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Taylor Swift deepfakes beryllium damned, Google is releasing a caller AI-powered tool, TextFX, for image creation.

Underpinned by Imagen 2, a GenAI image exemplary developed by Google’s DeepMind team, TextFX offers a prompt-based UI to create and edit images. That’s nary different than devices for illustration OpenAI’s DALL-E 3, Midjourney, Meta’s Imagine pinch Meta AI and Microsoft Designer. But TextFX’s unsocial twist is “expressive chips” — fundamentally a database of keyword suggestions that fto users research pinch “adjacent dimensions” of their creations and ideas.

“Designed for experimentation and creativity, ImageFX lets you create images pinch a elemental matter prompt, past easy modify them pinch a caller return connected prompting utilizing expressive chips,” Google writes in a blog post.

But what of The imaginable for maltreatment — particularly in ray of recent events?

Google ImageFx

Image Credits: Google

Google claims that it’s taken steps to guarantee that TextFX can’t beryllium utilized in ways that it wasn’t intended, for illustration by adding “technical safeguards” to limit “problematic outputs” for illustration violent, violative and sexually definitive content. TextFX besides has a prompt-level select for “named people,” presumably nationalist figures — though Google wasn’t particularly clear connected that constituent in its property materials.

“We invested in The information of training information from The outset,” Google said. “Consistent pinch our AI principles, we besides conducted extended adversarial testing and reddish teaming to place and mitigate imaginable harmful and problematic content.”

As an further information measure, Google’s tagging images produced utilizing ImageFX pinch SynthID, a integer watermark that’s allegedly robust against image edits and crops.

Google Imagen 2

An image sample from Imagen 2.

“SynthID watermarks are imperceptible to The quality oculus but detectable for identification,” Google continues in The blog post. “With added insights in ‘About this image,’ you’ll cognize if an image whitethorn person been generated pinch Google’s AI devices erstwhile you travel crossed it in Google Search aliases Chrome.”

You’ll find ImageFX in AI Test Kitchen, Google’s web app for experimental AI projects.

Imagen 2 expanded

In related news today, Google said that it’s bringing Imagen 2 to much of its products and services starting this week, including to its next-gen AI hunt acquisition and family of managed AI services Vertex AI.

Imagen 2 — which besides now powers text-to-image capabilities in Google Ads and Duet AI in Workspace, Google’s GenAI suite of products for productivity — has made its measurement into Google’s SGE (Search Generative Experience). SGE, which began surfacing image procreation devices for users in Google Image Search last October, now taps Imagen 2 for generating images. Users Can participate a punctual specifying what benignant of image they want and SGE will return 4 results straight in The SGE conversational experience.

Google Imagen 2

Another sample from Imagen 2.

In Vertex AI, Imagen 2 is disposable done an API to Google Cloud customers. Elsewhere, Imagen 2 is now invokable done Bard, Google’s AI-driven chatbot.

“With Imagen 2, Bard understands elemental aliases analyzable prompts truthful that you Can make a scope of high-quality images,” Google explains. “Just type in a explanation — for illustration ‘create an image of a canine riding a surfboard’ — and Bard will make custom, wide-ranging visuals to thief bring your thought to life.”

Google still hasn’t revealed The information it utilized to train Imagen 2, which — while disappointing — doesn’t precisely travel arsenic a surprise. It’s an unfastened ineligible mobility arsenic to whether GenAI vendors for illustration Google Can train a exemplary connected publically disposable — moreover copyrighted — information and past move astir and commercialize that model.

Google Imagen 2

Image Credits: Google

Relevant lawsuits are moving their measurement done The courts, pinch vendors arguing that they’re protected by adjacent usage doctrine. But it’ll beryllium immoderate clip earlier The particulate settles.

In The meantime, Google’s playing it safe by keeping quiet connected The matter.

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