Granite Construction Incorporated (GVA) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Granite Construction Incorporated (NYSE:GVA) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 16, 2023 11:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Mike Barker - VP, IR

Kyle Larkin - President and CEO

Lisa Curtis - EVP and CFO

Conference Call Participants

Steven Ramsey - Thompson Research Group

Brent Thielman - D.A. Davidson

Brian Russo - Sidoti


Good morning. My sanction is Dave, and I will beryllium your convention provider today. At this time, I would for illustration to invited everyone to nan Granite Construction Investor Relations Fourth Quarter 2022 Conference Call. This telephone is being recorded. All lines person been placed connected shut up to forestall immoderate inheritance noise. And aft nan speaker’s remarks there’ll beryllium a question-and-answer play [Operator Instructions].

It is now my pleasance to move nan level complete to your host, Granite Construction Incorporated, Vice President of Investor Relations, Mike Barker.

Mike Barker

Good morning, and convey you for joining us. I'm pleased to beryllium present coming pinch President and Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Larkin; Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Lisa Curtis.

Please statement that today's net position will beryllium disposable connected nan Events and Presentations page of our Investor Relations website. We statesman coming pinch a little chat regarding forward-looking statements and non-GAAP measures.

Some of nan chat coming whitethorn see forward-looking statements wrong nan meaning of nan Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are estimates reflecting nan existent expectations and champion judgement of elder guidance regarding early events, occurrences, opportunities, targets, growth, demand, strategical plans, circumstances, activities, performance, shareholder value, outcomes, outlook, guidance, objectives, committed and awarded projects, aliases CAP, and results.

Actual results could disagree materially from statements made today. Please mention to Granite's astir caller 10-K and 10-Q filings for a much complete explanation of consequence factors that could impact these forward-looking statements. The institution assumes nary responsibility to update forward-looking statements, isolated from arsenic required by law.

Certain non-GAAP measures whitethorn beryllium discussed during today's telephone and from clip to clip by nan company's executives. These include, but are not constricted to, adjusted EBITDA, adjusted EBITDA margin, adjusted nett income and adjusted net per share.

The required disclosures regarding our non-GAAP measures are included arsenic portion of our net property releases and successful institution presentations, which are disposable connected our website, nether Investor Relations.

We will besides beryllium discussing comparable results which excludes nan effects of Granite Inliner, which was sold successful March 2022.

Now I'd for illustration to move nan telephone complete to Kyle Larkin.

Kyle Larkin

Good morning, and invited to our 4th fourth convention call. We person a batch of bully news to talk today. However, earlier we stock our beardown results, I would for illustration to concisely talk nan request to restate our first 3 quarters of 2022.

As Lisa will talk successful much detail, nan restatement was chiefly caused by our nonaccomplishment to grounds a $12 cardinal taxation accrual successful nan first 4th resulting from nan waste of Inliner. Importantly, we do not expect immoderate effect to our 4th fourth aliases year-end results we're discussing today, and we expect to timely record our Form 10-K.

Now turning to our beardown results. During 2022, our centennial year, Granite achieved a number of important accomplishments, including nan safest twelvemonth ever, successful some wave and severity of safety-related incidents. We made notable advancement towards achieving our strategical scheme goals.

We invested successful our location markets and procured activity pinch margins that align pinch our 2024 financial targets. At nan aforesaid time, we worked done nan mostly of nan Central Group's challenged Old Risk Portfolio aliases ORP. And our committed and awarded projects aliases CAP has continued to turn successful some magnitude and quality.

Our attraction connected execution is resulting successful higher margins, and I judge we are positioned to acquisition separator description and sustainable maturation arsenic we proceed to execute connected our scheme successful 2023. Okay. Let's jump into nan Construction segment.

As I've said successful erstwhile calls, our markets are strong, and we are pleased pinch nan operation of opportunities disposable crossed nan company. As of nan extremity of nan quarter, our CAP totaled $4.5 billion, a sequential betterment of 10% aliases $408 cardinal and a year-over-year summation of 12% aliases $475 million.

Our CAP has besides been transformed. We person moved distant from complex, longer duration, higher consequence projects and towards much Best Value and bid build projects successful our existent and early location markets, wherever we tin leverage our existing relationships and resources to execute upon a balanced portfolio, a speedy move and longer-duration projects.

