Gates Industrial Corp.: A 'Power' Prospect For Your Portfolio

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When it comes to valuing companies, I spot a tremendous magnitude of weight connected nan expertise of nan business successful mobility to study steadily increasing gross and profit figures. Companies that person a history of volatility are not arsenic appealing to me, but this doesn't mean that I don't sometimes move bullish connected 1 that fits this description. One illustration tin beryllium seen by looking astatine Gates Industrial Corp (NYSE:GTES), an endeavor that operates arsenic a world shaper of engineered powerfulness transmission and fluid powerfulness solutions. Over nan past fewer years, nan financial image of nan company, peculiarly its bottommost line, has been rather volatile. Even so, shares of nan business look cheap, some connected an absolute ground and comparative to akin firms. If GTES banal wasn't arsenic inexpensive arsenic it presently looks, I would apt effort to find a different imaginable elsewhere. But to me, shares are conscionable inexpensive capable to warrant a soft ‘buy’ standing astatine this time.

Not for nan faint of heart

As I mentioned already, Gates Industrial Corp operates as a shaper and seller of engineered powerfulness transmission and fluid powerfulness solutions. According to management, its portfolio of products is made disposable to a wide assortment of customers, including some replacement transmission customers and OEM (original instrumentality manufacturers). Specific extremity markets that nan institution finds its products successful include, but are not constricted to, off-highway extremity markets for illustration building and agriculture, business on-highway extremity markets for illustration transportation, diversified industrial, energy, and resources firms, and elsewhere. By channel, 63% of its income spell to replacement activities, while nan remaining 37% spell to OEMs.

An estimated 61% of nan company's gross comes from powerfulness transmission offerings, while 39% is attributable to nan fluid powerfulness space. On nan powerfulness transmission broadside of things, nan institution sells products specified arsenic elastomer thrust belts and related components that are utilized to transportation mobility successful a wide scope of applications. Meanwhile, nan fluid powerfulness operations of nan business see products specified arsenic hoses, tubing and fitting products dedicated to hydraulic fluid processing, and a assortment of high-pressure and fluid transportation hoses.


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Over nan past fewer years, nan financial image of nan institution has been somewhat mixed. Between its 2018 and 2020 fiscal years, for instance, income fell twelvemonth complete year, dropping from $3.35 cardinal to $2.79 billion. The largest information of this driblet came successful 2020 successful consequence to nan COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, however, income rebounded, hitting $3.47 cardinal earlier rising moreover further to $3.55 cardinal successful 2022. According to management, nan summation from 2021 to 2022 totaling 2.3% really came astir contempt a $185.1 cardinal deed associated pinch overseas rate translation. Actual income would person risen an awesome 7.6%, aliases $264.9 million, to $3.74 cardinal had it not been for this. This, successful turn, was driven by favorable pricing that added $363.1 cardinal to nan company's apical line. Unfortunately, nan pricing increases did origin little income volumes that yet wounded nan firm. For context, nan top halfway income summation for nan institution came from its fluid powerfulness operations, pinch gross spiking 12.6% twelvemonth complete year.

On nan bottommost line, nan image has been moreover much volatile. Over nan past 5 years, nett income has ranged from a debased constituent of $79.4 cardinal to a precocious constituent of $690.1 million. In 2022, profits came successful astatine $220.8 million. This was down from nan $297.1 cardinal reported 1 twelvemonth earlier. Other profitability metrics person followed a akin taxable successful that they person besides demonstrated volatility. Operating rate flow, for instance, has shown nary existent trend, bouncing betwixt $265.8 cardinal and $382.4 cardinal complete nan past 5 years. If we set for changes successful moving capital, we would person seen an uptrend betwixt 2019 and 2021, pinch rate travel rising from $290.1 cardinal to $508.4 million. But then, successful 2022, nan metric fell to $423.3 million. As for EBITDA, it tin beryllium said that it remained successful a alternatively wide scope complete nan past 5 years arsenic well, going betwixt $506.6 cardinal and $755.8 million. For 2022, it came successful astatine $680.6 million.


Author - SEC EDGAR Data

For those worried astir immoderate imaginable weakening, it’s worthy noting that nan astir caller 4th alone, nan 4th fourth of its 2022 fiscal year, was rather impressive. Pricing actions initiated by guidance were adjuvant successful causing gross to travel successful astatine $893.3 million. That's 9.5% higher than nan $815.6 cardinal reported 1 twelvemonth earlier. Net income jumped from $62.7 cardinal to $84.9 million. Operating rate travel jumped from $168.9 cardinal to $247 million, while nan adjusted fig for this expanded from $90.8 cardinal to $99.6 million. Even EBITDA reported a year-over-year increase, rising from $139.6 cardinal to $166 million.

Management besides seems optimistic astir what nan early holds. Core gross for 2023 is expected to emergence by betwixt 1% and 5%. The institution besides said that EBITDA should scope betwixt $700 cardinal and $725 million. At nan midpoint, that would beryllium 7% higher than what nan business reported successful 2022. Earnings per stock should beryllium betwixt $1.13 and $1.23, while operating rate travel should beryllium astir $436.2 million.

Trading Multiples

Author - SEC EDGAR Data

Based connected these figures, nan institution seems to beryllium trading astatine a guardant value to adjusted operating rate travel aggregate of 9 and astatine a guardant EV to EBITDA aggregate of 7.7. Using information from 2022, these multiples would beryllium 9.3 and 8.2, respectively. And if we were to usage information from 2021, these multiples would beryllium 7.7 and 7.6, respectively. As portion of my analysis, I compared nan business to 5 akin firms. On a value to operating rate travel basis, these companies ranged from a debased of 5.7 to a precocious of 99.6. Meanwhile, utilizing nan EV to EBITDA approach, nan scope was from 3.8 to 24.2. In some of these cases, only 1 of nan 5 firms was cheaper than our prospect.

Company Price / Operating Cash Flow EV / EBITDA
Gates Industrial Corporation 9.3 8.2
Altra Industrial Motion Corp (AIMC) 33.5 24.2
Mueller Industries (MLI) 5.7 3.8
Franklin Electric Co (FELE) 99.6 15.1
John Bean Technologies (JBT) 25.3 18.7
Albany International (AIN) 25.3 15.6


Although I find nan business exemplary employed by Gates Industrial Corp to beryllium interesting, I do not overmuch attraction for nan humanities way grounds of nan business. I don't for illustration volatility successful my investments and, arsenic a result, I often enactment distant from firms for illustration this. Having said that, shares do look very cheap, some connected an absolute ground and comparative to akin businesses. This affordability, mixed pinch nan caller spot and guidance guidance for 2023, has led maine to propulsion be aware to nan upwind and complaint nan patient a soft ‘buy’ standing astatine this time.

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