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Harry Potter characters alert connected brooms in Quidditch.WB Games

For arsenic nosy arsenic Hogwarts Legacy was, location was 1 awesome characteristic of The wizarding world that was noticeably absent from The game. Despite featuring The expertise to alert connected broomsticks, and moreover soar done a Quidditch arena, you couldn’t really play this magical game. That’s wherever Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, a caller game, comes in. Very small has been shared astir The crippled since its announcement; however, location are a fewer specifications worthy going complete earlier mounting up and trying to drawback that elusive Golden Snitch. Here’s everything we cognize astir Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

Release date

A quidditch subordinate pinch The Golden Snitch.WB Games

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will motorboat connected September 3, 2024.


A quidditch subordinate pinch their broom.WB Games

You Can look guardant to playing Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions connected conscionable astir each imaginable platform. It is coming to PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. It will besides beryllium available connected PS Plus on time one.


Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions - Official Reveal Trailer

The charismatic uncover trailer only shows CGI footage of caller and returning characters from The Harry Potter franchise engaging in The fictional sport. We do spot a assortment of fields that propose aggregate locations to play, but not overmuch other Can beryllium gleaned from this footage.


Details are highly sparse, but The developers person stated that Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will beryllium chiefly a competitory multiplayer experience. If it follows The rules of The crippled arsenic they were written in The books, past you could expect a seven-on-seven acquisition wherever teams people points in various ways utilizing The different balls and hoops connected The field. Of course, The crippled only ends erstwhile 1 squad catches The Golden Snitch.


You cannot preorder Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions yet, but you Can astatine slightest wishlist it connected The level of your prime via The charismatic site.

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