We judge nan operation of smaller and larger projects successful our location markets allows america to maximize nan utilization of our material, instrumentality and unit while providing predictable activity and stableness for our regions.

Turning to our operating groups. In nan California Group, we ended nan 4th pinch grounds CAP of $1.7 billion. This reflects a 13% summation from nan California Group's 3rd 4th CAP and an 18% summation complete nan anterior year.

Although nan extremity of nan twelvemonth is typically a small slower successful nan bid room, we won much projects and higher margins erstwhile compared to nan aforesaid play successful nan anterior year. The summation successful CAP reflects precocious levels of backing crossed nan authorities and our team's successful effort to seizure work.

Approximately 50% of California's CAP astatine 4th extremity were Best Value projects. Caltrans, nan California State Department of Transportation, has embraced The Construction Manager/General Contractor procurement method, and Granite has demonstrated our expertise to partner pinch Caltrans to present high-quality work, which increases nan worth of nan extremity merchandise for nan customer.

In our experience, collaborative contracting specified arsenic CM/GC allows america to partner and innovate pinch owners earlier building begins, to mitigate imaginable risks, and successfully present much analyzable projects, while avoiding disputes and claims. We are proud of our agelong history moving pinch Caltrans.

We judge Caltrans is good positioned to present cardinal proscription projects and are excited for accrued opportunities to partner pinch them to maximize worth for nan walking public. Despite an wide shortage successful nan projected California authorities budget, nan state's proscription fund remains beardown successful 2023 supported by backing from nan Federal Infrastructure Bill aliases IIJA.

During nan first twelvemonth of nan IIJA, California's Federal look of proscription backing accrued 42% aliases astir $1.5 billion, pinch backing expected to stay astatine this level for nan adjacent respective years. Although nan mostly of this backing has been allocated to projects arsenic nan authorities completes its readying and engineering process, it whitethorn still return sizeable clip for projects to scope nan bid schedule.

Despite imaginable delays successful releasing IIJA funded projects, we judge opportunities successful California will proceed to increase, allowing america to build CAP and turn gross successful statement pinch our strategical plan.

Moving to nan Mountain Group. We vanished nan twelvemonth pinch CAP of $1.1 cardinal up 8% sequentially and 14% year-over-year, inclusive of CAP successful nan Water Resources division, which was held for waste arsenic of December 31, 2021.

As a reminder, nan Mountain Group has divers geographies including Alaska, Washington, Nevada, Utah arsenic good arsenic divers businesses, including our water, star and mineral exploration businesses that person a nationalist footprint.

Many of our businesses successful nan Mountain Group are vertically integrated and run successful agelong established location markets. Each of nan Mountain Group geographies are different, but for illustration California, nan markets will use from beardown nationalist backing aided by nan IIJA.

In nan 4th quarter, though we remained selective and bid less projects, we won much projects by dollar measurement astatine higher margins successful nan aforesaid play of nan anterior year. This fantabulous consequence is simply a testament to nan disciplined activity of nan Pursuit teams crossed nan group.

During 2022, nan Mountain Group generated nan astir gross of immoderate group while securing a beardown portfolio of projects successful markets wherever we judge nan group proceed to turn headdress successful nan first 4th of 2023.

The Central Group ended 2022 pinch a sequential CAP summation of $135 cardinal and a year-over-year summation of $76 million. As a reminder, nan Central Group includes nan Arizona, Illinois, Texas and Florida regions arsenic good arsenic nan national and passageway divisions. 2022 was a twelvemonth of modulation for nan group. The group is focused connected 2 superior goals: first, complete nan challenged ORP projects arsenic efficiently arsenic possible; and second, unafraid caller activity successful their location markets, which aligns pinch our consequence criteria.

As anticipated, winding down nan ORP projects presented challenges, but nan group did good successful pushing nan task towards completion. The Central Group enters 2023 pinch remaining challenged ORP CAP of astir $85 million, which is little than 3% of nan company's expected 2023 revenue.

As a result, our attraction successful 2023 will beryllium connected our Construction conception arsenic a whole. I don't expect to talk astir nan ORP anymore, and that is bully news for nan company. During 2022, nan Central Group did a bully occupation of focusing connected their location markets, winning projects aligned pinch our strategical scheme targets.

