of nan apical caller properties successful preschool. And we consciousness really bullish connected Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures. We deliberation that's going to beryllium an astonishing show and a ace compelling merchandise statement that will travel retired later this year.

In games, erstwhile you look astatine our games portfolio, we consciousness beautiful bully astir nan invention we person there. We conscionable came backmost from Nuremberg Toy Fair, sewage awesome feedback connected Twister Air, a really beardown feedback connected CLUE and benignant of nan equilibrium of nan line. So we're emotion bully astir nan invention there. And past certainly, Wizards of nan Coast, continues to crank retired really beardown products. Phyrexia, our latest Phyrexia group is doing rather good retired of nan gates. Early connected successful Q1, Dominaria Remastered was our January group merchandise and that sold very, very well. So we consciousness bully astir nan fundamentals of MAGIC. D&D continues to turn astatine pace, and we person a awesome intermezo lineup location and really starting to build retired nan 4 quadrant quality of our products crossed that lineup.

And past we person respective caller products that we've talked astir successful definite artifact fairs and pinch retailers that we haven't yet had a chance to denote yet, but I deliberation group will beryllium beautiful pleased pinch those. And nan retailer guidance that we're getting I think, indicates immoderate incremental maturation vectors that we'll talk astir much later this year. Deb, thing to add?

Deb Thomas

Yes. I would conscionable -- conscionable to remark connected nan D&D. We will spot immoderate gross coming done our Consumer Products section arsenic good arsenic Wizards of nan Coast. And arsenic I commented earlier, from an intermezo standpoint, based connected erstwhile nan movie is released and our stock of nan container office, we expect to spot that later successful nan year, possibly immoderate successful nan 3rd quarter, astir apt much successful nan 4th quarter. And nan rate that's associated pinch that will travel really successful 2024 successful a meaningful way. But we're very excited astir that release.

So Arpine, that's nan first point you're going to spot walking done nan Blueprint. And well, it's a awesome brand, and we're very excited, and we're looking guardant to bringing much fans into this marque who tin really bask it for years to travel because it is simply a awesome marque that tin beryllium enjoyed by group of each ages.


Our adjacent questions travel from nan statement of Eric Handler pinch ROTH MKM.

Eric Handler

First, pinch regards to Wizards of nan Coast, do you expect MAGIC to turn successful 2022? And past arsenic we deliberation astir nan cadence, I ideate it will look a small spot different than Consumer Products, I would deliberation your toughest comp for MAGIC is successful nan 4th quarter, your easiest comp is successful nan 3rd quarter. I'm not judge really to deliberation astir nan first half of nan year.

Chris Cocks

Sure. Eric, yes, I deliberation nan mobility was will it turn successful 2023. It grew beautiful good successful 2022. Yes, we expect MAGIC to grow. I deliberation nan maturation will beryllium a spot moderated versus what we saw successful anterior years. We're taking immoderate of nan feedback to heart. We had immoderate proviso concatenation issues past year, which forced america to compress our merchandise schedules, peculiarly successful October of this twelvemonth owed to a mates of releases slipping from April and August into October on pinch our regularly scheduled releases. We're going to beryllium spacing those retired successful a much moreover basis. We deliberation we've sewage to grip connected each nan proviso concatenation issues that we had pinch insubstantial banal and section insubstantial production.

So that will alteration nan quality of what our gross distribution is by quarter. In general, I deliberation we expect MAGIC and Wizards to person a bully Q1. Q2 is really our toughest comp of nan year, and we deliberation that will really beryllium down conscionable fixed nan quality of moving immoderate releases around. Q3 should beryllium a very beardown quarter. And actually, we deliberation Q4 will beryllium a beautiful coagulated 4th arsenic good erstwhile you look crossed nan Wizards business.

Eric Handler

Great. And past conscionable arsenic a follow-up to that. When you look astatine MAGIC and nan vectors for growth, you person a very afloat merchandise slate, you pulled a batch of levers there. So is nan maturation for MAGIC now beautiful overmuch conscionable predicated connected expanding nan subordinate base? And what do you do to support that subordinate guidelines growing?

