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Written by Nick Ackerman, co-produced by Stanford Chemist. This article was primitively published to members of nan CEF/ETF Income Laboratory connected February 15th, 2023.

Angel Oak Financial Strategies Income Term Trust (NYSE:FINS) provides investors pinch a unsocial portfolio of mostly investment-grade debt. The portfolio is heavy focused connected organization slope debt, a niche area of nan market. However, they besides incorporate small-cap non-bank financial exposure.

One specified astonishing position that I didn't expect to spot is Trinity Capital Inc. (TRIN) listed. This is simply a venture-focused business improvement institution aliases BDC. However, this isn't nan equity position they are holding, but nan Trinity Capital 7% 1/16/2025 (TRINL) notes position.

It has been rather immoderate clip since I've looked astatine FINS, but this seems to beryllium accordant pinch immoderate changes they implemented successful precocious 2021. Simultaneously, they conducted a authorities offering and broadened their investment mandate.

In addition, nan Board has besides approved nan description of nan Fund’s finance instruction to activity to let for a much diversified portfolio crossed nan U.S. financial sector, including non-bank financial institutions specified arsenic security companies, plus managers, existent property finance trusts and business improvement companies. The expanded finance strategy could minimize consequence and volatility, summation diversification, connection noncorrelated income, and supply excess output connected a risk-adjusted basis.

Some different absorbing vulnerability is nan communal equity of mREITs. However, they are successful a reasonably benign allocation; it helps thrust location nan constituent that they are much elastic successful going into these types of investments.

Another alteration that happened to nan fund was successful 2022. They merged Angel Oak Dynamic Financial Strategies Income Term Trust (DYFN) into FINS. This made FINS a larger fund, but some costs were reasonably small, truthful now we are astatine a much reasonable level.

The fund's discount is presently rather charismatic for this absorbing fund. It could beryllium presenting an absorbing clip for investors to see this fund.

The Basics

  • 1-Year Z-score: 0.04
  • Discount: 10.80%
  • Distribution Yield: 8.74%
  • Expense Ratio: 2.15%
  • Leverage: 32.72%
  • Managed Assets: $522.5 million
  • Structure: Term (anticipated liquidation day May 31st, 2031)

FINS's finance objective is "current income pinch a secondary nonsubjective of full return." To execute this, they will put successful "a banking assemblage debt-centric strategy, which exhibits debased humanities correlations to different areas of nan market."

Some finance highlights see "access to a niche marketplace segment" and "focus connected high-quality in installments pinch astatine slightest 50% of nan fund's portfolio is publically rated finance people or, if unrated, judged to beryllium of finance people value by Angel Oak." Additional highlights include; "asset people long historically uncorrelated to liking rates" and "benefits from Angel Oak's extended resources and expertise successful actively managing organization slope indebtedness investments."

The fund's disbursal ratio is 1 of nan highest I've ever seen. While nan portfolio is much niche and tin return a adjacent spot of further resources, this seems excessive. The advisory interest comes to 1.35%. This will make it difficult to execute well, but not impossible. When including leverage expenses, it comes up to 3.37%.

The leverage they employment is reverse repurchase agreements. These are short-term and are liking complaint sensitive. As liking rates person been increasing, these costs person been rising rapidly. While these person matured already, it gives america an thought of nan sorts of position we saw done this period.

FINS Reverse Repurchase Agreements

FINS Reverse Repurchase Agreements (Angel Oak)

In summation to these, they person elder notes that they've issued. This was done a Series A and B. These connection fixed-rate financing, truthful immoderate of nan leverage for this money is little susceptible to rising rates. These person reasonably agelong maturity dates retired to 2026 and 2028 arsenic well.

FINS Notes Leverage

FINS Notes Leverage (Angel Oak)

The money is simply a word money anticipated to liquidate connected May 31st, 2031. However, they've already attempted to widen this termination day to 2035, but it was changeable down. I'd look astatine much attempts successful nan early if they are already trying to widen it truthful soon.

Lastly, shareholders were asked to o.k. nan amendment of nan Fund’s Declaration of Trust to widen nan termination day of nan Fund from May 31, 2031, to June 30, 2035, which subsequently did not person affirmative ballot based connected nan pursuing results:

FINS Termination Date Extension Vote Summary

FINS Termination Date Extension Vote Summary (Angel Oak)

Performance - Attractive Discount

The fund's capacity has been rather lackluster since nan launch. That being said, it wasn't excessively acold distant from what nan benchmark enslaved scale is showing, either. Being a leveraged fund, we saw somewhat worse results astatine a clip erstwhile nan benchmark was down isn't going to beryllium thing shocking.

FINS Annualized Returns

FINS Annualized Returns (Angel Oak)

If they didn't person that chaotic disbursal ratio, results could person moreover been affirmative since inception. But I digress.

To visualize nan fund's performance, nan existent underlying portfolio would person resulted successful a akin ending worth arsenic nan Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index. It would person ended successful sizeable lagging results connected nan marketplace value ground alone.

FINS Growth of $10K

FINS Growth of $10K (Angel Oak)

One point that an scale can't connection (besides being capable to put successful it straight anyway) would beryllium a discount. With FINS, nan marketplace results underperformed nan NAV results complete nan much extended periods. That tells america that nan money has moved to a discount since launch. In fact, nan fund's discount is now trading good beneath its mean since nan fund's inception.

Albeit, nan money isn't that aged and trying to find a scope successful nan past fewer years is reasonably difficult. We've knowledgeable immoderate of nan astir utmost valuation changes betwixt 2020 and 2021. 2022 wasn't immoderate much 'normal' of a twelvemonth being a carnivore marketplace for equities and astir plus classes showing heavy losses.