Approximately 50% of nan group's CAP are successful nan established location markets and nan vertically integrated Arizona region and Illinois region, pinch conscionable complete 25% of nan CAP successful nan Texas regions. During 2022, nan Texas region has been successful successful transforming their portfolio while focusing connected nan opportunities successful their location markets.

Our attraction crossed nan group has remained disciplined successful our bid and triumph projects wherever we tin leverage our competitory advantages and make returns successful statement pinch our separator expectations. Overall, I americium very encouraged by nan tailwinds we are seeing not only successful our Construction segment, but besides passim nan full civilian building industry.

While it has taken longer than we had hoped for, IIJA costs person reached nan states, money has been allocated to projects, and nan states are moving to get nan projects retired to bid. Our teams are focused connected operational excellence, some successful nan bid room and during task execution.

We made a batch of advancement successful 2022, and I judge we will proceed to spot meaningful betterment successful profitability successful nan Construction conception successful 2023 arsenic we proceed connected our way to nan 2024 EBITDA separator target of 9% to 11%.

Now connected to nan Materials segment, wherever I'm pleased by nan beardown decorativeness to nan year. 2022 presented challenges driven by precocious ostentation and commodity-related costs successful nan wide inflationary ambiance crossed nan federation and world. This volatility resulted successful separator unit contempt beardown materials volumes passim nan year.

Our Materials business is simply a cardinal constituent of our location marketplace strategy. And successful 2022, we made respective investments to support nan business. We acquired 99 cardinal tons of aggregates successful Utah, purchased a liquid asphalt terminal successful Bakersfield, California, and initiated automation projects astatine aggregate facilities. These investments were successful summation to nan normal CapEx related to our Materials business.

In 2023, we scheme to fortify and grow our materials resources successful our location markets, some organically and done bolt-on M&A. While we did not complete immoderate bolt-on M&A successful 2022, we explored galore opportunities and are continually assessing caller opportunities crossed our footprint.

We are being very selective but location are galore worthwhile prospects to see successful 2023. This twelvemonth is disconnected to a slow commencement pinch rainfall crossed California and overmuch of nan Western states successful January but our materials backlog measurement is up of 2022 successful some aggregates and asphalt.

I'm encouraged by nan bid activity crossed nan institution and nan declining effect of inflationary unit connected power costs arsenic we entered nan first 4th of 2023.

Now I'll move it complete to Lisa to reappraisal our financial performance.

Lisa Curtis

Thank you, Kyle. Let maine first reside nan restatement. As Kyle mentioned, nan restatement was chiefly caused by a discrete taxation accounting correction identified during our year-end closing process.

In nan first quarter, we grounded to grounds a $12 cardinal taxation accrual, chiefly associated pinch nan curen of goodwill, related to nan waste of Inliner. When mixed pinch different immaterial out-of-period adjustments, this triggered nan request for a restatement of our antecedently reported quarterly results. While we are disappointed, we do not expect immoderate effect to our 4th fourth aliases year-end results, arsenic they were reported today. And we expect to timely record our 10-K, which will see our restated quarterly financial information.

Okay. Now backmost to our results. I americium pleased pinch nan advancement and betterment successful financial capacity we achieved successful 2022. We vanished nan twelvemonth beardown pinch 4th fourth adjusted nett income of $25 cardinal and adjusted diluted net per stock of $0.56. For 2022, adjusted nett income improved to $104 cardinal and adjusted diluted net per stock improved to $2.31.

Adjusted EBITDA separator for 2022 was 6.4%, up from 6% successful 2021. These gains successful financial capacity were driven by our team's improved task execution, contempt nan resistance of nan ORP and Materials separator unit from ostentation impacts earlier successful nan year.

In 2022, nan ORP resulted successful gross losses of $51 cardinal pinch a nett loss, including NCI, of $35 cardinal connected gross of $207 million. In nan 4th quarter, nan ORP did not importantly effect our results arsenic nan nett effect of nan portfolio was breakeven connected gross of $34 million.

For nan year, comparable revenue, which excludes gross from Granite Inliner, was somewhat down from nan anterior year, while comparable gross profit and gross profit separator improved $24 cardinal and 78 ground points, respectively.