Chris Cocks

Well, MAGIC is arguably 1 of our astir innovative merchandise and creation teams. I would ne'er discount their expertise to fig retired caller ways to prosecute players and delight our fans. They've had a beautiful bully way record. We've grown that marque for 13 retired of nan past 14 years. And I deliberation nan 1 year, it was down, it was down possibly 2% aliases 3%. That was really my first twelvemonth connected nan business. We turned that astir beautiful significantly, I think, complete nan past 5 years.

So arsenic we deliberation astir increasing MAGIC, we ever deliberation about, okay, really tin we prosecute our existing players more, really tin we find caller fans and past really tin we pull lapsed fans. And I deliberation that's going to beryllium nan magic look for this twelvemonth arsenic well. I deliberation we person immoderate breathtaking caller initiatives. I deliberation 1 of -- nan 1 I'm astir looking guardant to, and I deliberation we've seen immoderate early occurrence is Universes Beyond. Our Warhammer group that we released successful October of past year, we couldn't support successful stock. That's connected its 3rd reprint. It's doing very, very well. I deliberation our hobby shops and our unit partners are thrilled by it. And arsenic large of an IP arsenic Warhammer is, we're going to beryllium going retired pinch nan OG of imagination pinch Lord of nan Rings travel this June. We deliberation that's a large instrumentality base. It's a very ripe adjacency for MAGIC: THE GATHERING. And we deliberation it's a awesome opportunity for Lord of The Rings to present them to our instrumentality guidelines and thief benignant of turn their business. And an awesome opportunity to present Lord of nan Rings fans who emotion Fantasy into a heavy strategical crippled for illustration MAGIC. So I deliberation that will beryllium some an opportunity to pull caller fans and besides adhd immoderate collector surprises arsenic good for our existing fans.


Our adjacent questions travel from nan statement of Megan Alexander pinch JPMorgan.

Megan Alexander

Maybe conscionable inquire Arpine's mobility successful a small spot of a different way. So is nan $300 cardinal that you cited successful marque exits and marketplace exits, is that each successful Consumer Products? And if so, nan excess inventory and that $300 cardinal would correspond a 12-point headwind which would propose you expect halfway maturation possibly successful that precocious single-digit scope successful nan discourse of nan wide user products guide. So first, is that right? And past if so, tin you possibly show america really that compares to what those brands nan halfway brands did successful 2022? And what drives your anticipation for specified beardown stock gains comparative to your anticipation for nan manufacture to beryllium level to down?

Chris Cocks

Sure. Megan, bully talking pinch you. If you -- successful our investor deck, we person a waterfall, which walks done our expectations of $300 cardinal of headwinds successful nan -- connected nan descent that says 2023 outlook, conscionable successful lawsuit you want to return a look astatine it aft nan call. We do spot that $300 cardinal headwind dispersed crossed business, but it is concentrated successful Consumer Products. We're exiting respective alternatively important licenses this twelvemonth for illustration Disney Princesses and Sesame Street and Trolls. Those were beautiful debased separator businesses for us. Frankly, they were antagonistic separator businesses for america successful aggregate, but it does person a apical statement effect.

We've transitioned respective of our in-house brands for illustration EASY-BAKE Oven, Littlest Pet Shop into an out-licensing model. So we deliberation that will beryllium accretive connected a bottommost statement basis, but it will effect our apical statement because immoderate of those brands thrust meaningful revenue. And we'd apt person a fewer much planned that we person yet to announce.

FX is surely a continued headwind that we're anticipating surely successful nan first half of nan year, much notably than nan 2nd half arsenic we comp FX, and that will impact each of our businesses. But CP tends to beryllium our astir internationally exposed. We exited a mates of intermezo businesses past year. One that's called concealed location, had meaningful apical line, not truthful meaningful bottommost line, that was a location-based business, and past a mates of integer businesses and besides immoderate theatrical distribution that will effect entertainment. And then, of course, Russia, we exited Russia successful March of past year. And truthful that comp will beryllium astir difficult successful Q1.

So erstwhile we adhd each that together, it adds up to astir $300 cardinal of full gross headwinds. We spot astir 60% of that hitting successful nan first half of nan twelvemonth and nan equilibrium successful nan 2nd half. But past erstwhile we look astatine benignant of for illustration our merchandise almanac for entertainment, for Wizards and for our Consumer Products business, we look astatine benignant of nan unit promotions we person lined up, nan feedback we're getting and nan volumetric testing that we're doing connected nan items because we've expanded that fundamentally threefold this twelvemonth versus what we did for 2022, we consciousness for illustration nan 2nd half of nan year, erstwhile you harvester that pinch what we expect will beryllium improving macroeconomic conditions, should output nan maturation that we person projected.

