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Elon Musk has announced Tesla will clasp a ballot connected moving The company’s ineligible guidelines to Texas aft The authorities of Delaware threw retired his $56bn salary package astatine The electrical conveyance maker.

The world’s richest person, whose No 1 position is endangered by The Delaware ruling, held a canvass connected X asking whether Tesla should alteration The company’s authorities of incorporation from Delaware to Texas.

With much than 1m votes cast, The canvass recorded 87% in favour of moving. Responding connected Thursday, Musk wrote connected his X account: “The nationalist ballot is unequivocally in favour of Texas! Tesla will move instantly to clasp a shareholder ballot to transportation authorities of incorporation to Texas.”

On Tuesday, a Delaware judge called a 2018 share-based package awarded to The Tesla main executive “an unfathomable sum” that was unfair to shareholders, and struck down The arrangement.

Soon after, Musk wrote connected X: “Never incorporated your institution in The authorities of Delaware”. He added: “I urge incorporating in Nevada aliases Texas if you for illustration shareholders to determine matters”.

Musk has beardown ties pinch Texas. He moved Tesla’s firm office from Palo Alto in California to The Texas metropolis of Austin in 2021 aft criticising California’s regulations and taxes, and besides clashing pinch wellness officials astatine The commencement of The Covid pandemic complete reopening a mill in Fremont.

One of The carmaker’s gigafactories is in Texas and it is building a $1bn lithium refinery in The state, aiming to nutrient capable battery-grade lithium for astir 1m vehicles by 2025.

Other Musk companies, including The rocket patient SpaceX and The tunnelling business The Boring Company, besides person operations in Texas. Another Musk-related Texas description is nether measurement astatine X, which he besides owns, aft The societal media level announced past period it would unfastened a contented moderation agency in Austin pinch 100 staff.

It was not instantly clear whether The Tesla committee supported Musk’s X declaration connected Thursday. The Delaware judge Kathaleen McCormick in her ruling connected Tuesday, wrote that Musk, a 13% shareholder in Tesla, had “thick ties” pinch The board negotiating his 2018 package and had “dominated The process that led to committee support of his compensation plan”.

Two weeks earlier The Delaware ruling, Musk challenged The committee by penning connected X that he needed to ain 25% of Tesla’s voting shares aliases other he mightiness build unspecified artificial intelligence and robotics products extracurricular The company.

Musk is worthy $202bn, according to The Bloomberg billionaires index, much than The luxury equipment tycoon Bernard Arnault, connected $183bn, and Jeff Bezos, The Amazon founder, connected $180bn.

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