In nan Construction segment, yearly comparable gross declined $100 cardinal year-over-year to $2.8 billion. This diminution was chiefly owed to a $206 cardinal alteration successful nan Central Group arsenic ORP projects attack completion.

The Central Group's gross diminution was partially offset by $118 cardinal summation successful nan Mountain Group, driven by higher opening CAP levels and stronger marketplace conditions. The California Group remained mostly level year-over-year.

As I person discussed previously, California Group gross was impacted by delays and task start-ups earlier successful nan year. In nan 4th quarter, we saw immoderate betterment successful that dynamic, which resulted successful a year-over-year summation successful building gross successful nan group.

Annual comparable building conception gross profit and gross profit separator improved $17 cardinal and 96 ground points year-over-year to $300 cardinal and 10.8%, respectively. Comparable yearly non-ORP gross profit separator improved to 13.7% successful 2022, up from 12.7% successful 2021. In 2022, we made advancement to amended our margins, and I judge that we are good positioned to further summation our margins successful statement pinch our strategical scheme successful 2023.

In nan Materials segment, yearly comparable gross accrued $87 cardinal year-over-year to $494 million, pinch comparable gross profit expanding $7 cardinal to $65 cardinal and comparable gross profit separator declining 96 ground points to 13.1%.

We closed nan twelvemonth beardown successful nan Materials business successful nan 4th fourth pinch comparable gross expanding $29 cardinal year-over-year and gross profit and gross profit separator expanding $11 cardinal and 522 ground points, respectively.

Fourth 4th 2022 gross profit separator was 19.9%, a awesome result, which helped to offset separator compression earlier successful nan year. The precocious twelvemonth betterment was driven by measurement increases coupled pinch value increases passim nan year.

Volumes successful nan 4th fourth for some aggregates and asphalt exceeded nan aforesaid play of nan anterior twelvemonth successful each groups. I look for that momentum to proceed into 2023 pinch materials orders presently up of 2022 levels.

On to our rate and liquidity. In 2022, we provided worth backmost to shareholders done stock repurchases of $71 million. We besides made nett indebtedness payments of $75 million, paid dividends of $23 cardinal and invested $122 cardinal successful nan business done CapEx while maintaining our beardown rate and liquidity position.

As of nan extremity of 2022, our rate and marketable securities nett of indebtedness was $72 million, level against nan anterior twelvemonth pinch liquidity of $629 million, including cash, marketable securities and revolver availability. With our rate and liquidity, we intend to proceed to put and turn our business organically and done opportunistic M&A successful 2023.

Now let's move to our 2023 guidance. In 2023, we expect gross to beryllium successful nan scope of $3.4 cardinal to $3.6 billion, which is successful statement pinch our strategical planned maturation CAGR of 6% to 8%. Our assumptions are supported by our grounds year-end CAP of $4.5 cardinal and nan accrued levels of backing now disposable to authorities and section agencies.

We are excited astir our markets and nan industry's outlook complete nan adjacent respective years arsenic nan federation implements nan IIJA's generational finance successful infrastructure. We expect adjusted EBITDA separator to amended from 6.4% successful 2022 to a scope of 7.5% to 9% successful 2023 arsenic we proceed to amended our profitability successful alignment pinch our strategical scheme target of 9% to 11% successful 2024.

We expect SG&A disbursal to stay mostly accordant pinch 2022 and we are providing guidance scope of 8% to 8.5% for 2023. In 2023, we scheme to proceed to put successful some our materials and building businesses done CapEx.

While a information of our finance is attraction CapEx, specified arsenic instrumentality for Materials and Construction operations, our strategical scheme recognizes nan value of vertical integration successful nan Materials business to our location markets and to our expertise to maximize profitability.

As such, successful 2023, we intend to proceed to put successful our materials plants to maximize ratio and bolster materials reserves. In total, we scheme to walk betwixt $100 cardinal to $120 cardinal successful CapEx successful 2023, accordant pinch nan walk successful 2022.

Finally, we expect our adjusted effective taxation complaint to beryllium successful nan debased to mid-20% range.

Now I'll move it backmost complete to Kyle.

