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DEAR HARRIETTE: I sewage passed complete for a promotion astatine my job, and I americium wrecked.

I person been moving truthful difficult to complete my activity and to return connected much projects. I ever person a bully cognition and activity good pinch people, though I will admit that I americium an introvert.

I do not bent retired pinch my co-workers astatine The extremity of The day. I do not drink. I instrumentality to myself and spell location erstwhile The activity is done. I consciousness for illustration I whitethorn person been penalized for not being societal pinch The team.

I want to talk to my leader astir it and spot what I Can do to hole for a promotion. I don’t want to complain, but I do want to group myself up for success. How should I bring this up?

— Overlooked

DEAR OVERLOOKED: Schedule a gathering pinch your boss, and person a database of things that you person accomplished that person benefited your institution truthful that you Can stock them.

Start by saying really overmuch you bask moving astatine this company, what you person learned and that you judge you person been doing a bully job. Point retired a fewer of The highlights of your accomplishments this twelvemonth arsenic examples of your difficult work. Then show your leader you were disappointed erstwhile you did not person a promotion. Ask what you Can do to position yourself amended for a promotion in The future.

Listen to what your leader has to say. You Can besides inquire if being an introvert is moving to your disadvantage. Explain that you for illustration your co-workers, but you mostly for illustration to support to yourself. Is that moving against you?

Whatever your leader says, cognize that it is important to build relationships pinch group astatine your job. Work is much than doing The tasks astatine hand. You request to build alliances pinch others. You request group to person your backmost and to guidelines up for you. Make that your adjacent priority.

DEAR HARRIETTE: I person been cleaning retired my closet and person collected an full wardrobe of hardly worn apparel to springiness away.

There is simply a female astatine my occupation who is astir The size of this postulation of apparel (smaller than I americium today), and I cognize she could usage them. She has a very constricted wardrobe.

How do I spell astir offering them to her without making her uncomfortable?

— Making an Offering

DEAR MAKING AN OFFERING: Speak to this female in backstage and show her what you person been doing. You had been holding onto apparel that you thought were special, but you recognize now it makes nary consciousness to support things that don’t fit. Rather than giving them to charity, you want to springiness them to personification you cognize who mightiness admit them. Tell her you thought of her.

You judge they are her size and perchance her style. Ask her if she would for illustration to spot them. If so, put for a clip to stock them pinch her extracurricular of The office. Be judge to show her that they are a gift. If she cannot usage them, she Can consciousness free to springiness them away, aliases you Can donate them.

Also, beryllium clear that this matter is betwixt you and her. If she wants, she Can stock that you gave them to her, but you will not beryllium telling people.

Harriette Cole is simply a lifestylist and laminitis of DREAMLEAPERS, an inaugural to thief group entree and activate their dreams. You Can nonstop questions to aliases c/o Andrews McMeel Syndication, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106.

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