Megan Alexander

Okay. And possibly a follow-up for Deb. When you look astatine nan expected separator improvement, tin you conscionable talk done immoderate of nan puts and takes? It seems for illustration from what you said, you should person SG&A deleverage, advertising, deleverage, truthful nan improvements coming mostly from costs of income and royalties? And tin you possibly springiness immoderate much colour connected nan phasing aliases timing of that betterment considering nan unit overhang and your owned inventory being a spot higher?

Deb Thomas

Right, of course. And you really person deed it. I mean we're spending much connected advertising, and we're making it overmuch much focused. And again, if you look astatine Blueprint 2.0 and our attraction connected nan consumer, you'll spot much of that walk intelligibly against nan user arsenic we spell forward. In 2022, we had a important magnitude of income allowances, and we talked astir that successful our prepared remarks. And we had a important magnitude of closeouts. We do person immoderate further inventory. We'll beryllium looking astatine closing retired complete nan people of this year. That's built into our assumptions. We person that each year. And our inventory build, if we look astatine it, a large portion of it was preparing for nan early releases of MAGIC: THE GATHERING and making judge we person insubstantial connected banal to people because that was successful shortage -- short proviso past year. .

So arsenic we look astatine that, nan closeouts that are successful our ain inventory, we spot sending -- trading those retired astatine nan correct clip for some america and for retailers to maximize nan profit connected that. So you spot nan effect connected our gross separator won't beryllium arsenic important arsenic it was successful 2022 and each of nan income allowances. I mean it was important for america to trim our inventory connected manus astatine unit from wherever it's astatine successful nan 3rd quarter. And we did person a batch of income allowances successful 2022 associated pinch that.

So erstwhile you look astatine nan simplification successful income allowances, you look astatine maximizing our closeouts spell guardant and, honestly, our costs savings. And we person a descent connected this arsenic good successful our presentation. I deliberation it's connected Page 24. We proceed to expect a very ample percent of our costs savings initiatives arsenic portion of our Operational Excellence programme to travel retired of our costs of income line. So it's -- that’s nan portion that -- and I'm sorry, I apologize if we're getting immoderate feedback. It seems to beryllium me. That's not -- that gets -- it gets a fuzzy sound, but that's okay.

As we look astatine that, we do spot a important information of our costs savings coming retired of our costs of income line. So we expect costs of income to beryllium overmuch much normalized arsenic a percent of gross successful 2023 than we did successful 2022 because of each those actions we took to make judge that we are being amended positioned for 2023 arsenic good arsenic retail.

Megan Alexander

Okay. So conscionable to put a good constituent connected that, it doesn't sound for illustration you -- nan profit betterment is arsenic heavy weighted to nan 2nd half arsenic nan gross is. Is that fair?

Deb Thomas

I deliberation nan situation -- we expect to get nan profit betterment passim nan year. I will say, based connected immoderate of nan actions we've taken successful relationship pinch our Operational Excellence program, you will spot much of nan savings successful nan backmost half of nan year. And that was really nan remark we were trying to make connected SG&A and admin. We'll spot that effect successful merchandise improvement and successful SG&A. However, we do person immoderate headwinds successful those lines, too. Overall, nan first half of nan twelvemonth is simply a smaller portion of nan twelvemonth for us. So nan impacts are a spot greater erstwhile you look astatine nan wide revenue.


Our adjacent questions travel from nan statement of Gerrick Johnson pinch BMO Capital Markets.

Gerrick Johnson

I wanted to prime isolated nan $300 cardinal gross headwind conscionable a small spot more. In particular, nan brands that you're out-licensing to different artifact partners. What information of that $300 cardinal is that? Because I thought you said connected your Analyst Day that it will beryllium astir $250 cardinal to $300 cardinal aliases location successful that scope aliases $200 cardinal to $250 cardinal maybe. So what will it beryllium this twelvemonth of that $300 million?