Kyle Larkin

Thanks, Lisa. I'll adjacent pinch nan pursuing points. Granite successful nan building manufacture arsenic a full are opening to consciousness nan tailwinds generated by nan IIJA. It has taken clip to get started, but we tin spot that costs person made their measurement to states and states are allocating those costs to projects.

It will still return clip for these costs to beryllium reflected successful our revenue, but we expect to spot meaningful increases successful task opportunities successful 2023 arsenic a consequence of nan IIJA. As I said before, this should only amended nan already affirmative marketplace situation successful 2024 and beyond.

Next, our attraction connected operational excellence is paying off, and I judge will lead to further separator betterment successful alignment pinch our 2024 adjusted EBITDA separator target of 9% to 11%.

Lastly, we are committed to investing successful nan maturation opportunities for our businesses. Although we pursued aggregate opportunities successful 2022, we did not adjacent immoderate M&A transactions. While we expect this to alteration successful 2023, we will proceed to beryllium selective and will only prosecute opportunities that fresh our location marketplace strategy and adhd worth to Granite from time 1.

Operator, I'll now move it backmost to you for questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions] Our first mobility comes from Steven Ramsey pinch Thompson Research Group.

Steven Ramsey

Wanted to commencement connected nan precocious extremity of 2023 margins astatine nan debased extremity of nan 2024 targets. How overmuch of this is owed to keeping nan Water segment?

And astatine this point, do you deliberation 2024 targets could beryllium conservative? Or do you request immoderate much tangible operating advancement earlier making that assessment?

Kyle Larkin

Yes. So acknowledgment for nan question, and this is Kyle. And I deliberation really, if I understand your mobility correctly, it's what's our assurance level successful that '24 projection of 9% to 11% EBITDA margin.

And I deliberation it benignant of points backmost to a fewer things that we said we were going to do a twelvemonth agone astatine this time. And first off, it was replacing nan Old Risk Portfolio arsenic we coiled it down. That was a large area that we had to attraction on, and to spell back, it was astir 220 ground points.

And our teams person done. I deliberation nan CAP that we person connected nan books coming really demonstrates crossed each of our operating groups that we could switch that CAP and switch nan ORP activity pinch really value CAP, and we consciousness really bully astir that.

We are focused coming astir operational excellence for illustration we really person ne'er had before. And I deliberation that's allowing america to really thrust margins up arsenic well. And that's some successful position of bid time margins and task execution. So we're going to commencement to spot that proceed arsenic we rolled retired our building playbook past year. We're going to commencement to spot nan benefits of that successful 2023 and into 2024.

In our Materials business, you saw a small spot of a resistance successful 2022 pinch earthy state and diesel. And that portion of our business, we expect things are starting to normalize. We saw that successful Q4. We expect that to proceed into '23. And that's going to let us, on pinch our automation investments to get to nan margins we deliberation successful our Materials business.

So each together, we consciousness beautiful bully astir our 9% to 11% EBITDA separator scope successful 2024. I deliberation we've made nan incremental steps that we request to take, and we're connected our way.

Steven Ramsey

Very helpful. And past connected nan cardinal group margins, tin you talk moreover conscionable bid of magnitude wherever FY '22 gross and EBITDA separator shook retired and benignant of wherever you deliberation it lands successful 2023? I'm conscionable trying to get a consciousness of nan conception betterment and wherever it stands successful narration to firm margins?

Kyle Larkin

Well, we don't break those retired specifically, but I deliberation nan existent mobility is astir nan ORP successful Q4, I think, is -- arsenic we were breakeven successful nan ORP successful nan quarter, which I deliberation is very encouraging.

We still person a small spot of activity to do connected a mates of projects to decorativeness nan ORP out. But Q4 was breakeven from that standpoint. As we move forward, without nan ORP, nan Central Group margins are successful alignment pinch nan remainder of nan company.

Steven Ramsey

Okay. Excellent. And past 1 past speedy 1 for me. Many of our non-res transmission checks successful nan nationalist instrumentality rental companies had cited mega projects arsenic cardinal factors supporting their non-res marketplace outlook.

And I cognize ample task is benignant of a bad connection successful these parts. But reasoning astir ample projects, reshoring and national dollars being a tailwind to non-res, tin you talk astir really this is impacting you guys, this environment, if it's moreover having nan effect of driving contractors to that conception of nan marketplace and possibly creating much abstraction for you guys to win successful your mini projects? Just immoderate high-level thoughts.

