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The Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 pinch The updated AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX CPU pinch cardinal highlights astatine Computex 2024.Jacob Roach

On The whole, Computex 2024 surely did not disappoint. We’ve seen caller processors from some Intel and AMD, Nvidia’s AI gaming companion and mini shape facet GeForce guidelines, and handhelds for illustration The ROG Ally X. But do you cognize The 1 point we haven’t seen overmuch of astatine all? Gaming laptops made purely for gamers.

Don’t get maine wrong, I’m arsenic fascinated by AI arsenic overmuch arsenic immoderate tech maniac, but I can’t thief but consciousness that laptop gamers person been overlooked this year. The worst part? It whitethorn beryllium many, galore months until that business is remedied.

Gaming laptops? What gaming laptops?

The MSI Stealth A16 AI+ showcased astatine Computex 2024.Kunal Khullar

We’ve seen immoderate interesting laptops connected The show level astatine Computex. For instance, there’s The Asus ProArt P16 pinch The brand-new AMD Ryzen AI processor that sounds for illustration a marvel for creators. Asus besides has a caller loop of The ROG Zephyrus G16, this clip decked retired pinch The Ryzen AI 9 HX 370. Then there’s The aptly-named MSI Stealth A16 AI+ that comes pinch — you guessed it — a Ryzen AI CPU. It’s bully to spot AMD characteristic much heavy in laptops (that wasn’t ever The case), but that still doesn’t dress up for The deficiency of gamer-centric options to take from.

Get your play teardown of The tech down PC gaming

This year, it’s each astir AI. Gamers seemingly request to hold their turn.

Microsoft’s Copilot+ changed The laptop crippled in an unexpected way, leaving Intel and AMD scrambling to support up pinch Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chip. The “keeping up” comes down to The powerfulness of The neural processing portion (NPU) wrong their respective chips; to suffice for Copilot+, The NPU needs to beryllium astatine 40 trillion operations per 2nd (TOPS) aliases more. Both AMD Ryzen AI and Intel Lunar Lake qualify, which should make for a thrilling title to The champion AI laptop.

And yet, I can’t thief but consciousness for illustration it’s been a agelong clip since we’ve seen a refresh of gaming laptops crossed The board. And what I mean is simply a laptop decked retired pinch The latest discrete graphics card and a gaming CPU. Something built pinch The extremity of reaching The highest imaginable framework rates. With coagulated thermals, a batch of RAM, and plentifulness of storage. Those laptops exist, and they’re very overmuch still worthy buying, but announcements of existent next-gen gaming laptops person been beautiful scarce.

But there’s a bully logic why we’re not seeing thing caller connected The gaming laptop front. It’s not because The large gaming brands don’t want to waste gaming laptops. It’s because they cognize that without The capacity jump provided by caller GPUs, it’ll ever beryllium difficult to justify.

Not overmuch has changed

The HP Omen 16 gaming laptop connected a desk.Jacob Roach

The truth is that The GPU marketplace has been looking beautiful bare lately. On 1 hand, it makes consciousness — we’re nearing The extremity of this merchandise cycle. However, this play of drought has been acold longer for laptop users than for those who crippled connected a desktop PC.

Let’s return Nvidia arsenic an example. It initially unveiled its mobile RTX 40-series GPUs during CES 2023, which was a twelvemonth and a half ago. The first laptops pinch RTX 40 GPUs past started to look connected The shelves in early February, and galore are still readily disposable to this day. That’s a agelong clip for a portion of tech to enactment current, particularly erstwhile you see really agelong it’ll beryllium earlier they’re genuinely replaced.

The laptops that were unveiled during Computex 2024 still travel pinch RTX 40-series GPUs, pinch The apical action being The RTX 4070M, meaning midrange to upper-midrange graphics performance.

None of The latest cards made it to laptops, and astatine this point, they ne'er will.

AMD is almost in The nonstop aforesaid boat. Having launched its RX 7000M and RX 7000S GPUs during CES 2023, it now has 5 models retired in total: The RX 7900M, RX 7600M XT, RX 7600M, RX 7700S, and The RX 7600S. However, AMD GPUs in laptops are still difficult to travel by, and you’re overmuch likelier to find a gaming laptop pinch an AMD APU than you are to spot 1 pinch a discrete AMD GPU. Intel is … well, Intel. It feels for illustration it’s been everlastingly since Arc Alchemist was first announced, but laptops pinch Intel’s discrete GPUs are fewer and acold isolated — not to mention rather outdated by this point.

