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As those who travel my penning intimately know, I tally a very concentrated portfolio. At present, I person only 10 holdings and, frankly, I would for illustration to trim that down to 7 aliases 8 astatine nan most. At present, nan 3rd largest holding successful my portfolio is Energy Transfer (NYSE:ET), an power infrastructure institution that provides pipeline and midstream services. As of this writing, it makes up astir 13.9% of my full holdings. Since buying ET banal a small complete a twelvemonth ago, I person done rather well, generating a 19% return earlier factoring successful distributions. But nan large mobility now is what lies ahead. Fortunately, guidance did conscionable travel retired nan different time pinch financial results covering nan last 4th of nan company's 2022 fiscal year. That information revealed that, while nan business whitethorn not spot an description and profits successful 2023, its wide wellness is undeniable. Not only that, but shares of nan patient besides look cheap, some connected an absolute ground and comparative to akin firms. Given these factors, I americium gladsome to not only person purchased nan banal but besides to not person sold a azygous stock since acquiring it.

Shares still make sense

For those who saw nan header news erstwhile guidance reported results covering nan 4th fourth of nan company's 2022 fiscal year, nan information mightiness person been discouraging. Revenue for nan 4th came successful astatine $20.50 billion. That represents a astir 9.9% betterment complete nan $18.66 cardinal generated 1 twelvemonth earlier. Having said that, it fell short of nan $23.81 cardinal that analysts anticipated. Earnings per stock of $0.34, meanwhile, missed expectations to nan tune of $0.03 per share.


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Normally, erstwhile you spot a miss connected some nan apical and bottommost lines of this degree, you would expect nan institution successful mobility to acquisition rather a beating. Fortunately, these metrics are not each that valuable for investors erstwhile it comes to a pipeline operator. Instead, we should beryllium paying attraction to various rate travel metrics. The first of these worthy taking into information is operating rate flow. During nan quarter, this metric totaled $1.34 billion. This was down considerably from nan $1.74 cardinal reported 1 twelvemonth earlier. But if we set for changes successful moving capital, it really would person risen from $2.13 cardinal to $2.79 billion. Over nan aforesaid model of time, DCF, besides known arsenic distributable rate flow, popped up from $1.60 cardinal to $1.91 billion. And finally, EBITDA for nan institution roseate from $2.81 cardinal to $3.44 billion.

By each accounts, I would opportunity that these were alternatively awesome results for nan institution to person reported. This beardown result allowed nan institution to study full gross for 2022 of $89.88 billion, which was up from nan $67.42 cardinal reported for 2021. DCF did autumn twelvemonth complete year, dropping from $8.22 cardinal to $7.45 billion. The institution besides saw operating rate travel driblet from $11.16 cardinal to $9.05 billion. But connected an adjusted basis, it would person risen from $10.59 cardinal to $10.72 billion, while EBITDA inched up from $13.05 cardinal to $13.09 billion. Even though these mixed results whitethorn not look each that great, it's important to statement that, successful 2021, nan institution benefited greatly from inclement weather, peculiarly from Winter Storm Uri. As an example, nether nan Intrastate Transportation and Storage segment, EBITDA was astir $1.47 cardinal higher successful 2021 than it was successful 2022 because of a alteration successful realized retention margins associated mostly pinch higher beingness retention margins from withdrawals during nan storm. The institution besides benefited tremendously during that clip and, successful 2022, saw a alteration of $628 cardinal compared to nan twelvemonth anterior and realized earthy state income owed chiefly to earthy state income conducted astatine prevailing marketplace prices during nan storm.


