General Dynamics: Price Is Still Sky High

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National information is undoubtedly important for immoderate country's prosperity, and it has led to nan emergence of a profitable defense manufacture aimed astatine safeguarding against outer threats. Defense contractors are nan companies that run wrong this industry. Due to nan critical quality of their activity and nan relationships they build pinch countries, they bask a competitory advantage that is challenging to replace.

Recently, defense contractors person faced aggravated scrutiny complete accusations that they profit from war, starring to questions astir nan necessity of nan US government's important defense budget. This has created unit connected companies for illustration General Dynamics (NYSE:GD). In this article, we will analyse GD's business models, its humanities performance, and its early prospects successful bid to find nan company's intrinsic value.

The Business

General Dynamics Corporation is simply a world company that specializes successful aerospace and defense. Founded successful 1899, GD is headquartered successful Reston, Virginia. Its operations are divided into 4 segments: Aerospace, Marine Systems, Combat Systems, and Technologies.

The Aerospace conception focuses connected designing, manufacturing, and trading business jets. Additionally, it offers services specified arsenic craft maintenance, repair, management, and staffing.

The Marine Systems conception specializes successful building nuclear-powered submarines, aboveground combatants, and auxiliary ships for nan United States Navy. It besides constructs crude lipid and merchandise tankers, instrumentality and cargo ships, and provides navy vessel attraction and modernization services.

The Combat Systems segment's superior attraction is connected nan accumulation of onshore combat solutions, including vehicles, weapons systems, and munitions. This conception besides offers modernization programs, engineering, and support services.

Lastly, nan Technologies conception provides accusation exertion solutions and ngo support services, including unreality computing, artificial intelligence, and unmanned undersea conveyance manufacturing and assembly services.


During nan past decade, nan institution has knowledgeable accordant gross growth, but has not been increasing fast. In nan astir caller fiscal year, it reported income of $39.4 billion. This fig reflects a conscionable a 27% summation successful income complete nan past 10 years.

GD hasn't been capable to execute accordant free rate travel maturation either arsenic nan institution reported 4 years of free rate travel declines complete nan past decade. Overall, nan institution only managed to turn its free rate flows by conscionable 24% during nan period.

GD is simply a slow increasing institution but location are immoderate agleam spots for investors. First, nan institution has established a bully way grounds of profitability. During nan erstwhile decade, GD averaged a return connected equity of 23% without a azygous twelvemonth little than 18%. A consistently precocious ROE indicates that nan institution is efficaciously utilizing its assets to make profits, and it besides suggests that nan institution has a beardown competitory advantage successful its industry.


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Another affirmative for nan institution is really stock holder friends it has become. During nan erstwhile 10 years GD raised its dividend by 195%. In fact, GD has raised its dividend 28 years successful a row. The institution has besides built an awesome way grounds of buying backmost shares, purchasing 22% of nan company's shares during nan past decade.

GD Dividend Data

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Despite nan company's outstanding way grounds of profitability and really good it's taken attraction of its shareholders complete nan years, GD has underperformed nan full return of nan S&P 500 by a important separator complete nan past 5 years leaving galore shareholders emotion frustrated.

GD Stock Performance Data

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GD's occurrence is wished by its expertise to meet government's needs for defense and information products and services which it has historically done really good arsenic it has established itself arsenic a starring defense contractor for nan US government. Roughly 70% of its gross comes from nan U.S. government, which intends that nan company's financial capacity is heavy affected by authorities spending levels, particularly successful nan defense sector.

The fiscal twelvemonth (FY) 2023 defense appropriations bill, signed into rule connected December 29, 2022, amounted to astir $798 billion. This represents an summation of astir 10% compared to nan spending level for FY 2022 that was enacted which will beryllium a tail upwind for GD moving forward.

This 10% summation successful US defense spending tin beryllium partially attributed to Russia's penetration of Ukraine. During fiscal 2022 nan United States had fixed a full of $28 cardinal successful defense assistance to Ukraine to supply financial support, training, equipment, and guidance to Ukrainian forces. It is apt that Congress will proceed to supply other emergency backing for Ukraine successful nan foreseeable early arsenic much needs and expenses originate complete time.

As nan US defense fund is group to summation by 10%, GD is projecting that nan Aerospace segment's gross will summation to astir $10.4 cardinal successful 2023, up from $8.56 billion, chiefly owed to nan transportation of 145 caller aircraft. However, it is expected that nan gross for nan different segments will stay mostly level successful 2023.

It should beryllium noted that though nan US defense fund is expected to increase, defense contractors specified arsenic GD person faced important disapproval for allegedly profiting from war. Additionally, nan US authorities has been nether aggravated scrutiny arsenic galore mobility whether allocating specified immense resources to nan defense fund is necessary. This disapproval and scrutiny person been and will proceed to beryllium a caput upwind for GD moving forward.

