Global Industrial Company (GIC) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Global Industrial Company (NYSE:GIC) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 21, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Mike Smargiassi - Investor Relations

Barry Litwin - CEO

Tex Clark - SVP & CFO

Conference Call Participants

Anthony Lebiedzinski - Sidoti & Company

Ryan Merkel - William Blair


Good time and invited to Global Industrial Company Fourth Quarter 2022 Earnings Call. [Operator Instructions] I would for illustration to move nan telephone complete to Mike Smargiassi of The Investor Relations. Please spell ahead.

Mike Smargiassi

Thank you, and invited to nan Global Industrial Fourth Quarter 2022 Earnings Call. Leading today's telephone will beryllium Barry Litwin, Chief Executive Officer; and Tex Clark, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Formal remarks will beryllium followed by a question-and-answer session.

Today's chat whitethorn see definite forward-looking statements. It should beryllium understood that existent results could disagree materially from those projected owed to a number of factors, including those described nether nan forward-looking statements caption and nether Risk Factors successful nan company's yearly study connected Form 10-K and quarterly reports connected Form 10-Q.

The property merchandise is disposable connected nan company's website and has been revenge pinch nan SEC connected a Form 8-K. This telephone is nan spot of Global Industrial Company.

I will now move nan telephone complete to Barry Litwin.

Barry Litwin

Thanks, Mike. Good afternoon, everyone, and convey you for joining us. Overall, 2022 was an outstanding twelvemonth for Global Industrial arsenic we executed connected our strategy and delivered a grounds financial capacity for full revenue, arsenic good arsenic gross and operating margin. For nan afloat year, integrated maturation contributed complete $100 cardinal successful further revenue, resulting successful 9.7% maturation and bringing full gross to $1.17 billion. Gross separator improved 90 ground points to 36.1%.

We generated complete $105 cardinal of operating income, an summation of 19.5% and delivered a 9% operating separator a 70 constituent ground betterment from 2021. With nan beardown financial capacity successful 2022 coming we announced an summation successful nan quarterly recurring dividend for nan seventh consecutive year.

2022 started disconnected pinch beardown double digit gross gains while nan second half of nan twelvemonth reflected nan effect of accrued economical headwinds and a diminishing value use arsenic we near value increases taken successful mid to precocious 2021. As a result, 4th fourth gross was disconnected modestly pinch level value to measurement comparisons from nan twelvemonth agone period. Demand was muted crossed categories and income channels. And we person seen this inclination proceed into 2023.

We were very pleased pinch nan proactive guidance of gross separator successful nan 4th arsenic we recorded a 30 ground constituent betterment connected a sequential ground and stay assured successful our expertise to negociate our separator floor plan successful nan existent cycle. Looking backmost connected nan past year, we successfully executed connected a number of initiatives that we judge group america up good for 2023 and beyond.

First, we strengthened our managed income statement arsenic we expanded nan squad made investments successful devices and exertion to heighten productivity and performance. We added a caller customer acquisition motor focused connected endeavor accounts and launched marketplace verticals successful hospitality and healthcare. These efforts are disconnected to a awesome commencement and we're excited astir what we see.

Moving forward. We're focused connected capturing stock done customer acquisition and retention, deepening our existing relationships, and expanding our lineup of exclusive branded items. Second, trading leadership. We executed against our afloat integrated marque trading campaign, which has allowed america to activate our weakened proviso that branding crossed everything we do from our website, emails, waste and acquisition show and copywriting to our NASCAR sponsorship. I deliberation we person 1 of astir breathtaking brands successful nan marketplace coming and 1 that genuinely speaks to our customers and nan products and solutions we provide.

During nan year, we besides repositioned nan backstage marque offering arsenic world business exclusive brands pinch nan tagline Made to Exceed. As nan marketplace continues to displacement from winning pinch merchandise readiness to a value and worth attraction we judge we're well-positioned pinch our exclusive marque offering.

Recently, we launched a caller trading run focused connected operational efficiency, a connection that is timely fixed nan existent economical situation and 1 that aligns pinch nan efforts we spot from our customers and wrong our institution to thrust efficiencies and heighten operational performance. Third, we proceed to elevate nan customer acquisition pinch nan motorboat of a caller website designed to thrust personalization. We are now optimizing this caller level pinch enhancements to further amended nan integer shopping experience.

On nan work side, we person initiatives crossed nan institution to optimize restitution and loyalty astatine each customer touchpoint. From nan training of customer work reps to expanding aforesaid work options, we are committed to delivering 5 prima customer work experience.

