Exscientia: Direct Exposure To AI Integration To Drug Discovery, Development

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Investment summary

Investors speculating connected developmental-stage objective assets are benefitted by nan integration of exertion into nan find and creation process. Computers and advancements successful familial modelling instantly outpouring to mind. More recently, however, nan progressions of artificial intelligence ("AI") person added different furniture of capacity to nan full supplier find spectrum. Here successful this heavy dive I'll exemplify nan finance opportunity successful Exscientia plc (NASDAQ:EXAI), a British biotech focused connected increasing this substrata of nan market, by linking benefits of AI successful nan supplier improvement marketplace to nan company's halfway offering. Net-net, we complaint EXAI a buy, but we aren't basing nan bargain of immoderate formidable economics from nan institution conscionable yet. This is simply a preclinical sanction that is yet to make substantiative revenues aliases profitability yet. Hence, we are buying nan technology, and its caller hypotheses that look to perchance disrupt supplier discovery and development. The company's collaborations pinch Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY), finance from nan Gates Foundation, Sanofi, and backing from SoftBank investors are cardinal indicators of nan company's attractiveness to unlock consequence superior for blase consortiums of investors.

AI to thrust further description of supplier discovery, development

Our readers will cognize via nan extended investigation we publish, that nan full spectrum of supplier creation and find is consistently evolving utilizing caller methods and processes. Related to nan points above, successful each its wonder, AI has emerged arsenic a powerful instrumentality wrong this process. AI techniques [machine learning, heavy learning, and earthy connection processing] tin analyse immense amounts of information to place caller targets, foretell imaginable supplier candidates, and yet optimize supplier creation successful ways not antecedently achievable. Principally, it achieves this via study of large-scale information - specified arsenic genomic data, transcriptomic data, and macromolecule building data. Further, instrumentality learning algorithms tin place patterns successful these information sets to place imaginable supplier targets, that whitethorn different person been overlooked by nan much accepted methods presently successful situ. EXAI demonstrates this good successful its proceedings momentum exhibited to date.

Exhibit 1.


Data: EXTAI Investor Presentation

Looking astatine this successful further detail, we've recovered that AI has already been utilized to create [and result optimize] mini molecules, peptides, and various antibodies. The main beneficiaries are nan researchers themselves: AI tin analyse biologic activity and medicine science of imaginable supplier candidates, allowing nan researchers to much efficiently surface compounds and prioritize investigation from there. Naturally, these benefits travel downstream to nan existent supplier improvement phases, equalling a higher ROI, notwithstanding nan technology's expertise to streamline and expedite objective trials. Research from Morgan Stanley estimate a 20-40% costs simplification for preclinical developments, wherever nan 'saved' superior tin beryllium rotated into backing of 4-8 caller molecules. Further to this point, MS besides estimate this could lead to a ~15% summation successful nan complaint of approved therapies from biotechs, thereby improving nan gross outlook for preclinical names into nan future.

Exhibit 2. Morgan Stanley estimates improved economics for biotechs pinch AI integration into nan supplier improvement process


Data: Morgan Stanley Research, September 9th 2022, see: "Why Artificial Intelligence Could Speed Drug Discovery"

Hence, EXAI's offering is rather insulated and offers those speculating and positioning against clinical-stage assets a differentiated vulnerability to nan segment. We are constructive connected nan company's semipermanent prospects fixed this thesis. Moreover, nan Gates Foundation, pinch its attraction of breakthrough technologies successful health, holds nan banal successful its portfolio.

Exhibit 3.


Data: EXTAI Investor Presentation

EXAI caller catalysts for semipermanent value change

By integrating AI into its works, EXAI has been front-running galore competitors successful nan push to create aesculapian breakthroughs successful different analyzable illness segments [this is correct up our alley, arsenic our readers will know]. The 2 much promising advancements successful caller times include:

