Ducommun Incorporated (DCO) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE:DCO) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 16, 2023 1:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Chris Wampler – Chief Financial Officer, Controller and Treasurer

Steve Oswald – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Conference Call Participants

Ken Herbert – RBC Capital Markets

Mike Crawford – B. Riley

Pete Osterland – Truist


Good day. And convey you for opinionated by. Welcome to nan Fourth Quarter 2022 Ducommun Earnings Conference Call. At this clip each participants are successful a listen-only mode. [Operator Instructions]

I will now for illustration to move nan convention complete to Ducommun’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Controller and Treasurer, Chris Wampler. Please spell ahead.

Chris Wampler

Thank you, and invited to Ducommun's 2022 4th fourth convention call. With maine coming is Steve Oswald, Chairman, President and CEO.

I'm going to talk definite limitations to immoderate forward-looking statements regarding early events, projections aliases capacity that we whitethorn make during nan prepared remarks aliases nan Q&A Session that follows.

Certain statements coming that are not humanities facts, including immoderate statements arsenic to early marketplace conditions, results of operations and financial projections are forward-looking statements nether nan Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and are therefore, prospective. These forward-looking statements are taxable to risks, uncertainties and different factors, which could origin existent results to disagree materially from nan early results expressed aliases implied by specified forward-looking statements. Although we judge that nan expectations reflected successful our forward-looking statements are reasonable, we tin springiness nary assurance that specified expectations will beryllium to person been correct. In addition, estimates of early operating results are based connected nan company's existent business, which is taxable to change.

Particular risks facing Ducommun include, among others, nan cyclicality of our end-use markets, nan effect of COVID-19 connected our operations aliases customers, nan level of U.S. authorities defense spending, timing of orders from our customers, ineligible and regulatory risks, nan costs of description and acquisitions, competition, economical and geopolitical developments, pandemics and disasters, earthy aliases otherwise. These risks and others are described successful our yearly study connected Form 10-K revenge pinch nan SEC, and our forward-looking statements are taxable to those risks. Statements made during this telephone are only arsenic of nan clip made, and we do not intend to update immoderate statements made successful this presentation, isolated from if and required by regulatory authorities.

This telephone besides includes non-GAAP financial measures. Please mention to our filings pinch nan SEC for a reconciliation of nan GAAP to non-GAAP measures referenced connected this call. We revenge our 2022 Annual Report connected Form-10K pinch nan SEC today.

I would now for illustration to move nan telephone complete to Steve Oswald to reappraisal nan operating results. Steve?

Steve Oswald

Okay. Thank you, Chris. And acknowledgment everyone for joining america coming for our 4th fourth convention call. Today and arsenic usual, I'll springiness an update of nan existent business of nan company, aft which Chris will reappraisal our financials successful detail.

I'm happy to study that nan Ducommun’s 4th fourth apical statement capacity was very strong. The institution delivered year-over-year gross maturation of 14% to $188.3 million. As mentioned successful nan property release, not only shows that our extremity markets are successful very bully shape, but besides highlights Ducommun’s operational strength, managing nan proviso concatenation and workforce.

Turning to nan markets, nan continued betterment of commercialized aerospace was a existent agleam spot erstwhile again successful Q4. The Boeing 737 MAX business is up 37% year-over-year and nan Airbus A320 besides having important growth, up 72% year-over-year.

Overall, commercialized aerospace pinch Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream and others was up complete 60% from Q4 2021. The commercialized aerospace business arsenic good show year-over-year gross maturation now for nan sixth consecutive quarter, an fantabulous motion arsenic nan manufacture and build rates recover. The company's defense business aft 2 years of unprecedented maturation successful 2020 and 2021 was only down somewhat successful Q4, but erstwhile again delivered coagulated capacity of complete $100 cardinal successful gross arsenic we hole for expanding DoD budgets and FMS successful nan years ahead.

The institution posted coagulated gross profit of 20.5%, down year-over-year owed partially to respective one-time factors which Chris will screen successful his remarks. The squad besides posted adjusted operating income margins of 8.1%.

Adjusted EBITDA of $24.5 cardinal was beardown and accrued somewhat year-over-year. Ducommun had adjusted EBITDA margins of 13% successful Q4 arsenic good and we expect EBITDA to beryllium coagulated this twelvemonth pinch overmuch stronger numbers successful 2024 erstwhile nan works closures and restructuring activities successful 2023 are down us.

Quality of net was bully pinch nan institution reaching GAAP diluted EPS of $0.65 a share, versus $9.05 a stock for Q4 2021. But pinch adjustments, nan diluted EPS of $0.85 a stock was comparable to diluted EPS of $0.88 successful nan anterior year.

