EQB: Small Cap Bank With Multiple Growth Vectors

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Sign of nan EQ Bank connected nan caput agency building successful Toronto, Canada.

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EQB Inc aliases Equitable Bank (OTCPK:EQGPF) (TSX:EQB:CA) is simply a integer bank, owe lender and financial institution successful Canada pinch a ton of upside. This mini headdress slope is increasing assets and gross astatine a overmuch faster complaint than its peers but trades astatine a valuation beneath nan awesome Canadian banks. Reason being is they are seen arsenic being levered to Canada's lodging marketplace and owed to its mini size astatine 2.5B CAD marketplace cap. Some are worried if that liking rates spell higher it could beryllium perchance disastrous for housing, pinch prices entity precocious and rates crunching anyone connected adaptable mortgages. However, reverse mortgages are going to detonate successful fame successful coming years, pinch 55+ homeowners choosing to enactment astatine their homes by taking their equity astatine a precocious liking rate. This should beryllium a ample maturation driver for EQB, which has a beardown commencement successful nan reverse owe market. They besides person integer banking offerings, aiming astatine those disillusioned by nan large 6 Canadian Banks that person 90%+ stock of nan market. This 'Challenger Bank' mantra they person fixed themselves is apt pinch them increasing impressively for conscionable 7.3x guardant PE. The dividend has grown for 6 consecutive years and sits astatine 2% pinch astir net retained to substance growth. Let's delve into nan financials - support successful mind each figures present are successful Canadian dollars.

Strong Financial metrics

EQB continues its beardown maturation pinch 22% gross growth for nan twelvemonth to $785.4 million. Both individual banking and commercialized indebtedness maturation were very beardown for nan twelvemonth - boding good for 2023. Personal loans were up 43% and commercialized were up 44%. This includes a ample publication from nan acquisition of smaller Concentra Bank successful November. Organic maturation was beardown arsenic well, however, pinch 15% integrated maturation successful azygous family loans. Commercial loans grew organically astatine a beardown 26.5%, acold supra nan 15% guidance nan institution gave astatine nan commencement of year. This accelerated maturation of gross mixed pinch net maturation of 10-15% successful 2023 should mean an summation successful multiple. Net liking separator grew somewhat to 1.87% and impaired loans were conscionable 0.3% of each indebtedness assets. Interest margins should amended complete clip arsenic plus operation should move much towards accepted loans and reverse owe loans.

The institution has besides accrued nan dividend to $1.40 annualized giving a coagulated yield, up 25% complete nan past year. This puts EQB solidly successful nan dividend grower bucket having consistently accrued nan dividend nan past 7 years. This is each nan while trading astatine a very reasonable valuation of 7.7x trailing earnings, mostly because of nan fearfulness of a lodging slowdown that could deed net hard. A owe competitor Home Capital Group was precocious sold for 11x earnings, purchased by Smith Financial Corporation. The swipe is that Stephen Smith besides owns a important stock of EQB astatine 17%, showing it could beryllium a imaginable buyout target successful nan future. Home Capital went for a 63% premium - showing nan valuation disconnect EQB has from wherever it should beryllium trading. The banal had a mini popular erstwhile it was first announced but nan banal isn't fixed overmuch in installments for a very imaginable early buyout.

Reverse owe momentum

Reverse mortgages are increasing successful fame quickly because of nan ample amounts of equity Canadian homeowners have. Many older homeowners would for illustration to enactment successful their paid disconnected homes alternatively than downsize to a condominium aliases rental unit. Considering nan ample number of Canadians successful this situation, this solution should proceed to turn passim nan 2020s. The array beneath shows nan beardown maturation successful EQB Reverse Mortgages complete nan past twelvemonth up to $860m - up 249% y/y. You tin spot originations were highly beardown successful Q4 pinch maturation accelerating and Equitable gaining sizeable marketplace share. Marketing and knowledge of Equitable's offering person grown considerably complete nan past twelvemonth and bodes good for 2023. While this is still a very mini information of full individual loans, it will drastically turn successful value complete nan coming years, arsenic EQB leans into this ample and increasing imaginable market.

Q4 2021 Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3 2022 Q4 2022

Reverse Mortgage Assets ($millions CAD)

$247 m $304 $ 421 $ 514 $860 m
y/y Growth complaint % 325% 262% 231% 194% 249%

EQ Bank

Equitable's integer banking action EQ Bank is starting to summation a foothold successful nan unit banking area. Those who are looking for an replacement to nan costly large banks for illustration TD Bank (TD) aliases Royal Bank (RY) person a caller action pinch a afloat integer experience. They conscionable added capacity for those successful Quebec to join, which is 1 of nan biggest provinces. Equitable besides conscionable added a paper which should thief take complete time, pinch benefits for illustration nary ATM fees anyplace successful Canada positive nary overseas speech fees. These benignant of benefits should powerfully summation uptake successful nan coming months, pinch ostentation concerned customers very apt to return advantage of specified an intriguing option. Growth of customers was a coagulated 23% y/y pinch deposits up 14% to $7.9 Billion. This is simply a agelong word maturation driver for EQB pinch expertise to waste further products for illustration mortgages and business lending to these customers down nan road. It's besides important to amended knowledge of nan EQB marque arsenic galore Canadians are not alert of them and their highly competitory offerings successful nan market. This conception is of strategical value though it is not a driver of net astatine this clip owed to its mini size.

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Technical setup

EQB has had a beardown rebound of late, arsenic nan marketplace responds bullishly to nan slowing complaint hikes of nan Canadian cardinal bank. The cardinal slope has paused astatine 4.5% and said they are waiting to spot nan lag effects of nan complaint increases earlier immoderate much movement. While it is imaginable they hike again, they are wary of nan imaginable risks to nan lodging market. This is tailwind to EQB arsenic they use from nan important premier rate, but a awesome important consequence is reduced pinch owe originations. The Canadian marketplace continues to outperform nan US marketplace pinch its larger information of materials, industrials and banks. The deficiency of exertion successful nan scale intends a stronger comparative marketplace successful Canada and should enactment arsenic a tailwind for 2023. As you tin spot supra EQB went supra its 200 moving average, retest it and its 50 time and has continued higher. Resistance will beryllium important successful nan precocious 70s to 80 scope wherever its erstwhile all-time precocious came astatine nan highest of nan marketplace successful precocious 2021. Look for it to spell to that area during this twelvemonth pinch a beardown Canadian marketplace and continued execution connected agelong word plan.

Conclusion - Strong buy

Equitable Bank hit each of its awesome metrics successful 2022, pinch beardown maturation successful its integer banking portion and reverse mortgages. The increasing marque worth intends much maturation successful nan early pinch nan banal aggregate to re-rate higher from conscionable 7x erstwhile nan marketplace appreciates nan growth. The banal is simply a beardown bargain for Canadian investors looking for a diversified slope and dividend grower to clasp for nan agelong term. It is simply a awesome action for younger investors to switch immoderate accepted slope vulnerability to get further maturation complete nan coming years. You won't find galore stocks pinch 15% net growth, increasing dividend trading astatine conscionable 7 times net making this a must ain successful Canada.

Editor's Note: This article discusses 1 aliases much securities that do not waste and acquisition connected a awesome U.S. exchange. Please beryllium alert of nan risks associated pinch these stocks.

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