Deb Thomas

Of nan $300 cardinal this year, it would beryllium somewhat -- it would beryllium -- possibly astir -- it will beryllium little than 1/3. Think astir nan timing of it. So we said, complete time, we expect that gross to beryllium astir $250 million. You're 100% right. If I look astatine that effect from '21, it would beryllium astir $100 million. This year, it would beryllium -- from 2022, it would beryllium little than that. And nan logic why is we're providing an orderly modulation to a licence model. That's what's helping our operating profit arsenic well. So we are losing gross connected that. We still will person immoderate successful 2022, but you'll spot america modulation retired of that complete time, and it will beryllium a little gross number but a much profitable gross number for us.

Chris Cocks

For instance, FurReal would beryllium a handoff passim nan year.

Deb Thomas


Gerrick Johnson

Sorry, what was that, Chris?

Chris Cocks

For instance, Fur Real Friends would beryllium a handoff that would hap passim nan twelvemonth and a mates of nan ones that we haven't announced yet would beryllium a handoff passim nan twelvemonth pinch nan afloat modulation by 2024.

Gerrick Johnson

Right, right. It's going to return them a small while. I sewage it. Okay. Then my 2nd mobility would beryllium connected nan inventory number, nan $676 cardinal of inventory. Also your transmission inventory why couldn't you beryllium much fierce successful liquidating your owned inventory? Why couldn't you beryllium much fierce successful in-store promotions to get free of nan inventory astatine retail? It conscionable didn't look for illustration you were very fierce successful in-store promotions.

Chris Cocks

Well, we can. I deliberation it's conscionable a prime of really do we maximize nan plus and maximize nan returns for it. So our position is by being a spot much parsimonious astir really we dole it retired quarter-over-quarter, we'll beryllium capable to maximize nan separator return that we person connected nan inventory.


Our adjacent questions travel from nan statement of Jamie Katz pinch Morningstar.

Jaime Katz

I person a mates of clarifications actually. I deliberation during nan prepared comments, you guys had noted that Q4 POS turns had slowed, but I don't cognize if you delineated whether that meant they went antagonistic aliases if they were still affirmative astatine retail. So would you beryllium capable to explain that?

Chris Cocks

Yes. Our POS was down successful toys and games past twelvemonth by nan mid-teens benignant of people overall, which was slower than what we saw for nan equilibrium of nan year. So that's benignant of wherever that remark was generated. Wizards of nan Coast saw beardown turns, but that's not captured successful our POS tracking, astatine slightest nan nationalist POS tracking. And our nonstop business and our licensors saw patient gains arsenic well.

Jaime Katz

Okay. And past I deliberation location was a remark that EBIT could beryllium higher than 20%. And I want to make judge that's not contingent connected nan waste aliases divestiture of that intermezo business that, that remark was made benignant of arsenic nan business arsenic is. But theoretically, if you guys did divest that intermezo business, that costs building aliases profit building would really person much upside opportunity if I'm reasoning astir that right.

Chris Cocks

Yes. So I deliberation each of our guardant guidance is connected an as-is basis, wherever it's assumed that intermezo stays pinch us. Now obviously, we're successful a income process, and that's beautiful acold advanced. So we consciousness like, by midyear, we'll beryllium capable to person a important update connected wherever we spot that going.

The remark that Deb made was we're still targeting 2027 for a 20% operating profit margin. We mightiness beryllium capable to hit that by a mates of quarters. But correct now, we're maintaining 2027 arsenic a target. Assuming a waste happens arsenic nan mostly of nan noncore TV and movie assets, I deliberation we could accelerate that target rather significantly.


Our adjacent questions travel from nan statement of Linda Bolton-Weiser pinch D.A. Davidson.

Linda Bolton-Weiser

I sewage connected a small spot late. So sorry if for illustration I missed this. But I deliberation nan point that was astonishing nan astir about nan 4th fourth results we each understand what was going connected pinch toys. But nan miss connected nan intermezo revenue, to me, that's thing that was projectable because you person deliveries, et cetera. So tin you -- sorry, again, if I missed it, but what are nan cardinal reasons that you had problem projecting what nan gross would beryllium for intermezo successful nan 4th quarter?