Some cardinal drivers for nan little GAAP diluted EPS see restructuring charges and nan anterior twelvemonth use from nan important summation connected nan lease waste backmost of our Gardena capacity center’s business property.

One Airbus business I would for illustration to item arsenic we move retired of nan pandemic related headwind successful nan past fewer years is nan important betterment of our commercialized aerospace business wrong our Structural System conception during 2022.

Commercial aerospace gross wrong structures was $165 cardinal aliases astir 55% higher than successful 2021. In addition, Q4 commercialized aerospace revenues were $43 cardinal aliases 45% higher than a twelvemonth ago. As we spot very bully maturation continuing successful this portion of nan business. I will besides adhd that this includes very small 787 business, which we spot arsenic an further catalyst successful 2023 done 2025.

Finally, nan backlog astatine nan extremity of Q4 2022 stood astatine $325 cardinal aliases 17% higher than Q4 2021. So, we are group up for fantabulous maturation now and successful nan future.

Investors should besides support successful mind our structures business is constituent based, not wings aliases different ample superior intensive products and we strive arsenic good to nutrient products of only manufacture niche exertion specified arsenic titanium basking shape and super-plastic forming.

Switching to nan company's backlog performance, nan commercialized aerospace backlog accrued sequentially for nan seventh consecutive 4th from $266 cardinal astatine nan extremity of Q1 2021 to $450 cardinal astatine nan extremity of Q4 2022. That's an summation of 69%. And this was led by nan 737 MAX, Viasat for inflight entertainment, nan A320, A220 and Gulfstream, each which you would expect aft we came retired of a very reliable 2020 and 2021 for this portion of nan Ducommun’s business.

Defense backlog remained coagulated successful Q3 arsenic good and ended nan 4th astatine $457 million. Offloading for defense premier activity continues – and it did meet and it importantly exceeded our target of $45 cardinal successful 2022, up from astir $31 cardinal successful 2021. 2023 is simply a large twelvemonth arsenic well. We're expecting astir $90 cardinal pinch a awesome woody of that successful our circuit paper business for Raytheon astatine sites specified arsenic Appleton, Wisconsin; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Long-term tally complaint of these defense programs already commercialized aliases successful improvement for offloading will beryllium complete $125 cardinal for Ducommun by 2025. As Primes proceed to thrust costs simplification and situation nan reasoning of keeping definite types of accumulation in-house. Company's costs actions and lead organizational building proceed to salary dividends too.

Our squad delivered different fantabulous 4th arsenic good successful Q4 managing nan proviso chain, and this not only shows successful our financials, but we besides could not beryllium successful a amended spot pinch our customers regarding our overseas clip transportation and quality.

Corporate costs arsenic a percent of revenue, were besides very favorable astatine 4.1%, compared to 5.3% past year, successful Q4.

I besides want to mention our very successful Investor Day connected December 8. First, my acknowledgment to each who participated some successful personification and virtually. And we very overmuch admit nan awesome feedback. We surely disclosed much of that gathering than successful nan past, particularly astir our beardown results for our 4 acquisitions and nan post-pandemic crippled scheme now is successful place. The way up for nan institution and nan investors is now clear done 2027.

In addition, Chris will supply further details, but we're disconnected to a very bully commencement successful 2023 pinch nan works consolidations and different restructuring activities, on pinch preparing for nan planned existent property sales.

For gross guidance successful 2023, we spot nan company's gross coming successful astatine nan low- to mid-single digit range. The commercialized aerospace manufacture betterment will proceed to lead nan measurement and gross will beryllium coagulated complete nan quarters up arsenic we spot much and much measurement return pinch nan defense being coagulated though impacted by immoderate timing connected a fewer programs, but still having a very bully backlog.

The 2 works closings will besides spot immoderate descent simplification successful gross arsenic we prune non-strategic and debased measurement business. We proceed arsenic good to beryllium progressive and opportunistic pinch acquisition opportunities arsenic successful nan past and judge this is different catalyst to thrust america perchance higher successful nan twelvemonth ahead.

Now fto maine supply immoderate further colour connected our markets, products and programs. Beginning pinch our subject and abstraction sector, we posted 4th fourth gross of $108.4 million, a flimsy alteration versus 2021, contempt being down arsenic mentioned earlier, was greater than $100 cardinal and a coagulated showing for nan business successful Q4. We saw increases successful request for our rocket programs, [indiscernible] and Patriot on pinch F-18. The 4th fourth subject and abstraction gross represented 58% of Ducommun’s gross successful nan play down from 69% past year. And this inclination will proceed to bespeak much equilibrium pinch commercialized aerospace, which we like.

