Got product-market fit? Learn how to find it at TC Early Stage

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Achieving product-market fresh (PMF) arguably ranks arsenic some nan No. 1 strategical nonsubjective and nan biggest situation for early-stage founders. Hitting this captious milestone tells you — and immoderate investors you dream to pull — that there’s consistent, enthusiastic request for your product.

Everyone defines PMF differently, and that truth unsocial makes uncovering yours a existent challenge. This 1 important accomplishment determines nan early maturation and profitability of your startup, which is why we’re thrilled to person David Thacker, nan wide partner astatine Greylock Partners, subordinate america astatine TechCrunch Early Stage connected April 20 successful Boston, Massachusetts.

During his session, aptly named “How to Find Product-Market Fit,” Thacker will stock nan fundamentals, explicate nan processes progressive and reside nan challenges. Given his extended acquisition building successful a downturn, it’s apt he’ll touch connected why PMF matters moreover much during an economical headwind.

You person questions, and this is why we judge Thacker’s nan correct personification to thief you understand and find product-market fresh now — erstwhile you request it most.

David Thacker, a partner astatine Greylock, invests successful founders building productivity tools, beforehand agency package and vertical SaaS, on pinch marketplaces and gaming. During a erstwhile economical recession, he played a cardinal domiciled successful respective successful investments specified arsenic Redfin, Pandora and TellApart. His investments see companies for illustration Magical, Instawork, Curated and Pragma.

An knowledgeable exertion leader, Thacker has created caller businesses and products for immoderate of nan astir iconic companies successful nan world, including Google, LinkedIn and Groupon. Throughout his profession arsenic a technologist, he has built, launched and scaled products crossed respective manufacture verticals, including e-commerce, gaming, societal networking and online advertising.

All TechCrunch Early Stage sessions see plentifulness of Q&A clip to get answers straight from nan speakers. You’ll locomotion distant pinch a deeper, moving knowing of topics and skills that are basal to startup success. Buy an early-bird laminitis ticket now and prevention $200.

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