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Written by Nick Ackerman, co-produced by Stanford Chemist. This article was primitively published to members of nan CEF/ETF Income Laboratory connected February 13th, 2023.

BlackRock Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund (NYSE:FRA) is simply a reasonably straightforward elder loan-invested closed-end fund. They person immoderate derivatives that see in installments default swaps and overseas rate speech contracts, but they are reasonably minimal compared to what we tin sometimes spot successful a fixed-income fund. That's 1 of nan reasons why I find nan money attractive. With astir 98% of nan portfolio invested successful floating-rate loans, they person benefited substantially from liking complaint increases.

We've seen this crossed nan committee too. Senior indebtedness costs are quickly expanding their distributions to shareholders. FRA has been a spot slower, pinch only 1 summation successful 2022. However, that doesn't mean they don't person nan capacity for much boosts aliases are underperforming peers. Since our last update, we person a caller UNII study that shows beardown and increasing coverage.

Match that pinch an charismatic discount, and you person a money that could beryllium worthy considering to drawback nan benefits of nan tail-end of nan liking complaint hiking cycle.

A deeper discount being coming will thief retired pinch nan main risks that are successful beforehand of nan fund. Those see liking complaint cuts, in installments risks and nan discount itself widening further. When thing is adjacent longer-term discounts already, a further driblet successful discounts is mostly shorter-lived, and nan grade of nan driblet is reduced.

The Basics

  • 1-Year Z-score: -0.16
  • Discount: 8.77%
  • Distribution Yield: 7.99%
  • Expense Ratio: 1.15%
  • Leverage: 22.99%
  • Managed Assets: $603.3 million
  • Structure: Perpetual

FRA's investment objective is "to supply shareholders pinch precocious existent income and specified preservation of superior arsenic is accordant pinch investments successful a diversified, leveraged portfolio consisting of floating-rate indebtedness securities and instruments."

To execute this finance objective, "at slightest 80% of its assets successful floating complaint indebtedness securities, including floating aliases adaptable complaint indebtedness securities that salary liking astatine rates that set whenever a specified liking complaint changes and/or which reset connected predetermined dates." As is emblematic pinch these sorts of costs - nan portfolio "invests a important information of its investments successful floating complaint indebtedness securities consisting of secured aliases unsecured elder floating complaint loans that are rated beneath finance grade."

FRA has travel down to a level of what could beryllium considered humble leverage. Generally, leveraged costs support their leverage accordant astatine astir 30%. So seeing thing person to nan 20% level, I'll see it modest. That being said, it increases nan consequence and volatility of nan money contempt being modest. The upside will ever beryllium enhanced, arsenic will nan downside erstwhile utilizing leverage.

Leverage comes pinch different risks for CEFs since astir are based connected a floating rate. That is nan lawsuit pinch FRA, truthful arsenic nan loans they clasp connected their underlying portfolio spot an summation successful liking rates, nan costs of their borrowings will besides increase. Since it is simply a floating complaint fund, it's people hedged against rising rates connected borrowings.

However, deleveraging tin beryllium a consequence too. Generally, this is viewed arsenic a antagonistic erstwhile it's forced, but it tin beryllium perchance damaging erstwhile it's by guidance prime too. In this case, they took down leverage that was $223 cardinal successful borrowings astatine nan extremity of 2021. It was $203 cardinal astatine nan extremity of June 30th, 2022. Now it's down to $133 million.

FRA Portfolio Characteristics

FRA Portfolio Characteristics (BlackRock)

A simplification successful leverage tin often mean a simplification successful nett finance income which is derived from nan liking nan money collects minus nan fund's expenses. With a diminution successful NII potential, a diminution successful nan distribution is possible. However, erstwhile again, floating rates successful its underlying portfolio travel successful to prevention nan day. As we'll see, it hasn't wounded results but enhanced them for nan money too, comparative to peers.