Fourth, distribution and proviso chain. Our operations and merchandising teams delivered exceptional availability, reduced backmost orders and improved lead times during nan year. In addition, we opened a caller distribution halfway successful Toronto that allows america to person nonstop imports into Canada, supply for nan shipment of much products stuck straight to our customers and foster our continued growth.

Overall, we're disconnected to a overmuch amended stocking position this year, which will thief america heighten work levels and present worth to customers. We person a number of initiatives planned for 2023, including a attraction connected shipping value that will minimize damages, arsenic good arsenic efforts to summation aforesaid time shipping measurement and afloat seizure water and home freight saving, and will thief america walk much savings to our customers.

Finally, I'm proud of nan merchandise of our inaugural ESG study past fall, which reflects nan cosmopolitan committedness of nan board, executive squad and our associates to nan ngo of responsible stewardship. We look guardant to updating you connected our advancement later this year.

In closing, we judge we person a beardown crippled scheme for 2023 and a clear imagination for our squad to execute on. While uncertainty remains successful nan economical outlook, we are optimistic and excited astir nan opportunities we spot for growth. We'll proceed to put successful halfway strategical areas of nan business that support our customer centric strategy and thief thrust operational leverage. This includes pricing intelligence and analytics, productivity and costs guidance and a company-wide attraction connected separator optimization.

I person been impressed by nan nimbleness we person demonstrated and continued to show our expertise to thrust operational excellence.

With beardown rate travel from operations and an exceptional equilibrium expanse we stay well-positioned to execute connected our strategy, put successful our maturation drivers, measure strategical M&A opportunities and build agelong word worth for our stakeholders.

I will now move nan telephone complete to Tex.

Tex Clark

Thank you Barry. Fourth 4th gross was $260.5 million, down 0.6% complete Q4 of past year. Average regular income were disconnected 2.2%. The 4th included 1 other time nevertheless I would statement nan time fell connected nan Friday earlier nan New Year's vacation and a historically debased measurement income time and had constricted effect connected our results. U.S. gross was down to 0.2% while gross successful Canada improved astir 2.5% successful section currency.

Price measurement was neutral successful nan 4th successful opposition to pricing use recognized passim precocious 2021 and astir of 2022. The backstage marque offering has been an area of attraction and opportunity during 2022. For nan afloat year, it represented astir 50% of full sales. Public assemblage measurement was robust successful nan 4th and bully rebound from Q3 which was nan adjacent of nan national fiscal year.

The heating and wintertime seasonal class was soft, reflecting a comparatively mild wintertime for overmuch of nan U.S. Demand was accordant passim nan quarter. And we person seen a continuation of 4Q income trends into nan commencement of 2023.

Overall, we comprehend customers to beryllium guarded successful their buying decisions and nan pricing situation remaining competitive. Gross profit for nan 4th was $93.8 cardinal down 3.3% from past year. Gross separator was 36%, an summation of 30 ground points connected a sequential 4th basis, but disconnected 100 ground points from nan anterior year. In nan twelvemonth agone quarter, we delivered grounds gross separator arsenic we benefited early successful nan business rhythm from beardown value realization and little costs FIFO inventory waste through, some of which person afloat waned.

We will besides look beardown separator comparisons successful nan first 4th of 2023. But judge we person shown an expertise to negociate done nan challenges of nan existent environment. Maintaining our separator floor plan remains nan cardinal attraction of our team. We person seen immoderate early benefits from little water proviso concatenation costs. However, we expect variability passim nan twelvemonth arsenic we activity done prime inventory pinch higher full landed costs and negociate a move pricing environment. We proceed to judge that agelong word separator gains are achievable arsenic we thrust a higher equilibrium of backstage brands sales, optimizer fulfillment and free floor plan and thrust leverage of our fixed costs base.

Selling, distribution and administrative spending successful nan 4th was $76.1 cardinal aliases 29.2% of nett sales, an summation of 210 ground points from past year. SD&A chiefly reflects nan fixed costs quality of nan business, investments successful nan description of our Canada DC network, including astir $1.1 cardinal successful incremental costs arsenic good arsenic planned trading finance to support caller verticals, and to stay apical of mind erstwhile our customers hunt for our products.

We besides recorded accrued compensation disbursal chiefly related to $1.1 cardinal of incremental adaptable compensation, which reflects nan beardown afloat twelvemonth results arsenic compared to 2021. We proceed to support beardown costs controls and successful January took steps to correct size our costs structure, including a simplification successful force, which will trim annualized costs by astir $6 million. We expect to grounds a onetime severance disbursal of astir $1.1 cardinal successful nan first quarter.