Despite this, investors will beryllium reassured to cognize that nan institution is continuing to prioritize them. As of December 31, 2022, nan institution has 6.7 cardinal remaining shares that are authorized to beryllium repurchase, representing 2.4% of nan full outstanding shares. Also, connected March 2, 2022, nan committee of board announced an summation successful nan quarterly dividend to $1.26 per stock from $1.19.


To commencement pinch nan valuation section, we will utilize a DCF study to reverse technologist GD's coming banal value and find nan maturation complaint required successful nan adjacent decade to validate nan company's existent stock price. Afterward, we'll talk if that maturation complaint is reasonable.

We'll commencement pinch GD's mean free rate flows for nan past 5 years, which comes retired to beryllium $2.63B. We'll time off nan maturation complaint complete nan first 10 years blank for now because this is what we are solving for. Following nan 10th year, we'll usage a 2.5% maturation complaint to find nan terminal value.

To discount nan rate flows, we'll usage a 10% discount rate, which is based connected nan semipermanent annualized S&P 500 return pinch dividends reinvested. With these inputs, we will find that a 10.35% yearly maturation complaint complete nan adjacent 10 years is needed to warrant GD's existent stock value of $232.26 astatine nan clip of penning this article.

GD's DCF Data

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The 10.35% annualized free rate travel maturation complaint implied by GD's existent stock price, acold exceeds nan maturation complaint that GD was capable to execute complete nan erstwhile 10 years. However, expert do estimate GD's net to turn by 9.32% annualized complete nan adjacent 5 years which is materially higher than its maturation complaint complete nan erstwhile 5 years of conscionable 2.77%.

While I deliberation that nan emergence successful defense spending by nan US will use GD successful nan coming years, I find it difficult to judge that GD tin support a 10.35% yearly maturation complaint of free rate flows for nan adjacent 10 years. Therefore, my appraisal of GD utilizing nan DCF study suggests that it whitethorn beryllium somewhat overvalued.

When evaluating a stock, it's important to usage aggregate valuation techniques because nary azygous method tin supply a complete and meticulous image of a company's financial wellness aliases early prospects. Therefore, we will besides tally a comparative study connected GD to estimate its intrinsic value.

The comparative study will analyse nan company's highest, lowest, and median price-to-earnings ratios that nan marketplace has utilized for GD complete nan past 5 years, arsenic good arsenic nan assemblage median P/E ratio of 20.81. We will past utilize these ratios to measure CNI's projected 2023 EPS estimate of $12.77 per share.

Scenario P/E Next Year Earnings Estimate Intrinsic Value Estimate % Change
Bear Case 8.898 $12.77 $113.63 -50.99%
5Y Median P/E 16.9 $12.77 $215.81 -6.92%
Bull Case 24.08 $12.77 $307.50 32.63%
Sector Median Valuation 20.81 $12.77 $265.74 14.62%

The comparative study of GD reveals aggregate imaginable outcomes. In an optimistic scenario, if nan marketplace applies nan 24.08 aggregate observed successful March, 2018, to nan mean net estimate of GD for nan adjacent year, investors could perchance summation up to 32.63% if those estimates are met. Conversely, successful a pessimistic scenario, if GD is weighted astatine nan debased P/E ratio observed successful 2020, investors could perchance suffer up to 50.99%.

According to nan 5-year median P/E ratio, nan astir probable result for GD is its guidelines lawsuit scenario, which is considered to beryllium nan astir important. If this script becomes a reality, investors mightiness beryllium capable to person a humble nonaccomplishment of 6.92%.

In nan arena that GD is weighted astatine nan assemblage median multiple, nan result would beryllium a flimsy return of 14.62%. All successful all, nan comparative study implies that GD is simply a small overvalued, and investors should expect to spot a humble propulsion backmost to GD's existent value and should only spot a satisfactory return aliases important nonaccomplishment if nan utmost cases were to play out.


GD has established itself arsenic a awesome subordinate successful nan defense manufacture driven by an awesome way grounds of profitability arsenic it has consistently produced fantabulous returns connected equity complete nan past decade. Despite this, GD has struggled to execute outstanding gross aliases free rate travel maturation successful caller years. However, nan institution is expected to use from an summation successful nan US government's larger defense fund driven partially by Russia's penetration of Ukraine.

That being said, investors should statement that GD's banal is somewhat overvalued astatine its existent prices based connected a discounted rate travel and comparative analysis. While nan company's beardown position successful nan defense assemblage and its expertise to triumph high-profile contracts make it an charismatic investment, investors should beryllium cautious astir paying excessively precocious a premium for its shares.

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