Exchange-Traded Fixed-Income Portfolio Performance

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We had a very agelong bull marketplace successful bonds, culminating successful nan lowest liking rates we've had successful nan U.S. since nan early 1960s. For respective years, fixed-income assets (bonds, babe bonds, CDs, and preferred shares) were practically uninvestable. This astir caller bout of ostentation that resulted from shutting down nan world system owed to COVID, disruption of nan manufacturing and commodity proviso chains, and over-stimulating nan system pinch stimulus dollars did a awesome woody of harm to prices of mundane equipment and services. However, it besides group nan shape for a melodramatic summation successful liking rates engineered by nan Federal Reserve done increases successful nan Federal Funds complaint and Quantitative Tightening (QT).

The accelerated summation successful liking rates has made fixed-income (FI) securities charismatic again aft astir a decade of debased and unattractive returns. The early opportunity successful FI securities became reasonably evident by June 2022, and a fewer authors connected Seeking Alpha accrued their sum connected nan approaching opportunity successful FI securities. I published my first article connected nan taxable successful June and my second article successful July. Today's article provides a summary of nan capacity of nan exchange-traded components of nan FI portfolio I built pursuing nan publication of those 2 articles and provides a database of those FI securities I person retained connected my watch database for imaginable early investment.

Baby Bond Portfolio Performance

To date, I person invested successful nan 10 babe bonds listed successful nan array below. The array provides a capacity summary successful position of nan mean costs ground for each position, nan superior summation (no losses) to date, nan output connected my costs basis, arsenic good arsenic nan existent yearly income each position generates.

Baby Bond Portfolio


Readers will statement nan existent superior increase, pinch nan objection of BEPH and BEPI are humble astatine <8%. Aside from BEPH, BEPI, and ALL.PB, nan longest maturity successful nan group, RILYZ, is only 5.5 years, by which clip each 7 of nan short maturity securities successful this portfolio will person been redeemed astatine their $25 par value, pinch respective securities providing double-digit superior increases. I do scheme to clasp these babe bonds to maturity.

Readers will besides statement that I person calculated a output connected my costs of shares for each security. In erstwhile article comments, a fewer enslaved purists person taken rumor pinch my usage of output connected cost. My position is that this spreadsheet is for my usage and I usage nan output connected costs erstwhile evaluating imaginable swaps into different babe bonds. I besides usage a output to maturity calculation successful my switch evaluations but chose not to show that successful this article.

The Federal Reserve has stated that we are very apt to spot further increases to nan Federal Funds Rate (FFR) successful their effort to tame ostentation backmost down to 2% aliases less. So, arsenic I noted above, nan Federal Reserve is apt not yet done, and I expect to spot astatine slightest 2 much 25 bps increases to nan FFR earlier June 2023. This whitethorn consequence successful reducing nan valuation of those babe bonds successful which I've invested and erosion of nan existent superior summation successful nan array above. If that happens, I will beryllium looking to adhd to my existent holdings. I whitethorn adhd to my RILYO position successful nan adjacent term, and I americium ever looking for caller imaginable FI investments.

This question/issue is apt to travel up successful nan comments posted connected SA, truthful I'll return a changeable astatine preempting nan discussion. B. Riley Financial (RILY) is presently nan taxable of a short report put retired by WolfPack Research. I've publication nan full report, recovered it to beryllium a alternatively amateurish portion pinch assertions and conclusions supported by little than afloat facts/disclosures. Rida Morwa published a fairly elaborate article connected SA pinch akin conclusions to mine. While RILY does put successful distressed businesses and is astir apt not a slumber good astatine nighttime ("SWAN") holding, nan RILY babe bonds which I clasp (as does Rida) are higher successful nan superior stack and reasonably good insulated against Riley's cyclical business risks.

Finally, a connection astir BEPH and BEPI, which are babe bonds of Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. (BEP), a Bermuda-based MLP. I person not yet received my 1099-DIV from Vanguard for definitive confirmation, but I person done nan owed diligence to understand that, because BEPI and BEPH are interest-paying bonds, location is nary K-1 reporting. In addition, location is nary overseas withholding taxation connected overseas corp dividends and liking payments for securities held successful qualified U.S. status plans (e.g., IRAs). Lastly, BEP does not make UBTI.

Fixed to Floating Preferred Stock Portfolio Performance

I person invested successful 9 different preferred shares to day arsenic listed successful nan array below. The array provides a capacity summary successful position of nan mean costs ground for each position, nan superior summation (no losses) to date, nan output connected my costs basis, arsenic good arsenic nan existent yearly income each position generates.