Operating income from continuing operations was $17.7 cardinal successful nan 4th fourth and operating separator was 6.8%. During nan quarter, we generated rate travel from continuing operations of $26.3 million. Total depreciation and amortization disbursal successful nan 4th was $1.1 million, while superior expenditures were $2.5 million. We expect 2023 superior expenditures successful nan scope of $6 cardinal to $8 million, which includes chiefly attraction related investments and instrumentality wrong our distribution network.

Let maine now move to our equilibrium sheet. We person a beardown and liquid equilibrium expanse pinch a existent ratio of 2.1 to 1. As of December 31, we had complete $28 cardinal successful rate and minimal debt. During nan 4th we expanded our in installments installation by $50 cardinal to $125 cardinal and presently person $111.7 cardinal of excess readiness nether nan facility. The continued betterment successful our indebtedness position reflects alteration moving superior needs, arsenic inventory levels normalized and full inventory landed costs moderate.

We support important elasticity to afloat execute connected our strategical plan, and to proceed to money our quarterly dividend. As a result, our committee of board declared a quarterly dividend of $0.20 per stock of communal stock. This reflects an summation of 11.1% from our erstwhile quarterly dividend.

This concludes our prepared remarks today. Operator, please unfastened nan telephone for questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


We will now statesman nan mobility and reply session. [Operator Instructions] Our first mobility comes from Ryan Merkel pinch William Blair. Please spell ahead.

Ryan Merkel

Hey, bully day and acknowledgment for taking nan questions.

Barry Litwin

Hey Ryan.

Ryan Merkel

I wanted to inquire a mobility connected income successful nan 4th quarter. Any chance you tin supply a small much details, either by products aliases extremity market? And for nan managed and non-managed accounts that would beryllium helpful. Thanks.

Barry Litwin

Yes, Ryan, I'll springiness you a small spot of penetration location comparative to Q4 revenue. So we surely saw value use wane successful nan period. And I deliberation if you look back, we astir apt captured value use really early connected successful nan cycle. I deliberation to your mobility connected benignant of customer mix, there's a mates of things we recovered one, I deliberation nan SMB ground for america appeared to beryllium a small spot much cautious during nan play versus immoderate of nan ample nationalist accounts that we've seen.

So that was 1 inclination we saw. And arsenic you know, we've talked, we're continuing to benignant of diversify our wide customer guidelines arsenic it pertains to immoderate of nan endeavor business, but we still are a reasonably heavy, SMB based business. The different facet was really astir immoderate of nan wintertime seasonal softness that we mentioned successful nan opening. That tends to beryllium a reasonably beardown backstage marque class for america peculiarly astir heating. And arsenic we cognize whether it's been really mild passim nan U.S. and that had immoderate unit arsenic well.

Ryan Merkel

Got it. Okay. I deliberation you said request is down debased azygous digits into nan commencement astatine '23. I conscionable want to corroborate if I've heard that correct and conscionable corroborate income aren't getting a full batch worse here.

Barry Litwin

Yes, I mean, I deliberation our --

Tex Clark

Go up Barry.

Barry Litwin

Quick cover, I deliberation our request inclination correct now surely continues into Q1. We've surely seen still immoderate muted income crossed categories and income channels. And I deliberation we've seen nan aforesaid type of attack astir customers being a small spot much guarded correct now arsenic nan pricing situation remains reasonably competitive.

Ryan Merkel

Got it. Okay. Last 1 for me. I cognize you're not giving guidance here. But conscionable funny what your outlook is for nan MRO marketplace '23. I deliberation immoderate of nan larger players are reasoning down debased azygous digits, but funny really you're reasoning astir '23?

Barry Litwin

Yes, I mean, I deliberation we benignant of look astatine nan aforesaid indicators. I mean, we look astatine manufacture stats astir MDM, and evidently nan system successful position of what we're looking at. I mean, I deliberation we went successful surely pinch an optimistic attack astir immoderate of nan income initiatives and investments that we put successful place. But certainly, we're taking a reasonably cautious reside comparative to nan MRO market. Right now, I'm hopeful that we commencement to spot immoderate amended capacity successful nan manufacture itself towards nan backmost half of nan year. I mean, we thin to travel nan PMI scale arsenic well. So you could spot a reasonably alteration successful nan ISM betwixt this twelvemonth and past twelvemonth astatine nan aforesaid time. But we still are assured that we person a important magnitude of initiatives successful spot to thief thrust wide agelong word growth, peculiarly astir our class and backstage marque description .

And surely nan use that our 1 to 1 income statement has successful position of driving good, coagulated relationships and penetration to our customers. And certainly, we're going to proceed to put into immoderate caller income channels mentioned past year, surely continuing connected done this year, to thief america and utilization immoderate newer immoderate caller markets.

Ryan Merkel

Thanks. [That’s all].