Chris Cocks

No problem. Linda, acknowledgment for joining nan call. for entertainment, it really conscionable had to do pinch timing of deliveries that our partners, our web partners wanted. And to a definite degree, we're a vendor moving connected their behalf, and they person a adjacent grade of elasticity astir erstwhile they'll judge deliveries connected products. We had assumptions that we would beryllium capable to execute by extremity of December immoderate of these deliveries. And immoderate of them sewage moved retired not conscionable by a mates of weeks but by respective quarters arsenic they're managing their ain P&Ls. And truthful that's what really drove nan worldly difference.

Linda Bolton-Weiser

Okay. And past conscionable -- there's conscionable truthful galore things going connected present successful 2023. But if you had to conscionable boil it down to possibly nan 1 aliases 2 cardinal things that you person to execute successful bid to thrust nan apical statement and past nan aforesaid mobility connected nan separator performance, for illustration what would beryllium nan cardinal point successful your mind retired of each these different things you request to do are nan astir captious to win at?

Chris Cocks

Well, I deliberation connected nan apical line, erstwhile you're looking astatine a marketplace that's level to perchance down for a year, it's a stock gain. So we request to execute against our 5 attraction categories and present nan correct pricing, nan correct promotion astatine unit and make judge we get our merchandise successful location and good assorted. We missed our marks connected that successful 2022 successful excessively galore areas. We grew successful 2. We grew successful productivity and preschool, but we request to turn much fulsomely crossed each of them. .

And truthful erstwhile we look astatine our merchandise roadworthy map, erstwhile we look astatine nan quantitative testing we've been doing and we look astatine nan promotions we person successful place, some pricing arsenic good arsenic what we're doing conscionable to thrust benignant of readiness of product, we consciousness amended positioned for that for 2023.

I deliberation nan 2nd point we person to do to thrust nan apical statement is responsibly negociate down our inventory. And we'll beryllium doing a bully hunk of that successful Q1 and Q2, but I deliberation that besides gets backmost to your bottommost statement question, which is, hey, we request to do that responsibly and not conscionable make a occurrence waste because that's not going to thief our bottommost statement and yet not thief our capacity to beryllium capable to money our maturation initiatives.

And past nan past point I deliberation you really request to look astatine for bottommost line, past 2 things, internally, this wouldn't beryllium arsenic disposable to you, but it's a large area of attraction for us. It's making judge we person really robust request readying and proviso concatenation guidance successful place. I consciousness really bully astir nan squad that we're building astir that, but that's going to beryllium thing that we request to amended our marks connected and past driving our savings goals. We person $150 cardinal gross savings extremity for this year. We'll beryllium reporting connected that each 4th successful position of progress. And that's going to beryllium a meaningful bucket of money that will thrust some bottommost statement capacity and thief to money increases successful our advertizing and promotion fund and our expertise to beryllium value competitive.


Our adjacent questions travel from nan statement of Jason Haas pinch Bank of America.

Jason Haas

I had 1 follow-up connected -- I deliberation nan mobility was asked connected nan cadence of Wizards of nan Coast conception revenue. I deliberation you said -- aliases I deliberation nan guidance is for mid-single-digit revenue. It sounds like, past year, location were immoderate releases that sewage pushed to nan 2nd half of nan year. So I was conscionable funny is nan anticipation that Wizards will again person benignant of a backmost half weighted year? Or is that mid-single digits is benignant of a adjacent tally complaint to usage successful each of nan quarters? Just trying to get a consciousness of nan cadence there.

Chris Cocks

Yes. So connected Wizards of nan Coast and MAGIC successful particular, arsenic I talked successful Eric's question, I deliberation you should expect successful up Q1 down Q2, a important up Q3 and past a adjacent up successful Q4. And that's conscionable based connected merchandise timing. Last year, we had an April merchandise that had to push by astir six months into October, and we had an August merchandise that had to push astir 2 months into October. We don't consciousness for illustration we're going to person that rumor again. We consciousness for illustration we're beautiful good up of our proviso concatenation issues, and nan capacity of our vendors is beautiful good. But that's mostly really I deliberation astir it.

Wizards doesn't person nan seasonality of nan wide Consumer Products business. It's much release-driven. So that's really I would look astatine it. MAGIC is going to beryllium a beautiful large constituent of their gross for this year.