  1. Back successful December, EXAI advised it had established criteria to place patients much apt to respond to its EXS-21546 compound. EXS-21546 is simply a highly selective antagonist of nan adenosine A2A receptor ("AA2A"). It was co-developed by EXAI and Evotec SE (OTCPK:EVOTF). Topline information released successful June FY22' confirmed nan target merchandise floor plan of EXS-21546 was successfully achieved done nan company's AI platform. This included potent and selective A2A receptor antagonism, pinch minimal encephalon exposure, and nary CNS adverse events ("AEs"). Building upon these results, EXAI has subsequently initiated a shape 1/2 objective proceedings of EXS-21546. It will analyse nan compound arsenic a operation therapy pinch a checkpoint inhibitor, for patients pinch relapsed aliases refractory renal compartment carcinoma ("RCC") and non-small compartment lung crab ("NSCLC"). This objective proceedings will measure nan safety, tolerability, and efficacy of this caller compound and its synergistic effects pinch a checkpoint inhibitor successful these difficult-to-treat malignancies.
  2. EXAI besides synthesized a selective PKC theta inhibitor, EXS4318, backmost successful August FY21'. For reference, PKC theta is simply a serine/threonine kinase enzyme belonging to nan macromolecule kinase C ("PKC") family. PKC plays a captious domiciled successful a assortment of cellular signalling pathways, including nan inflammation and immune ("I&I") responses. Due to its structural similarity to respective related kinases, achieving precocious selectivity for PKC theta is challenging and basal to debar off-target effects. Given these points, it should beryllium noted that nan target merchandise floor plan for EXS4318 was peculiarly demanding, arsenic it required sustained, precocious levels of target inhibition to thrust efficacy. Subsequently, EXS4318 was identified wrong 11 months of initiating design, and is EXTA's first I&I candidate.
  3. Moreover, nan 4318 compound is besides in-licensed pinch Bristol Myers, and entered shape 1 tests successful nan U.S. conscionable this month. Most important to this analysis, and to investors, nan broad deal pinch BMY is worthy a imaginable $1.2Bn successful total, pinch BMY handing $50mm to nan company. Furthermore, EXAI is entitled to pre-commercial milestone payments connected this segment, on pinch imaginable gradual royalties connected nett income if approved, frankincense creating a imaginable lengthy tail of plus returns for nan company. Further, for much info connected EXAI's imaginable €4.6Bn collaboration pinch Sanofi, cheque Chetan Woodun's erstwhile study connected nan aforesaid [see: here]. It's besides important to stress that SoftBank lead a bid D backing information that provided a superior injection of $225mm to EXAI, pinch different $300mm connected nan array from SoftBank if/where required. Subsequently, we estimate EXAI is good capitalized to proceed its maturation and find initiatives. Moreover, nan reliable liking it has attracted, to unlock consequence superior for these organization investors, should not beryllium overlooked by estimation. It will only beryllium a matter of clip earlier nan institution converts connected a awesome breakthrough, notwithstanding nan imaginable gains from already-existing developments, successful our opinion.

Exhibit 4. EXS-21546 ("546") objective strategy findings


Data: EXTAI Investor Presentation


Note, location are various risks associated pinch investing successful EXAI astatine this shape successful its maturation cycle. The institution has yet to commercialize immoderate labels, and has relationships pinch cardinal pharma players that whitethorn not eventuate. It's rate generating expertise has yet to beryllium demonstrated either, and there's still a ways to spell successful proving up nan exertion to nan wide market. In addition, macroeconomic pressures, including a higher costs of capital, whitethorn compress inflows into nan funding/investment of supplier investigation and development. Each of these factors perchance wounded EXAI's propensity to turn and execute cardinal milestone payments. Investors should thoroughly understand these risks earlier making immoderate finance decisions.

In short

Just arsenic profitability and return connected invested superior are heralded arsenic nan economical moats investors are successful hunt for, innovation, and velocity of invention are arsenic as attractive. Within nan section of supplier find and development, persistent challenges to nan paradigms underlining nan wide process align pinch this principle. AI is nan adjacent frontier successful medicine and health, and we look to clasp this via nan publically listed firm securities of nan companies aiming to supply breakthrough's successful this domain. EXAI exhibits these qualities, and we complaint it a bargain based connected its emerging technologies that are gaining traction amongst blase investor circles. We counsel a very mini position to summation first exposure, adding connected value strengths and/or outer catalysts successful nan company's maturation engine. Rate buy.

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