[Operator Instructions] The adjacent mobility comes from Anthony Lebiedzinski pinch Sidoti & Company. Please spell ahead.

Anthony Lebiedzinski

Good afternoon. And convey you for taking nan questions. So first, for Q4 gross margin, tin you spell complete nan various puts and takes successful regards to nan gross margin? And Barry, you talked astir nan focusing connected separator optimization. Can you springiness america a consciousness arsenic to for illustration really should we deliberation astir gross margins benignant of for nan equilibrium of nan year? That'd beryllium great.

Tex Clark

Yes, Barry, conscionable maine to conscionable jump successful existent quickly to reconcile that perfectly hey, Anthony. Good afternoon. So again, erstwhile we deliberation astir nan wide separator gross separator floor plan of 36% this twelvemonth perfectly they are 36% successful Q4 36.1% for nan afloat year. We saw immoderate again, for illustration we mentioned, we saw sequential betterment from Q3 and Q4 which isn't ever a normalized seasonal inclination for us. But we thought we did a small spot amended successful Q4 than Q3 but erstwhile we look astatine a year-over-year basis, past twelvemonth successful Q4 was really we were afloat entrenched successful immoderate early value moves that we had made, were chiefly related to ostentation successful nan water proscription rates, that drove higher trading prices, but besides allowed higher gross margins, because we were capable to seizure that, arsenic we were still moving done inventory that had landed anterior to nan immoderate of those beautiful important increases successful costs we saw.

So that really benefited some Q4 and Q1, 2022 wherever we saw 37 positive percent margins successful each Q4 and Q1. So while we did spot that year-over-year diminution that sequential summation springiness america immoderate beardown assurance that we're capable to negociate done immoderate of nan again, nan continued pricing dynamics successful nan marketplace and on pinch immoderate higher some home and that water freight that we had mentioned. And while nan water freight costs are coming down, I mean, we've seen that successful each nan different nationalist settings that will beryllium a use to nan organization, but does return clip to activity done because evidently we're moving done inventory turns to get to that little costs inventory that will we'll beryllium capable to return advantage of and evidently besides walk done backmost to our customers arsenic we move passim nan people of nan year. I'm not judge if that answers your mobility from our end. Barry if you want to jump and past subordinate thing more.

Barry Litwin

No. I deliberation those were decidedly good covered.

Tex Clark


Anthony Lebiedzinski

All right. Terrific. And past arsenic acold arsenic inventories they're down from nan 2nd 4th peak. How should we deliberation astir inventories for arsenic we looked, I cognize you're looking to surely activity those down. I presume arsenic nan twelvemonth progresses, but is location a extremity successful mind arsenic acold arsenic dollar magnitude you want to get to by nan extremity of nan year? Or possibly inventory turns? I mean, really should we conscionable deliberation astir inventory management?

Tex Clark

Yes, I'll return that again Barry arsenic well. So wide inventory. Well, we don't person a circumstantial extremity connected target inventory numbers. We group goals internally based connected things specified arsenic measure rates and what wide stocking levels we request to person for our customers to present our merchandise connected clip for what they need. Given that while nan proviso concatenation costs person travel down, wide arsenic nan disruption successful nan proviso concatenation is retired of nan marketplace successful position of lead times, some from benignant of our overseas suppliers arsenic good arsenic home movements present successful nan States. That's allowed america to amended that they are to little their information banal requirements and person allowed america to normalize inventory arsenic we move passim 2022 we would expect that to proceed into 2023. And while we whitethorn person immoderate seasonal buys that hap from clip to clip we do not expect that our inventory levels will disbursal immoderate worldly measurement successful 2023.

Anthony Lebiedzinski

Got it, thanks. And nan past mobility for maine is conscionable overall, what is your appetite for acquisitions? It's been a fewer years since you've done thing arsenic acold arsenic M&A. Just wondering if you could remark connected that, that would beryllium great.

Barry Litwin

Yes, awesome question, Anthony and I cognize that we've been reasonably accordant successful benignant of our argumentation astir M&A and surely we proceed to support ourselves unfastened to opportunities. Looking astatine businesses that tin either adhd class spot to us, trading channels, fortify customers, each make consciousness for us. As I mentioned, we surely person been looking successful nan marketplace for immoderate time. We're looking to effort to evidently arsenic astir businesses trying to find nan correct valuation and nan correct fit, astir importantly for nan company. So it is surely successful our strategy to proceed to reside that and we'll proceed to do truthful going forward. So admit you asking nan question.

Anthony Lebiedzinski

Got it. Well, convey you very much, and champion of luck.

Tex Clark

Thank you Anthony.


This concludes our mobility and reply session. The convention has besides now concluded. Thank you for attending today's presentation. You whitethorn each now disconnect.

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