Performance - Beating Peers, Attractive Discount

When looking astatine nan capacity of nan money successful nan past year, FRA has done well. I've included nan BlackRock Floating Rate Income Trust (BGT), which is simply a sister money that is rather similar. I've besides included Invesco Senior Income Trust (VVR), a sanction I precocious sold but was happy holding onto done nan past year. Then I've besides included nan Pioneer Floating Rate Trust (PHD), different floating complaint fund. Finally, I've included nan non-leveraged Invesco Senior Loan ETF (BKLN) to springiness america immoderate broader discourse of nan wide elder indebtedness assemblage performance.



As we tin see, compared to these peers, FRA has travel retired connected apical successful nan past twelvemonth successful position of full NAV return performance. That's nan capacity of nan existent underlying portfolio.

On a full stock value return basis, VVR has travel retired connected apical owed to discount shrinkage. Primarily what drove my determination to adjacent my position successful VVR. What we tin spot is that contempt being slower to raise distributions, arsenic expected, it hasn't negatively impacted nan underlying portfolio results we spot from FRA.

To put this capacity into greater context. We tin spot nan results of nan SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) successful nan past year. These aren't benchmarks, but they springiness america colour for nan different assets' actions. On a full NAV return performance, it really was nary comparison. However, it was rather competitory connected a full stock value return and highlighted why we've seen specified a discount unfastened up for FRA.



When we past covered nan fund, it was astatine a astir 12% discount. That's surely tightened up since then. However, history still shows america that nan existent discount is reasonably attractive. Discounts wider than this level person been reasonably short-lived. In particular, nan GFC and COVID clang highlights nan depths discounts tin move to - though mostly short-lived.



I judge that we are adjacent nan extremity of liking complaint hikes. Therefore, I'm not getting excessively bullish connected elder indebtedness funds, and erstwhile location is simply a chance for an exit, arsenic I've done pinch VVR, I conscionable mightiness return it. However, a deeper discount tin negate immoderate of nan headwinds successful nan future. That's why I'm not arsenic compelled to waste FRA now.

With a recession expected this year, in installments risks go an rumor owed to nan chances for companies to default connected their loans. Historically, it's not been a immense issue, but depending connected nan extent of nan recession, it tin go an rumor nan deeper and much prolonged a recession.

The results of elder indebtedness costs historically person been mediocre complete overmuch of nan past decade. The stock capacity against their benchmark successful nan past semi-annual report, information arsenic of June 30th, 2022.

FRA Annualized Performance

FRA Annualized Performance (BlackRock)

They've beaten their benchmark, but it surely wasn't results we would needfully brag about. However, this is much nan clip for elder indebtedness costs owed to higher liking rates. In astir of nan past decade, rates were astatine 0%, which is nan worst play to beryllium considering loans arsenic nan loans will salary nan lowest interest. Where rates spell depends connected wherever nan capacity will go.

That's why liking complaint cuts are besides risky if nan Fed decides nan system starts to cool down excessively much. That could hap erstwhile ostentation starts moving drastically little and unemployment ticks higher. At this point, they are talking tough, that they'll support rates higher for longer. We shall spot if nan system allows that.

Another consequence that tin often beryllium overlooked is that, astatine immoderate point, liking rates go damaging. Floating-rate loans aren't fixed to companies pinch sterling equilibrium sheets that pump retired profits near and right. Taking a company's borrowing costs from 5% to 10%+ has immoderate financial effect connected nan borrower. So I'd opportunity that expanding liking rates besides person a limit to nan level that they are beneficial.

FRA's Distribution

As agelong arsenic rates are heading higher, location is nan capacity for accrued distributions from FRA and different elder indebtedness funds.

FRA Distribution History

FRA Distribution History (CEFConnect)

They had a large bump from $0.0667 per period to $0.0804 per period successful 2022. The last clip we looked astatine nan rolling 3-month NII sum successful their UNII report, it came to 104%.

All other being equal, we should spot sum driblet erstwhile location is an increase. Of course, we cognize that it isn't adjacent successful this case. With rising liking rates and a floating complaint portfolio, we cognize liking payments are rising. Instead, we now spot that astatine nan extremity of 2022, NII sum jumped to 113.7%.

