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A erstwhile chair of Royal Mail has apologised for The “tragic and diabolically unfair” prosecutions of station agency operators, but denied ever having been informed of suspected problems pinch The Post Office’s faulty Horizon machine system.

Allan Leighton, who chaired Royal Mail from 2002 to 2009, erstwhile it besides owned The Post Office, told a statutory enquiry that had “absolutely not” received immoderate warnings that The Horizon strategy was unreliable.

The Post Office is nether aggravated scrutiny arsenic an enquiry proceeds into The scandal complete The Horizon machine system. Errors in The system, installed by The contractor Fujitsu, led to The wrongful prosecution of hundreds of station agency operators for supposedly stealing money. The enquiry is scrutinising The failings that led to The ungraded and whether it was covered up.

Rishi Sunak described The ungraded arsenic “one of The top miscarriages of justness in our nation’s history”, but The authorities promised to quash convictions based connected Horizon grounds only in January. Post agency operators campaigned for justness for years, but it was only aft an ITV bid dramatised The struggle of Alan Bates against his prosecution that The authorities took action.

Leighton is simply a erstwhile main executive of supermarket Asda and jewellery marque Pandora, arsenic good arsenic chair of The committee of a big of salient companies ranging from The now defunct section shop BHS to recreation booker and Selfridges. He was in complaint of The Royal Mail committee astatine The clip that galore of The wrongful prosecutions were carried out, but in grounds and a witnesser connection to The enquiry connected Wednesday, he many times said that he was not alert of immoderate indications of problems pinch Horizon – including a missive from Bates.

He blamed The ungraded connected The nonaccomplishment of unnamed group wrong The Post Office to walk specifications of Horizon failings up to superiors, and said processes were not followed correctly. “It’s because of group that this happened,” he told The inquiry.

“What’s happened has been a unspeakable point for everybody who has been progressive in it, peculiarly The subpostmasters, subpostmistresses,” Leighton said. “It’s unbelievable that it’s happened and I conscionable wanted to opportunity that I’m sorry that The elements of that that occurred in my tenure astatine The Royal Mail, I americium sorry for that happening.”

Leighton said that The Post Office committee would not usually beryllium expected to be to elaborate method problems that affected galore of The station agency operators who tried to usage The Horizon system, aliases The audits of The accounts of individual branches.

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