Kyle Larkin

I deliberation we've -- complete past year, I deliberation we talked to each 4th that we were seeing our expertise to prime up much activity pinch higher margins, and that's continued connected arsenic an organization. So we consciousness for illustration nan competitory scenery has been amended than surely what we saw successful '21.

So that continued connected successful '22. And we proceed to spot it. We person not seen a full batch of contractors making nan displacement coming from backstage residential into nan nationalist space. And truthful no, I don't deliberation that's been thing we've seen today. And I can't really speak to nan mega projects because we're not needfully pursuing those mega projects anymore.

So we don't needfully person nan visibility into that aspect. I tin conscionable add, I deliberation 1 point that we do person going for america is we aren't really correlated to residential construction. That's not a large marketplace for america connected nan building aliases building materials portion of our business.


Our adjacent mobility comes from Brent Thielman pinch D.A. Davidson.

Brent Thielman

Kyle, I'll commencement connected your favourite topic, which is ORP. Just possibly a clarification. I deliberation you said $85 cardinal successful remaining headdress successful '23, which sounds for illustration it's a small little than what you thought a 4th ago.

But tin you dissect what's near successful there? I deliberation you had a fewer projects you'd expected to beryllium wrapped up this quarter. What's benignant of near wrong that $85 cardinal and immoderate clip lines you tin offer? Just for america to deliberation astir nan flow-through done this year.

Kyle Larkin

Yes. Thanks, Brent. I'm gladsome you asked nan mobility because I should clarify. As of Q3, we expect $55 cardinal of challenged ORP going into 2023. 2 projects slipped connected nan schedule. And truthful we expect -- truthful coming astir $85 cardinal of challenged ORP backlog travel into '23.

So it's really down to 2 projects. It's nary longer a portfolio. If we recall, it's really down to these 2. One task to beryllium done successful early Q2, nan different will spell into Q2, Q3.

Brent Thielman

And Kyle, if I recall, location was 1 task successful California that still remains profitable for you, but still sewage thrown into nan operation of that portfolio. Is that complete?

Kyle Larkin

Yes. That task is not complete, but it's a profitable project. It's going to beryllium built arsenic portion of our California Group. And truthful we separated it retired from nan ORP to really item nan situation to ORP section.

But again, I deliberation Q4 was really encouraging for us. It was a breakeven 4th from an ORP standpoint. It represents, connected nan situation side, little than 3% of our gross successful '23. And truthful again, we created nan ORP to effort to seizure nan risks we had pinch our aged strategy and differentiate it from our early strategy.

At this point, we do scheme connected benignant of removing nan ORP from nan speech moving guardant because we don't spot it being a immense risk. I don't want to propose that these projects don't person risk. But we deliberation based connected Q4 and wherever we're headed, it's really insignificant to wide book of business. I will opportunity we're hopeful that we'll person an opportunity to talk astir rate postulation on nan measurement connected circumstantial projects.

And we do person a batch of claims that are still retired location connected these jobs. And I would opportunity complete nan adjacent quarters to moreover years, we'll beryllium capable to talk astir our rate postulation pinch regards to resolving nan claims that we deliberation we're entitled money for.

Brent Thielman

Yes. And conscionable nan monolithic betterment successful materials margins this quarter, location wouldn't beryllium thing different successful this print, this is wholly reflective of costs capture, pricing's caught up and we tin benignant of deliberation that continues done '23?

Kyle Larkin

Yes. I mean I deliberation if you look astatine Q4, it was encouraging arsenic well. Obviously, our aggregate income were beardown successful 2022, nan full year. We saw successful asphalt benignant of dip successful nan California Group successful nan first 3 quarters. But our materials teams did a awesome occupation successful Q4, moreover contempt a mates of weeks of reliable upwind successful nan West.

And certainly, pinch earthy state dropping down, really normalizing arsenic good arsenic diesel, but we were capable to benignant of get immoderate separator description successful nan quarter. So we do expect that momentum to transportation into 2023.

We person really beardown backlog successful our materials business, really akin to nan headdress we person successful our Construction business, our Construction Materials business, backlog successful position of income is very, very strong.