The distribution sum ratio is based connected nan past 3 months. Meaning that it reflects nan caller accrued distribution complaint but not wholly reflecting nan higher liking complaint increases from nan Fed during this time.

FRA Distribution Coverage

FRA Distribution Coverage (BlackRock)

Therefore, we would people expect different summation astatine immoderate constituent reasonably soon based connected NII sum astir apt being moreover higher than 113.7%. Even if it didn't increase, they're earning capable to warrant an summation astatine immoderate point. As a regulated finance company, they must salary retired astir of their income to investors. If not, we could spot a ample year-end distribution, aliases nan money could look a 4% excise tax.

FRA's Portfolio

As mentioned successful nan open, FRA is reasonably straightforward. The overwhelming mostly of nan portfolio is successful elder loans aliases "term loans," arsenic they place them.

FRA Asset Exposure

FRA Asset Exposure (BlackRock)

When investing successful elder loans, they will beryllium mostly beneath finance grade, thus, why in installments risks go an important information erstwhile entering a twelvemonth pinch an expected recession.

FRA Credit Quality

FRA Credit Quality (BlackRock)

With FRA, location is simply a adjacent spot allocated to CCC and below. These types of loans commencement defaulting first, arsenic they are nan astir susceptible. They are companies that request conscionable astir everything to spell correct for them to succeed. The thought is that pinch nan BlackRock managers' devices and resources, they are capable to navigate this type of marketplace and take nan champion outcome.

Historically, default rates person been reasonably minimal for loans. This has played retired erstwhile watching nan default rates of elder loans and high-yield bonds; it becomes moreover much evident mostly successful times of economical distress. Early 2000's, GFC, ~2015 erstwhile world economies started to slow down and nan COVID crash. Interestingly, though, during nan COVID crash, location did look to beryllium a higher relationship than successful nan different periods shown.

Historical Bank Loan default compared to High Yield Bonds

Historical Bank Loan default compared to High Yield Bonds (Charles Schwab)

Then location are recoveries to consider. Since they are higher successful nan superior stack, betterment is higher. Once again, this comes from history.

Over time, loans thin to person importantly higher betterment rates—due to their collateralized nature—than high-yield bonds. In nan 12 months ending June 2021, nan mean betterment complaint for loans was $55, compared to conscionable $41.1 for accepted bonds.1 The quality is moreover wider complete nan past 5 years, pinch nan indebtedness betterment complaint coming successful astatine $63.4, compared pinch conscionable $41.6 for bonds.1 This intends that erstwhile markets return a move for nan worse and defaults commencement to prime up, indebtedness investors should beryllium amended disconnected than accepted high-yield enslaved investors.

Of course, we return each these loans, and we juice them up pinch leverage. The results are past amplified pinch nan CEF leverage meaning that erstwhile times are tough, and losses commencement to travel in, nan losses are increased.

Where a money counteracts each these risks tin beryllium done diversification.

FRA Top Ten Exposure

FRA Top Ten Exposure (BlackRock)

Looking astatine nan apical holdings, we spot that they correspond a reasonably minimal level of nan full fund. By nan clip we get to slot number 9 and ten, we are looking astatine positions that correspond beneath 1% of invested assets. In total, they are carrying 447 positions dispersed crossed galore different industries. Different industries will beryllium deed to different degrees, and immoderate are much sheltered from losses than others owed to being little economically sensitive.

FRA Sector Allocation

FRA Sector Allocation (BlackRock)


FRA remains an charismatic elder loan-focused fund. With liking complaint hikes expected to beryllium nearing an end, these costs aren't arsenic charismatic arsenic they were a twelvemonth ago. However, that doesn't mean we can't still find immoderate charismatic costs to consider. FRA represents 1 specified opportunity because nan fund's discount remains wide comparative to its history. NII sum besides remains strong, truthful different distribution summation aliases increases would beryllium expected. Even if they don't increase, we've seen that they tin still supply coagulated results. Distributions are important for CEFs, but they aren't nan only root of returns for nan funds.

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