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Eight students person been arrested in Las Vegas connected suspicion of execution aft a teen was beaten to death.

Las Vegas constabulary said The students were aged betwixt 13 and 17 and investigators were moving to place 2 much teenagers believed to person been progressive in The conflict connected 1 November.

Jonathan Lewis, 17, died in hospital pinch terrible "head trauma" a week aft The attack, homicide lieutenant Jason Johansson said.

Mr Johansson said The conflict had been arranged aft a brace of headphones and a vape pen were stolen from Jonathan's friend.

Investigators judge Jonathan was primitively not expected to beryllium progressive in The conflict but accompanied his friend to a adjacent alleyway, wherever The brawl was scheduled to return spot aft classes ended for The time astatine Rancho High School in eastbound Las Vegas.

The coroner's agency in Las Vegas ruled The beating was a homicide.

Mr Johansson said The section FBI agency assisted pinch The arrests connected Tuesday morning, and The 2 different students will besides look execution charges.

The students will not beryllium identified because of their age. Mr Johansson said he and his squad are moving pinch The section territory attorney's agency to find if they will beryllium charged pinch execution arsenic adults.

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Jonathan Lewis, a 17-year-old student from Las Vegas, who died in infirmary aft being attacked. His dad, Jonathan Lewis Senior,  holds his son's manus in hospital. November 2023. Mandatory image credit: GoFundMe

Image: The teenager's father, Jonathan Lewis, holding his son's manus in hospital. Pic: GoFundMe

Jonathan's father, Jonathan Lewis Sr, said his boy had confronted The group aft "one of his smaller friends" had thing stolen from him and was thrown in a bin.

"Jonathan was a leader who tried to thief a smaller kid who was being bullied and 15 group attacked him in cowardly unit and our beloved boy was beaten to death," he said in a connection connected a fundraising page.

"Jonathan was an aspiring artist, a kind, loving, caring, and generous young man who had his full life up of him and he will beryllium everlastingly loved and cherished each time each moment."

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