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Another really bully point astir nan financial capacity successful 2022 is that it allowed guidance to salary down indebtedness further. Net indebtedness ended astatine $48.01 cardinal past year. That's $1.36 cardinal little than what it ended nan 2021 fiscal twelvemonth at. When it comes to nan 2023 fiscal year, I afloat fishy that indebtedness will autumn moreover more. I opportunity this because guidance is presently forecasting EBITDA for nan twelvemonth of betwixt $12.9 cardinal and $13.3 billion. No guidance was fixed erstwhile it came to different profitability metrics. However, it's apt that these will besides beryllium higher than they were successful 2022. After factoring successful attraction superior expenditures, preferred distributions, and amounts paid to non-controlling interests nett of immoderate proceeds received from them, I estimated that ‘true free rate flow’ for nan institution was astir $8.33 cardinal successful 2022. Even if 2023 levels lucifer pinch what nan institution saw successful 2022, this leaves plentifulness of superior to activity with. Keeping nan distribution astatine $1.22 per share, nan institution will person to salary retired astir $3.78 cardinal to shareholders. Growth-oriented superior expenditures should beryllium betwixt $1.6 cardinal and $1.8 billion. At nan midpoint, this would still construe to excess rate travel of astir $2.85 cardinal for nan year.

Trading Multiples

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Again, assuming that 2023 looks a batch for illustration 2022 alternatively of nan improved outlook that guidance has, shares of nan business are still rather cheap. Using nan 2022 figures, nan patient is trading astatine a price-to-adjusted operating rate travel aggregate of 4.4. This adjusted operating rate travel fig strips retired each of nan aforesaid things that nan ‘true free rate flow’ metric strips out, pinch nan objection of nan attraction superior expenditures. Speaking of nan devil, nan value to ‘true free rate flow’ aggregate for nan institution should beryllium 4.8. The value to DCF aggregate is only somewhat higher astatine 5.4, while nan EV to EBITDA aggregate should travel successful astatine 7.8. These numbers are very akin to what we get utilizing information from 2021, arsenic tin beryllium seen successful nan floor plan above.

Company Price / Operating Cash Flow EV / EBITDA
Energy Transfer 4.4 7.8
Kinder Morgan (KMI) 8.1 11.6
Williams Companies (WMB) 7.9 11.4
TC Energy (TRP) 8.6 18.0
Cheniere (LNG) 4.6 391.2
Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) 7.1 10.4

As portion of my analysis, I besides compared nan institution to 5 akin firms. On a price-to-operating rate travel basis, these companies ranged from a debased of 4.6 to a precocious of 8.6. And erstwhile it comes to nan EV-to-EBITDA approach, nan scope would beryllium from 10.4 to 391.2. In some cases, Energy Transfer was nan cheapest of nan group. In nan array below, you tin spot a mates of different valuation scenarios. The first of these tries to spot what upside Energy Transfer acquisition if it were to waste and acquisition astatine nan multiples of nan cheapest of nan 5 firms I looked at. The 2nd script looks astatine nan aforesaid thing, but for a business wherever we mean retired nan multiples of nan 5 businesses, excluding of course, nan utmost outlier pinch nan EV to EBITDA aggregate of 391.2. What this shows is that, successful nan worst case, Energy Transfer would warrant upside of 4.5%. However, nan different 3 results are importantly much bullish, showing upside of betwixt 65.9% and 169.1%. Personally, I would consciousness comfortable trading my banal successful nan business only aft getting upside of astatine slightest an other 30%, excluding distributions.


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Based connected nan information provided, I do judge that Energy Transfer offers immoderate of nan top imaginable retired of immoderate institution connected nan market. I don't deliberation that it has nan astir upside connected its own. But I do deliberation that, betwixt nan distribution, nan company's unchangeable rate flows, and really inexpensive shares are, it offers nan astir upside for nan consequence assumed. Eventually, I fishy that nan marketplace will travel to recognize this, particularly if guidance does commencement to salary down indebtedness further. In nan meantime, I americium contented to conscionable beryllium backmost and seizure nan 11.3% distributions connected nan weighted mean costs of my investment. After all, that's astir successful statement pinch what nan humanities return has been for nan S&P 500. Any upside from stock value appreciation successful nan meantime is gravy.

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