Both AMD and Nvidia dipped backmost into their respective desktop lineups later connected in The generation. Nvidia said sorry to gamers pinch The fantabulous RTX 40 Super series, and AMD launched The fantabulous RX 7900 GRE. But nary of these cards made it to laptops, and astatine this point, it’s acold excessively precocious to deliberation they will.

It’s not difficult to spot wherever each The resources and attraction are going. AI is The talk of The town, and lately, it’s wherever The money’s at. I wouldn’t kick if we sewage much of those not-strictly-AI gaming laptops this year, but erstwhile it comes down to it, what benignant of upgrades could laptop makers connection america this clip around? It could beryllium thing from a amended surface to a chassis redesign, but those are seldom The type of things that origin group to want to upgrade. In The end, it’s astir performance, and that’s wherever The spread has been left.

The worst portion of it each is that now, pinch Computex down us, we Can benignant of estimate erstwhile bigger laptop upgrades mightiness get — and it’s not bully news.

We’ll person to wait

Someone typing connected The Alienware m18 laptop.Jacob Roach

If this gaming laptop drought Can beryllium attributed to a deficiency of new, breathtaking hardware hitting The market, erstwhile Can we expect things to change? Well — get comfy. We mightiness person to hold rather a agelong time.

Many gamers are eagerly awaiting announcements from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel regarding next-gen GPUs, and nary wonder, seeing arsenic each shaper is said to beryllium cooking up thing big. Nvidia has its RTX 50-series, AMD is readying RDNA 4, and moreover Intel is yet making a comeback pinch Arc Battlemage.

By galore accounts, these GPUs are said to beryllium launching this year. But will their laptop versions get alongside them? Not likely. There’s nary harm in hoping that they might, but if Nvidia and AMD repetition their erstwhile patterns and travel The existent rumors, they’ll commencement disconnected by launching desktop GPUs. In Nvidia’s case, that mightiness only mean The RTX 5080 and The RTX 5090 this twelvemonth — and pursuing up pinch mobile cards a fewer months later. If we presume that The announcement will driblet during CES 2025, that will people 2 afloat years from 1 motorboat to The next.

By today’s standards, that’s a really agelong time. Laptop gamers person each correct to consciousness neglected astatine this point. It whitethorn moreover beryllium an further fewer months earlier we spot these laptops disposable to buy.

Gaming laptops won’t beryllium abandoned forever. It’s clear that some AMD and Nvidia salary much attraction to The AI, information center, and endeavor portion of The marketplace correct now, and while that’s improbable to change, gaming laptops still play an important domiciled in The market.

In theory, there’s nary harm in picking up a alleged “AI PC” and utilizing it for games.

And besides, it’s not each bad; Gamers sewage a fewer morsels present and location astatine this Computex. For me, The astir absorbing announcement was Nvidia’s Project G-Assist. I was skeptical astir it initially, but having seen The demo, I’m connected board. As personification who likes to min-max in games, location are definite titles wherever keeping a hunt motor unfastened connected my 2nd surface is beautiful overmuch mandatory. Perhaps in a fewer years, each I’ll request to do is inquire Nvidia’s AI alternatively of having to Google it. But until then, I really hoped to spot immoderate much breathtaking gaming laptops astatine Computex 2024, and I can’t thief emotion somewhat disappointed.

I cognize that AI is wherever The money is correct now. Moreover, that worldly Can really beryllium useful moreover for those of america who don’t scheme to tally generative AI models locally astatine each hours of The day. In theory, there’s nary harm in picking up a alleged “AI PC” and utilizing it for games. Heck, moreover The caller Snapdragon X laptops person immoderate decent integrated GPUs.

But what if you want a laptop wherever each The bells and whistles are centered astir gaming arsenic opposed to AI? Brace yourself, because we’ve each astir apt sewage immoderate agelong months up earlier immoderate specified laptop makes it to The market.

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