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Leaked render of Google Pixel Watch 3 XL.Android Headlines

It seems going XL is in vogue astatine Google’s creation labs. We precocious came crossed leaks claiming to picture The Google Pixel 9 Pro XL, Google’s all-out big-screen flagship that will beryllium its reply to The Pro Max and Ultra phones retired there. A akin curen is in statement for The upcoming Pixel Watch 3 smartwatch, arsenic well.

Android Headlines has shared leaked merchandise renders of what it calls The “Pixel Watch 3 XL.” Fittingly for its name, this 1 will service a larger 1.45-inch display, up from The 1.2-inch OLED surface connected The regular version. It’s besides reportedly going to beryllium astir 12% thicker compared to The Pixel Watch 2. The added chassis extent is said to accommodate a larger battery, but we don’t cognize The nonstop capacity yet.

A bigger artillery should adhd much weight to 1 of The Google smartwatch’s halfway strengths. “The Pixel Watch 2 is usable each day, each day, and for immoderate task,” wrote ’ Andy Boxall in his Pixel Watch 2 review. We are not judge if Google is besides expanding The charging pace, but dissimilar smartphones, a no-upgrade business won’t beryllium a large woody considering The Pixel Watch 2’s charging times.

Google Pixel Watch 3 leaked renders.Android Headlines

If erstwhile rumors are true, The Pixel Watch 3 XL will beryllium marketed arsenic a caller 45mm variant. Based connected The dimensions of The Pixel Watch 3 and The leaked renders, location are speculations of a thinner bezel this clip around. Despite a beautiful dome-like solid design, The heavy bezels connected The Pixel Watch 2 received a patient magnitude of flak, and it’s clip Google pays immoderate attraction to The aesthetics.

Another pertinent speculation is linked to The other extent for some variants of The Pixel Watch 3. Is Google focusing solely connected packing a larger battery, aliases is The biosensor assembly getting upgraded pinch caller capabilities? So far, each eyes are group connected The imaginable presence of a humor glucose show aliases perchance humor unit study in The smartwatch industry. There is small certainty here, moreover though Samsung and Apple person some made awesome investigation strides in The segment.

Google Pixel Watch 3 XL beforehand view.Android Headlines

So far, The Pixel Watch has stood retired courtesy of its software, and if The Wear OS enhancements announced astatine Google I/O 2024 are immoderate indication, it is going to stay its beardown suit. But that’s not capable to person buyers who are spending to The tune of $350 aliases much connected a smartwatch. What we request are much granular wellness analyses and a divers sensor portfolio.

We’ll cognize if Google has immoderate specified meaningful surprises planned for The Pixel Watch 3 and its XL type in The fall.

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