[Operator Instructions] Our adjacent mobility comes from Brian Russo pinch Sidoti.

Brian Russo

Can you conscionable talk astir your California vertical integrated footprint and really you're participating successful nan large wind consequence efforts from nan January 2023 flooding?

It's my knowing there's immoderate short-term projects, but past location are tons of engineering activity to beryllium done, which could lead to larger projects later successful nan year. I suppose that's not successful your CAP coming and could beryllium upside?

Kyle Larkin

Brian. So -- yes, we did get a batch of bedewed weather, surely successful nan occidental portion of nan U.S. and California arsenic deed hard, I'm judge you, and everybody other saw connected nan news.

It's been a small slow connected nan emergency activity beforehand for us. I would opportunity if we had to ballpark it location astir $10 cardinal to $15 cardinal worthy of building activity from emergency consequence perspective, and you're right, a batch of nan projects are going to travel retired arsenic projects that we engineered and put retired to bid complete nan year. So we will participate successful those.

I deliberation it's difficult to foretell astatine nan constituent what our occurrence complaint will beryllium and really that really falls into our CAP. But much to come, I would suppose, connected that. Some of nan activity down successful Santa Barbara, wherever we were deed beautiful difficult successful those communities, a batch of that activity was put retired pinch nan Army Corps and a batch of that activity went to mini business enterprises.

Brian Russo

Okay. Got it. And past what's benignant of nan outlook for nan WMS conception successful 2023 specifically? I deliberation it was astir $100 cardinal of gross successful 2022. Just wanted to get a consciousness for really that business is doing, which seems to beryllium a small spot differentiated than benignant of your halfway building business?

Kyle Larkin

Yes. So nan 2 pieces that stay successful nan institution are our Water services and our Minerals business. And some of those were operating fine, a small bigger than nan $100 cardinal that you had.

The markets are strong. We're seeing a really beardown marketplace successful our Water business. Minerals is staying very beardown to proceed operating those businesses arsenic portion of our company. We haven't seen immoderate alteration successful nan guidance pinch those businesses, and they're contributing nicely.

Brian Russo

Okay. Great. And conscionable lastly, nan Alaska task regarding immoderate landslides, repair to bridges that you announced past night, what's nan value of that wrong nan Mountain Group?

Kyle Larkin

So that is significant. I mean it's a $100 cardinal CM/GC occupation for nan FHWA up astatine Denali National Park up successful Alaska. It's a really bully opportunity for us. That's precisely nan type of activity that we're trying to procure.

And that's really we constructed chiefly complete 2 years. So I would expect astir $50 cardinal a twelvemonth aliases a small little for nan adjacent 2 years successful that business.


Our adjacent mobility comes from Brent Thielman pinch D.A. Davidson.

Brent Thielman

Just a follow-up, Kyle, I mean, you benignant of look astatine CAP complete nan past mates of years. I mean it's been benignant of stagnant up until this 4th arsenic you've been burning disconnected immoderate of nan Old Work. Taking from your commentary, various things, what I conjecture arsenic you look astatine nan pipeline, nan caller business opportunities successful beforehand of you. I mean, does this benignant of consciousness for illustration a existent inflection constituent successful CAP and you tin proceed to build disconnected a spot this twelvemonth pinch nan uptick successful activity that's happening successful California and elsewhere?

Kyle Larkin

Yes, we do. I mean I deliberation this is surely what it is. We've had a bully marketplace complete nan past year. And pinch nan IIJA costs benignant of successful place, and we expect those will accelerate arsenic clip goes on, and we're starting to personally benignant of early stages of those costs getting retired to nan states.

So we expect it to continue. I tin show you, we're really negotiating respective broadband projects correct now retired successful nan West. I deliberation it will beryllium really bully additions to our CAP successful Q1. And I deliberation astatine nan gait we're looking successful Q1 already successful 2023, I would expect our CAP to proceed to turn aft nan first 4th if we proceed to deed nan gait wherever we're astatine today.

Brent Thielman

Okay. And past conscionable successful information of nan atrocious upwind you've had to woody with, I mean, first 4th is ne'er peculiarly important 4th from a afloat twelvemonth perspective.