Distribution - 2022 Cut Due To Lack Of Coverage

With nan money absorbing DYFN, nan fund's nett finance income received a bump connected an absolute basis. However, nan money still trim nan distribution successful 2022. It isn't uncommon for fixed-income costs to set their distributions complete clip arsenic needed. With each nan changes implemented for FINS and nan merger, it's moreover harder to get a clear image of a trend.

FINS Distribution History

FINS Distribution History (CEFConnect)

In nan latest semi-annual study - admittedly a spot dated astatine this constituent - we tin spot that NII sum came to only 59%. The adjacent yearly study isn't expected until early April. With that being said, connected a per-share basis, it tin thief equilibrium retired what we are seeing. That cuts done nan 2 mergers, finance argumentation instruction alteration and authorities offerings we've seen.

FINS Semi-Annual Report

FINS Semi-Annual Report (Angel Oak)

Given that liking rates person been rising, we cognize their reverse repurchase agreements are costing them more. On nan different hand, looking done nan database of their holdings, we tin spot that a meaningful magnitude is floating complaint indebtedness obligations.

That intends arsenic liking rates rise, they should besides person higher income procreation connected these fixed-income positions. We started to spot that beryllium nan lawsuit pinch nan NII of $0.38 because if that were annualized, it would person exceeded past year's $0.73. Since then, rates person only been expanding further, truthful we could spot NII per-share emergence for nan afloat twelvemonth to a larger degree.

However, since sum was truthful light, it seems rather clear why nan distribution was cut. Even pinch rising rates, nan distribution wouldn't look to beryllium covered. When they trim nan distribution, they stated, "The Fund seeks to salary a distribution astatine a complaint that reflects nett finance income really earned."

With return of superior classifications successful nan distribution and nan sum we are seeing, each signs pointed to not achieving that result. In fact, it could bespeak further cuts would beryllium needed if NII doesn't emergence further.

FINS Distribution Tax Classification

FINS Distribution Tax Classification (Angel Oak)

FINS's Portfolio

The portfolio regularly contains immoderate vulnerability to level 3 securities. However, nan bulk of nan portfolio is listed arsenic level 2. Generally speaking, if location were a ample magnitude of level 3 securities - which are harder to worth - a money tin waste and acquisition astatine a ample discount owed to that. In this case, I don't deliberation nan magnitude present should beryllium excessively overmuch of a detriment. This was nan portfolio breakdown astatine nan extremity of July 31st, 2022, to springiness america an thought of really their portfolio tin beryllium positioned.

FINS Security Level Breakdown

FINS Security Level Breakdown (Angel Oak)

With rather a debased turnover, nan portfolio doesn't displacement often. In nan past report, they noted a turnover of 2.81%. In nan anterior afloat fiscal year, it was 13.82%. For fiscal 2021, they were a spot much active, but moreover then, it only came to 24.55%. Therefore, we shouldn't expect important changes successful nan money from update to update.

Bank indebtedness is still nan largest allocation to nan fund. As mentioned astatine nan open, they've shifted their portfolio a spot to see immoderate different non-bank financial exposure. Some of nan holdings see equity positions successful mREITs and indebtedness obligations of different finance companies. The breakdown listed present is arsenic of December 31st, 2022.

FINS Sector Breakdown

FINS Sector Breakdown (Angel Oak)

The in installments value of nan portfolio is wherever nan money shines. Most CEFs put successful a batch of junk, not FINS. The mostly of their portfolio is invested successful investment-grade value debt. They mentioned that unrated indebtedness is only included if they consciousness that it would different suffice arsenic investment-grade. For nan astir part, that intends nary aliases very constricted junk successful this fund. I'd time off nan doorway unfastened pinch nan connection "limited" because it's astatine Angel Oak management's discretion to see it investment-grade connected nan unrated portion. That tin make it much liking complaint sensitive, arsenic it mostly intends longer maturities and little yields.

FINS Credit Quality

FINS Credit Quality (Angel Oak)

When looking astatine nan apical holdings, they correspond a reasonably ample weighting successful nan fund. Concentrating positions adjacent nan apical intends little diverseness passim nan fund, but if you are investing successful finance grade, that could beryllium little of a concern.

FINS Top Ten Exposures

FINS Top Ten Exposures (Angel Oak)

The latest database of their full holdings only shows their October 31st, 2022 holdings. Within that, we tin spot greater specifications connected their underlying holdings, specified arsenic nan yields and whether they are floating. Keeping successful mind that immoderate of these are fixed-to-float and whitethorn beryllium successful nan fixed information of their life, which intends we aren't seeing nan benefits of rising rates yet. Additionally, it lists nan maturity of each of their holdings arsenic well.


FINS is trading astatine rather an charismatic discount. The money offers a niche finance portfolio for investors looking for organization banking indebtedness exposure. However, they've now been capable to diversify their portfolio successful non-bank financial positions further complete nan past twelvemonth and a half. A meaningful information of their portfolio is floating aliases fixed-to-float. That should bode good if rates proceed to emergence arsenic a earthy hedge.

Besides nan reverse repurchase agreements, which are short-term financial instruments, nan money has employed leverage done fixed-rate notes. Those aren't going to beryllium taxable to nan negatives of rising rates, putting them successful a position that helps them use moreover much from accrued liking rates. That being said, it wasn't capable to support their distribution. If they are looking for a sustainable distribution that's based connected income only, they whitethorn person much cuts to go.

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