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In 1986, The original Top Gun solidified Tom Cruise‘s position arsenic a container agency superstar. But not moreover Cruise could person predicted that Top Gun: Maverick would go his highest-grossing movie ever, pinch $1.496 cardinal worldwide in 2022. With those benignant of numbers, Top Gun 3 is inevitably going to return formation in theaters. But galore questions stay astir erstwhile it will hap and who will return for it.

To support connected apical of The latest developments, we’ve assembled everything you request to cognize astir Top Gun 3.

Is Top Gun 3 officially happening?


The bully news is that Top Gun 3 is in improvement astatine Paramount. It’s conscionable anyone’s conjecture arsenic to erstwhile it will really travel together. As reported by Variety, Ehren Kruger, The co-writer of Top Gun: Maverick, has been tapped to constitute The book for The adjacent movie.

Paramount not only wants Cruise and head Joseph Kosinski to return, but besides The younger formed members including Miles Teller and Glen Powell. But astatine this stage, it’s not connected Paramount’s schedule and The sequel has nary merchandise date.

Can Tom Cruise still prima in Top Gun 3 aft signing pinch Warner Bros.?

 Maverick.Paramount Pictures

Cruise signed a improvement woody pinch Warner Bros. Pictures in January that whitethorn yet lead to Edge of Tomorrow 2. However, Cruise’s woody pinch Warner Bros. is not exclusive, which intends that he Can make Top Gun 3 if he signs disconnected connected The book by Kruger and finds a spot for it in his schedule. Cruise is presently moving connected his last Mission: Impossible movie, but it’s unclear arsenic to what his adjacent movie will beryllium erstwhile he finishes that.

What’s The crippled of Top Gun 3?

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer precocious told Screen Rant that The communicative has already been sounded to Cruise, and he liked it.

“Tom is amazing,” said Bruckheimer. We spent clip pinch him. We person a story. Joe Kosinski had a awesome communicative thought for it, and [Cruise] said, ‘I really for illustration that,’ truthful we’re processing it. But you ne'er cognize erstwhile it’s going to get made because Tom is truthful busy. He’s doing Mission: Impossible correct now, he’s sewage a image aft it. Hopefully, we’ll get a screenplay that he loves, and we’ll beryllium backmost in The aerial again.”

What are The different stars saying astir Top Gun 3?

 Maverick.Paramount Pictures

In 2022, Teller revealed to Screen Rant that he had his ain thought for a sequel that would halfway connected his character, Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw.

“I’m trying to get a Top Gun: Rooster,” said Teller. “I’ve been pitching it. We’ll spot what happens. I don’t know. I deliberation it’s interesting. Obviously, everybody was begging Tom to do a sequel correct aft The first 1 came out. I deliberation this movie puts a bully front connected it; it really benignant of wraps it up, but we’ll see. I’m available.”


More recently, Powell said to Variety and offered much vague updates astir The sequel.

“There is going to beryllium immoderate nosy worldly being announced soon … but it was confidential to me,” said Powell. “I talk to [Joseph] Kosinski, Cruise and Jerry [Bruckheimer] each The time. There is worldly happening and it sounds very exciting. I don’t cognize erstwhile I’ll beryllium going backmost … I’m judge location is simply a pitchy waiting for maine sometime in The future.”

When will Top Gun 3 deed theaters?

It’s intolerable to opportunity astatine The moment, since The book isn’t finalized and Top Gun 3 is still acold from really shooting. No 1 progressive pinch The movie seems to beryllium willing in rushing Top Gun 3 to The large surface earlier it’s fresh to go. And that’s yet The champion point for it.

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