Firefox for Android gets extension for listening to articles and hiding email addresses

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Mozilla has added 3 caller extensions for its Android web browser. Firefox only has a limit set of extensions connected Android, and today’s caller extensions adhd features and amended privacy. These extensions tin hide nan user’s email reside erstwhile signing up to a website and region search elements earlier sharing a URL. Another hold lets you perceive to articles.

The first hold is Mozilla’s ain Firefox Relay, which lets you hide your existent email reside and allows you to input a proxy email reside that redirects incoming emails to your inbox. The thought down it is not excessively different from Sign successful pinch Apple, which doesn’t uncover your existent email address. Mozilla introduced a Firefox Relay premium work past year, which offers much than 5 email aliases and civilization domain names.

Mozilla besides added nan ClearURL extension to nan add-on store, which cleans up URLs from trackers and makes them short. A batch of times erstwhile you stock a merchandise connected Amazon aliases a societal media post, isolated from nan halfway URL, location are characters and numbers that are meant to way you.

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What’s more, Firefox for Android is getting an hold that sounds retired articles for you truthful you tin do different stuff. The ReadAloud hold uses text-to-speech tech to fto you perceive to articles. This is not unsocial to Firefox, though. Chrome offers to publication webpages done Google Assistant. Alternatively, you tin besides usage a instrumentality for illustration to person articles into podcasts and perceive to them done your prime of podcast player.

While Mozilla is making updates to Firefox for Android pinch these caller extensions, it is experimenting pinch a caller iOS browser, too. The statement is moving connected an experimental Gecko-based browser for iOS — Gecko is nan open-source web motor that powers Firefox connected each different platforms. At nan moment, Apple only allows WebKit-based browsers connected its level — Safari uses nan WebKit engine. That mightiness alteration arsenic European regulations mightiness unit Apple to ditch this rule and let browsers pinch different web engines.

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