But would it -- is it immoderate much different than years passed that we ought to beryllium considering arsenic we benignant of build up to nan outlook for nan afloat twelvemonth this year?

Kyle Larkin

No, I deliberation it's a small early to know. I mean, if we're going to get bedewed weather, I deliberation nan first mates of weeks, 2 aliases 3 weeks successful January is astir apt nan preferred clip to get it. That's our slowest clip of nan year.

So that would beryllium nan champion clip to get nan bedewed weather. We'll spot really it goes from a upwind perspective. Obviously, pinch our guidance this year. Some of nan main drivers, our expertise to meet it aliases transcend it. One of them is weather, and that's going to beryllium a large point we're going to support an oculus on.

We can't needfully power it. But Q1 has been barren since those storms. So we'll spot really Q1 shapes up. And past obviously, Q4 is ever a small spot of a wildcard arsenic to really it's going to decorativeness up.


Our adjacent mobility comes from Steven Ramsey pinch Thompson Research Group.

Steven Ramsey

Two speedy follow-ups. EBITDA separator scope is reasonably wide. I guess, what are nan plaything factors you're looking astatine that could move you to nan debased and precocious end? You talked astir weather, but is location thing else?

Lisa Curtis

Yes. Steven, I tin make a mates of comments connected that. So arsenic Kyle talked about, upwind is simply a constituent looking astatine Q1 and Q4. And past arsenic we activity connected our strategical plan, remaining diligent connected bid day, arsenic good arsenic for our task execution, that's thing that we're intimately monitoring passim nan year.

We've sewage bully momentum going from 2022 into 2023. And arsenic good -- and besides pinch opportunities pinch nan IIJA, arsenic those rotation out, we started to spot immoderate of those successful Q4. So really, those are conscionable a fewer of nan components that we -- that are included successful nan scope that we supply for EBITDA margin.

Kyle Larkin

And possibly I'll conscionable add, I think, a constituent astir nan consequence -- to benignant of nan derisking of nan company. I mean, certainly, complete nan past 2 years, our institution has looked a batch different than it looks today. If you look astatine our CAP and nan activity that we person connected nan books.

And we deliberation nan task execution and consequence is reduced importantly complete wherever we were successful nan past mates of years. So I deliberation we expect having much accordant financial capacity arsenic we move forward.

Steven Ramsey

Very helpful. And past thing other to travel up on. On operating rate flow, it looks for illustration moving superior aliases claims and JV contributions possibly were a resistance to operating rate flow.

Can you possibly stock immoderate specifications there? And if you deliberation operating rate travel will beryllium overmuch amended successful 2023?

Lisa Curtis

Yes, Steven. So for nan contributions that we made successful 2022, those are higher than we had initially planned during -- astatine nan opening of nan year. And truthful they subordinate to nan non-sponsored associated ventures and those proceed to person immoderate challenges passim nan year.

So that contributed to what we're seeing astatine nan rate travel for nan afloat year. As it relates to operating rate travel for 2023, really we look astatine it, that is simply a constituent successful our inducement compensation scheme that we added past twelvemonth to really person nan institution attraction connected nan rate travel constituent because, arsenic you know, we've -- that's thing that's been very volatile for america historically and is included successful our strategical plan, and bringing nan institution together to make judge that, that's an area of focus.

And truthful for us, operating rate travel target is astir 5%. And truthful past erstwhile you deliberation astir it for CapEx, attraction FX is anyplace from 1.5% to 2%, which past leaves free rate travel to 3% to 4%. So that's really we look astatine operating rate travel internally and past nan various components to get to free rate flow.


This concludes our question-and-answer session. I would for illustration to move nan convention backmost complete to Mr. Larkin for immoderate closing remarks.

Kyle Larkin

Okay. Thank you for joining nan telephone today. And arsenic always, we want to convey each of our labor for nan activity they do each day. I can't deliberation of a amended measurement to adjacent retired our centennial twelvemonth successful achieving nan safest twelvemonth successful Granite's history, on pinch our highest nett income since 2008.

Granite is good positioned arsenic we build beyond 100. Thank you for your liking successful Granite. We look guardant to speaking pinch you each soon.


The convention has now concluded. Thank you for attending today's presentation. You whitethorn now disconnect.

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