DXC Technologies Interview Experience for Associate Professional (On-Campus) 2022

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DXC Technology is simply a service-based institution that offers mission-critical solutions to world enterprises, enabling them to transportation retired private, public, and hybrid unreality operations done invention and method expertise.
DXC Technology provides services that thief amended its clients’ performance, customer experience, and competitiveness.

Job Profile:-  Associate Professional

Hiring Process:

  • Step 1: Pre-Placement Talk  
  • Step 2: Online Assessment Test:                               
    •  English (12 Questions 15 minutes)
    •  Logical Ability   (14 Questions 14 minutes)
    •  Quantitative Ability  (16 Questions 16 minutes)
    •  Writer Pro Essay Writing (1 Topic 20 minutes)
    •  Computer Programming  (12 Questions 15 minutes)
    •   Automata Fix    (7 Questions 20 minutes)
  •     Step 3: Technical Interview  
  •     Step 4: Letter of Intent
  •     Step 5: Offer Letter

The pursuing questions were asked during nan method and hr interview: (My full question and reply went connected for 45 to 60 min)

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Are you from a machine subject background?
       My reply was “yes”.
  3. Main pillars of oops concepts?
  4. What are nan cardinal differences betwixt an absurd people and an interface?
  5. What is nan SDLC life cycle?
  6. Difference betwixt long, short, and medium-term scheduling successful OS?
  7. After each this, my interviewer asked maine to stock my surface and gave maine 2 coding questions.
  8. Check for Balanced Brackets successful an expression, it’s an easy-level problem
  9. Sort elements by frequency, it’s a medium-level problem 
  10. we discussed nan clip and abstraction complexity of some problems.
  11. Then, he asked maine astir my projects.

At last, he(the interviewer) asked me, “do you person immoderate questions?”

The consequence was declared erstwhile each interviews were done


  • Communications skills
  • At slightest study 1 programming connection perfectly.
  • Go done your resume, specifically your task part.
  • Decent knowledge of your machine fundamentals.
  • Show your willingness to study moreover if you are not capable to reply immoderate of their questions.
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