The different point I'd statement -- nan only different point I'd statement is location is rather a large D&D constituent that will hap successful Q3 and Q4 pinch nan merchandise of Baldur's Gate 3. Even though that's a licensed product, it's a beautiful -- we person adjacent sized expectations astir what that merchandise is going to do. It was 1 of nan astir successful early entree products successful history connected Steam. And that will person meaningful gross effect starting successful Q3 and moreover much truthful successful Q4 for D&D.

Jason Haas

That's helpful. And past you mentioned -- I deliberation you described it arsenic a misfiring connected immoderate of nan projected changes for nan OGL. Was location immoderate benignant of financial effect to that successful nan first quarter? I deliberation that, I guess, nan contention is benignant of down america astatine this point, but conscionable funny if there's thing to look retired for successful 1Q.

Chris Cocks

Yes. I mean we had immoderate subscription cancellations, but they were comparatively insignificant successful nan totality of some nan D&D P&L and nan Wizards P&L. Of course, we return thing for illustration that seriously. We're successful interaction pinch nan group who canceled. And successful general, what we're uncovering is simply a batch of them are very unfastened to restarting their subscriptions. D&D Beyond is simply a awesome platform. It's a really bully value. And it's thing that's been a bully maturation vector for us. We find it -- we consciousness astir 8 months into owning nan asset, it's been a really bully acquisition for us. It was EPS accretive wrong six months of joining nan company. And we had complete 20% personification maturation done nan extremity of 2022, and nan gross maturation was astir commensurate pinch nan personification maturation arsenic well. So I deliberation D&D should beryllium connected gait for a patient 2023 pinch everything we person going on. .


Our adjacent questions travel from nan statement of Matthew Catton pinch Jefferies.

Matthew Catton

The only mobility that I person near would beryllium astir -- you talked astir immoderate of nan impacts of D&D Beyond being afloat successful nan exemplary for 2023 arsenic good arsenic nan effect successful nan backmost half from Baldur's Gate. But is location immoderate initiatives to possibly jump commencement gross again wrong MAGIC: THE GATHERING Arena connected mobile and PC during 2023? Or are immoderate of those initiatives further retired successful nan retired years?

Chris Cocks

Matt, acknowledgment for joining. Yes, I deliberation nan biggest point connected arena is going to beryllium nan merchandise connected Steam in, I think, we're targeting Q3. nan logic for nan clip statement to get to Q3 is we're reinventing what nan caller subordinate acquisition is arsenic we commencement to grow that truthful that it's an easier onboarding and a much nosy measurement to study really to play what is simply a ace heavy but tin beryllium a difficult learning curve game. .

So we deliberation Steam is going to thief unfastened up nan crippled to much users. Obviously, we deliberation location will beryllium immoderate decent gross maturation associated pinch that. Over nan midterm, we proceed to measure consoles, peculiarly Xbox and PlayStation platforms. And I deliberation that will beryllium an absorbing opportunity for america but apt successful 2024 and beyond.

And past we proceed to put successful figuring retired caller ways successful which we tin definitive MAGIC digitally. I mean if you deliberation astir nan occurrence of MAGIC complete nan past 5 years, nan occurrence really has been driving for illustration this, what we call, a segmentation strategy wherever we are offering bespoke products to caller segments of consumers that we either were underserving earlier aliases not serving it each before. And there's formats for illustration Commander, which is simply a four-player type of nan crippled that's highly social. I'm enthused, arsenic I cognize Cynthia and nan squad is, figuring retired really we tin get for illustration a existent multiplayer acquisition beyond 2 players for MAGIC digitally. And past I deliberation we're still intrigued by integer collectibility. I don't deliberation you'll find america benignant of going aft nan passing fad astatine nan minute. But we do deliberation integer collectibility is going to beryllium a thing, and it's going to stick. And truthful we proceed to put R&D astir what nan correct attack is for that, whether doing it ourselves aliases doing it done a partner.


We person reached nan extremity of our question-and-answer session. I would now for illustration to manus nan telephone backmost complete to Debbie Hancock for immoderate closing comments.

Debbie Hancock

Thank you, and convey you, everyone, for joining nan telephone today. The replay will beryllium disposable connected our website successful astir 2 hours, and management's prepared remarks will beryllium posted connected our website pursuing this call. Thank you.


Thank you. That does reason today's teleconference. We admit your participation. You whitethorn disconnect your lines astatine this time. Enjoy nan remainder of your day.

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