FBI confirms it’s investigating a cyber incident on its own network

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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that it’s investigating malicious cyber activity connected its ain network.

CNN reported connected Friday that hackers compromised an FBI machine strategy astatine nan agency’s New York section office, citing group briefed pinch nan matter. The little study added that nan incident progressive a machine system used successful investigations of images of kid intersexual exploitation.

In a connection fixed to TechCrunch, FBI spokesperson Manali Basu confirmed that nan agency had contained nan “isolated incident,” which it continues to investigate.

“The FBI is alert of nan incident and is moving to summation further information,” nan spokesperson said. “This is an isolated incident that has been contained. As this is an ongoing investigation nan FBI does not person further remark to supply astatine this time.”

There remains a number of unknowns astir nan incident. It’s not instantly clear erstwhile nan intrusion occurred, aliases really nan FBI was compromised. The quality of nan incident, which doesn’t look to person yet been claimed by immoderate awesome cybercriminals organization, besides remains unclear astatine nan clip of publication.

The FBI declined to reply our circumstantial questions. 

This isn’t nan first clip that nan FBI has been compromised. In November 2021, a threat character compromised nan FBI’s outer email strategy to nonstop thousands of spam emails informing of a clone cyberattack to hundreds of thousands of organizations.

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