Preferred Stock Portfolio


Readers should statement that my preferred stock superior summation to day is overmuch higher than for nan babe enslaved portfolio. All are successful nan double digits isolated from for WFC.PQ astatine 9.3%. I property this to 2 differences betwixt nan babe bonds I clasp versus nan preferred shares. Most preferred banal and each of those issues I clasp are perpetual; they do not person a maturity date. Because they person nary maturity, they behave for illustration very semipermanent bonds. Long-term rates person dropped importantly from their precocious October highs, putting upward unit connected semipermanent FI valuations (strongly inverted output curve). Secondly, each of nan preferred stocks listed successful nan array supra are fixed to floating (FTF) complaint issues pinch near-term conversions, 1.65 years being nan latest conversion to floating rate. In each cases, nan floating reference complaint (base rate) is nan 3 period LIBOR, presently 4.87%. With nan Federal Reserve now pushing higher for longer connected nan FFR, we are apt to person nan 3 period LIBOR, and its SOFR successor, successful nan scope of 4.25 to 5.25% astatine nan first complaint reset for these preferred shares. Typically, higher liking rates are viewed arsenic putting downward unit connected semipermanent FI securities. For these fixed to floating complaint shares, nan coupon complaint will reset higher astatine conversion, putting upward unit connected nan stock valuations.

I whitethorn not clasp nan preferred shares agelong word arsenic it will dangle connected what nan Fed does pinch liking rates if/when ostentation has returned to nan 2% aliases little target. Fixed to floating complaint conversions are your champion friend erstwhile rates are powerfully rising but move into your worst force erstwhile rates are powerfully falling.

I do person a fistful of preferred shares for imaginable early investment, astir of which are besides fixed to floating complaint issues. Future investments will dangle connected Fed actions pinch nan FFR and QT arsenic good arsenic immoderate awesome marketplace dislocations (e.g., economical difficult landing). My database of imaginable preferred stock early investments see nan pursuing issues.

  • ET.PE - FTF conversion 5/15/2024 astatine 3 period LIBOR + 5.161%
  • MITT.PC - FTF conversion 9/17/2024 astatine 3 period LIBOR + 6.476%
  • RITM.PC - FTF conversion 2/15/2025 astatine 3 period LIBOR + 4.969%
  • RITM.PD - FTF conversion 11/15/2026 astatine 5 yr Treasury + 6.223%
  • TWO.PC - FTF conversion 1/27/2025 astatine 3 period LIBOR + 5.011%

AG Mortgage Trust (MITT) is simply a little value (higher risk) holding that I person only precocious added to my watch list. I'll beryllium watching to spot really MITT weathers this rhythm of higher rates and nan imaginable resulting dislocations successful residential existent property loans.


I'm pleased pinch nan capacity of nan babe enslaved holdings I've accumulated since precocious summer. The $35,200 yearly income is beautiful easy to like, and astatine maturity I'll get my costs ground positive a superior gain. I've constricted my long consequence by choosing bonds pinch near-term maturities, and for those pinch longer maturities (BEPH, BEPI, and ALL.PB), I've chosen bonds pinch finance people in installments ratings.

I'm much pleased pinch nan capacity of nan FTF preferred stocks I've accumulated. The $40,835 yearly income nan portfolio throws disconnected is easy to for illustration and my watercourse of dividends will either turn arsenic nan issues person to floating complaint aliases nan rumor will beryllium called astatine its $25 par value, providing maine pinch a double digit superior gain.

Given really good this has worked out, had I nan opportunity of a do-over, I'd double aliases triple nan superior finance I made successful these FI securities.

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Dirk Leach  Bachelor of Science successful Nuclear Engineering from University of Michigan (Summa Cum Laude)  Master of Science successful Environmental Engineering from Washington State University  Executive MBA Program astatine Stanford University  41 twelvemonth profession successful atomic engineering, atomic installation construction, US authorities contracting, DOE weapons complex, DOD contingency consequence and guardant operating guidelines creation and construction.  Avid investor for much than 40 years, astir of that clip pinch nan Vanguard Group. ***************************************************************************************************Carole Leach  Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University  Master of Science successful Environmental Engineering from Washington State University  35 twelvemonth profession spanning nan areas of commercialized atomic powerfulness engineering services, atomic discarded clean-up engineering, management, and method consulting pinch a attraction connected safety.

Disclosure: I/we person a beneficial agelong position successful nan shares of ALL.PB, BEPH, RCC, RILYM, RILYO, RILYZ, SACC, SBBA, SCCE, AGNCM, AGNCO, ET.PC, ET.PD, MBINO, NLY.PI, RITM.PA, WFC.PQ either done banal ownership, options, aliases different derivatives. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my ain opinions. I americium not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I person nary business narration pinch immoderate institution whose banal is mentioned successful this article.

Additional disclosure: Disclaimer: This article is intended to supply my sentiment to willing readers and to service arsenic a conveyance to make informed chat successful nan remark postings. I person nary knowledge of individual investor circumstances, goals, portfolio concentration, aliases diversification. Readers are powerfully encouraged to complete their ain owed diligence connected immoderate stock, bond, fund, aliases different finance mentioned successful this article earlier making their ain investments.

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