Entitle raises $15M seed round to modernize permissions management

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Tel Aviv-based Entitle, a startup that helps businesses automate really their developers summation support to entree unreality resources, coming announced that it has raised a $15 cardinal seed information led by Glilot Capital Partners, pinch information from a number of angel investors, including much than 10 salient CISOs.

The company, which was founded successful 20201 by 2 erstwhile members of nan Israeli Defense Force’s Unit 8200 (a communal communicative successful nan Israeli startup ecosystem), is tackling an area of cybersecurity that doesn’t ever get nan astir attraction (and funding). Yet, virtually each institution struggles pinch really to safely springiness its labor entree to nan devices they request to do their occupation — each while ensuring that cipher other (including ex-employees pinch forgotten accounts) has entree to these resources.

“We were drawn towards permissions guidance early connected because of really important it was. We felt it was benignant of nan boring portion of cybersecurity that cipher wanted thing to do with. And we saw this from nan different broadside of things — from what we were compromising companies for and what companies were falling for. It wasn’t next-gen AI stuff. It was immoderate IT admin who had measurement excessively overmuch access, aliases immoderate customer occurrence feline who still had entree to a customer’s environment,” Entitle CEO and co-founder Ron Nissim told me.

Nissim noted that nan squad learned a batch from talking to DevOps teams. Security teams whitethorn beryllium successful complaint of managing nan existent permissions management, but it’s nan DevOps teams that cognize who needs to beryllium capable to entree which resources. Nissim based on that for on-prem resources, this has agelong been considered a solved issue, but pinch nan emergence of nan cloud, nan bequest devices haven’t kept up and moreover today, managing unreality resources still involves a batch of manual busywork — which Entitle evidently promises to automate.

In a caller report, Microsoft noted that 95% of support are really unused and while astir businesses want to move towards a Zero Trust exemplary and instrumentality nan rule of slightest privilege, that’s very difficult to do manually (Microsoft besides offers a multi-cloud support guidance work called Entra, which competes pinch Entitle).

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Given this, it’s possibly nary astonishment that 1 of nan main usage cases present is just-in-time entree to delicate resources. In part, that’s because nan companies that adopt a instrumentality for illustration Entitle want to protect their astir delicate resources and that’s often wherever just-in-time entree is simply a bully spot to start, according to Nissim. And while this is what often sells Entitle to caller customers today, nan institution started retired pinch a attraction connected entree petition solution — that is, automatically providing users pinch entree to a fixed assets erstwhile they petition it (or, obviously, denying those requests). But what nan squad realized was that being capable to supply entree besides meant it became easier to revoke it without slowing down developers and IT teams, which successful move improved their information posture.

It’s worthy noting that Entitle does merge pinch existing endeavor solutions and gives its users a azygous dashboard to negociate some these existing on-prem solutions connected unreality resources — and Entitle, too, covers a constricted number of on-prem usage cases arsenic well.

The company’s customers see nan likes of Lemonade, At-bay, K-Health, Bilt and Hippo.

“We invested successful Entitle because its attack to solving nan thorny, long-standing challenges of automatic provisioning stood retired from nan pack. Its level is comprehensive, technically elegant, and nan marketplace is successful existent request for this type of solution,” said Arik Kleinstein, co–founder and managing partner astatine Glilot Capital Partners. “We look guardant to supporting nan institution arsenic it executes connected its imagination to present frictionless permissions management.”

Image Credits: Entitle

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