FXB ETF: British Pound Looking Weaker As Dollar Strengthens

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The British lb has declined 16.2% since peaking astatine a 3-year precocious of 1.42504 successful May 2020. The mobility past becomes whether nan rate is now ripe for nan picking. Is this a bully clip to put successful sterling successful position of a rebound?

Since reaching its all-time debased of 1.03565 successful September 2022, cablegram has rallied by 15.3%. So, it looks for illustration momentum is picking up again. But tin this caller rally beryllium sustained? And does nan mean to semipermanent inclination clasp for a continued rally?

For those looking to waste and acquisition aliases put successful sterling, nan FXB ETF represents a cheap, easy, and liquid option. But earlier making a last decision, let's person a look astatine immoderate fundamentals for nan British rate and nan method outlook for nan GBPUSD rate pair.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis for rate pairs ever needs to beryllium comparative. In this case, nan FXB ETF is simply a play connected GBPUSD. Let's return a look astatine really nan fundamentals of these 2 currencies lucifer up. The array beneath shows nan astir caller data, and forecast for nan adjacent merchandise of nan astir applicable macro information for sterling and nan US dollar.

GBP USD macro data

Trading Economics

GDP maturation successful nan UK has been on nan decline passim 2022 and looks group to diminution further going into H1 2023. The forecast for nan adjacent information connected March 31, is for maturation to amended somewhat and stay level astatine 0.00%.

US GDP maturation was past reported astatine 2.90% and is expected to stay unchanged astatine nan aforesaid level. Currently, nan US is experiencing a healthier though not buoyant system compared to nan UK. Further, nan outlook from nan OECD for GDP maturation successful nan 2 countries is successful nan array below:


2023 Forecast

2024 Forecast







The forecasts aren't rosy for either economy, but nan US system looks for illustration it will execute marginally amended than nan UK. Let's look astatine liking rates and inflation. What I for illustration to look astatine are yields. Interest rates group by nan cardinal slope are important, but it's nan plus output that will thrust superior from 1 rate into another.

We tin spot from nan first array that nan UK has a overmuch higher ostentation complaint than nan US, yet nan cardinal slope complaint is somewhat little successful nan UK compared to nan US. This whitethorn create a existent output disparity, since ostentation is measurement higher successful nan UK, plus yields should beryllium a batch higher than successful nan US.

gbp output curve

We tin spot from nan 2 charts, supra for UK yields and beneath for US yields, that nan existent output is higher successful nan US than successful nan UK. Not only, but absolute yields are higher successful nan US than successful nan UK. There could beryllium respective reasons for this. Firstly, nan QE unwinding gait of nan cardinal banks, and second, nan perceived consequence of default.

However, for now, nan output curves successful nan 2 countries favour nan US arsenic they person higher absolute and existent yields. This business could alteration if nan Fed stops raising rates earlier nan BoE and nan second continues if ostentation does not decrease.

US output curve

For now, it looks for illustration there's much inducement to bargain dollars and waste sterling, based connected what I see to beryllium nan 2 largest drivers successful macro factors of FX rates. Looking astatine unemployment and existent relationship equilibrium we besides spot a little favorable image for nan pound.

Although unemployment is very debased successful nan UK arsenic it is successful nan US, it is still somewhat higher, moreover though marginally. The existent relationship equilibrium is antagonistic for some countries, and that's typical. However, nan UK is forecast to summation its antagonistic equilibrium by almost 100%. This is simply a secondary facet from what I see, but still has its implications.

Overall, nan macro fundamentals of these 2 currencies look to favour nan US dollar. And pinch nan 2 biggest factors showing a ample divergence successful favour of nan US, I would expect nan dollar to admit successful worth complete nan remainder of nan year.

Technical Analysis

Let's return a look astatine nan method outlook for this rate pair. I usage nan Ichimoku Kinko Hyo strategy and emblematic floor plan study pinch nan RSI to help. Looking astatine nan regular floor plan beneath we spot an ongoing short-term carnivore trend.

However, that inclination whitethorn beryllium moving retired of momentum arsenic value action has traded into nan unreality for respective days. The unreality area is simply a type of nary man's onshore pinch nary levels of support aliases resistance. While nan boundaries of nan unreality enactment arsenic support and guidance levels. The past candle is besides beneath nan bluish statement area of support.

Further dips beneath that area could mean much downside action, pinch nan first support to beryllium recovered connected nan belly of nan cloud, astir nan 1.1840 area. A break beneath nan unreality could springiness measurement to further declines pinch nan adjacent support astir nan 1.1600 level.

gbpusd regular chart


The play floor plan beneath shows a clear carnivore inclination successful progress. The astir caller limb higher from nan debased successful September 2022 astatine 1.03565 looks for illustration it whitethorn beryllium moving retired of steam. The past 5 candles person met guidance connected nan little broadside of nan Ichimoku unreality and person been incapable to spell higher.

The erstwhile 11 candles formed a support area (blue line) pinch 4 touches connected nan area. However, this week's value action looks for illustration that support whitethorn beryllium broken. Also, nan past candle to people is forming an upside-down hammer.

Although this is not nan emblematic constituent wherever we want to spot this pattern, it's still significant. The RSI is besides sloping downwards, beneath nan 50 level, and nan moving average. This setup presently looks bearish, pinch nan apt exhaustion of nan correction mentioned earlier.

gbpusd play chart


The semipermanent inclination for GBPUSD is besides bearish. With value action beneath nan floor plan since January 2015. The astir caller effort to break retired supra nan unreality grounded backmost successful May 2021. And gave measurement to nan astir caller debased astatine 1.03565.

The retracement successful value that followed has deed nan guidance area (blue line) successful January, and this month's candle is showing a setup that, if completed, would beryllium very bearish. The January candle besides deed different guidance line, nan slow moving mean (crimson line) arsenic good arsenic nan bottommost broadside of nan cloud.

The RSI is beneath 50 and if this month's candle completes arsenic red, will statesman to dip down again. Overall, nan semipermanent inclination is bearish and further confirmation from nan adjacent weeks' candles and nan existent month's candle are needed to beryllium conclusive.

In immoderate case, nan script astatine nan infinitesimal is that of a semipermanent inclination still underway aft having knowledgeable a retracement from an all-time low.

gbp usd monthly chart



The summary of my 2 aspects of study brings maine to nan conclusion that nan US dollar looks apt to admit against nan UK pound. That said, FX markets thin to beryllium reasonably volatile, but pinch nan existent macro script successful place, I judge nan GBPUSD is headed backmost to nan scope of 1.05 - 1.10.

There is surely nan anticipation that cablegram doesn't scope those levels. For example, if nan Fed puts a halt to much hikes, aliases pivots earlier than expected. While astatine nan aforesaid time, nan BoE continues raising rates and possibly much than expected.

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