We besides ended nan 4th fourth pinch a coagulated backlog of $457 million, which represents astir 50% of nan company's full backlog. Within our commercialized aerospace operations, 4th fourth gross accrued year-over-year to $68 million, driven chiefly by build rates increases connected ample craft platforms, in-flight products for Viasat and different commercialized aerospace platforms.

Ducommun expect to proceed improving nan commercialized aerospace marketplace wide to summation momentum successful 2023 and nan early is agleam crossed our merchandise offerings. Our transportation and value besides continues to guidelines retired arsenic we move ahead. The backlog wrong commercialized aerospace stands astatine $450 cardinal astatine nan extremity of nan 4th fourth and pinch $117 cardinal higher aliases 35% summation year-over-year from Q4 2021.

With that, I'll person Chris rumor our financial results successful detail. Chris?

Chris Wampler

Thank you, Steve. As a reminder, please spot nan company's 10-K and Q4 net merchandise for further explanation of accusation mentioned connected today's call. As Steve discussed, our 4th fourth results reflected different 4th of beardown performance. The 4th fourth results saw important summation erstwhile again successful commercialized aerospace revenue.

We stay encouraged by nan continued spot successful home and world travel, which should thief support higher semipermanent request successful shipments going forward. There were multitudes of affirmative themes arsenic we closed retired 2022 and mixed pinch actions being taken to our restructured program, we're looking guardant to building connected our 2022 performance.

Now, turning to our 4th fourth results. Revenue for nan 4th fourth of 2022 was $188.3 cardinal versus $164.8 cardinal for nan 4th fourth of 2021. The year-over-year summation reflects $26.4 cardinal of maturation crossed our commercialized aerospace platforms, partially offset by $4.7 cardinal of little gross wrong nan subject and abstraction sector. A information of nan year-over-year summation is straight attributable to MagSeal, which we acquired successful December, 2021. So our wide maturation was a operation of integrated and inorganic growth.

Ducommun’s wide backlog astatine nan extremity of nan 4th fourth was astir $961 million. This reflects caller maturation crossed our commercialized aerospace platforms. Our defense backlog was $457 cardinal and we remained positioned for continued coagulated capacity arsenic we statesman nan caller twelvemonth pinch our defense business.

As a reminder, we specify backlog arsenic imaginable gross based connected customer acquisition orders and semipermanent agreements pinch patient fixed prices and expected transportation dates of 24 months aliases less. We posted full gross profit of $38.6 cardinal for nan 4th versus $37.3 cardinal successful nan anterior twelvemonth period. While gross margins were 20.5% and 22.6% successful 2022 and 2021 respectively. On an adjusted basis, gross margins were 21% and 23% successful 2022 and 2021 respectively.

Throughout 2022, we've had adjustments for items specified arsenic Guaymas occurrence related costs, MagSeal inventory, measurement up amortization, and costs of income related restructure expenses. As we decorativeness 2022 and caput into 2023, we expect these types of adjustments to upwind down by mid-year. While gross margins of 20% to 21% positive are bully from a humanities position for DCO, they proceed to lag nan levels we ran astatine successful 2021.

The globally recognized challenges astir proviso concatenation and labour readiness person had immoderate level of effect connected astir each manufacturing companies. However, arsenic Steve mentioned, we proceed to negociate done without important proviso concatenation impacts owed to nan proactive proviso concatenation efforts, executing strategical buys, leveraging our capacity halfway elasticity and utilizing inventory investments. But we person seen definite capacity centers proceed to person much of a situation connected various programme travel through, products operation and profitability.

Two of which are Monrovia, California and Berryville, Arkansas operations. As mentioned during our Investor Day speech successful December, 2022, we expect repositioning accumulation from these accommodation during nan first half of 2023. The consolidations will redeploy nan accumulation from these capacity centers, which person been incapable to execute astatine expected profitability levels and let america to amended utilize our debased costs manufacturing installation successful Guaymas, Mexico. In summation to taking retired these fixed costs, we proceed to aggressively negociate our discretionary spending each pinch nan intent of driving separator description .

Ducommun reported operating income for nan 4th fourth of $9.7 cardinal aliases 5.1% of gross compared to $11.8 cardinal aliases 7.2% of gross successful nan anterior twelvemonth period. Adjusted operating income was $15.2 cardinal aliases 8.1% of gross this 4th compared to $15.3 cardinal aliases 9.3% of gross successful nan comparable anterior play past year. The institution reported nett income for nan 4th fourth of 2022 of $8.1 cardinal aliases $0.65 per diluted stock compared to nett income of $110.8 cardinal aliases $9.05 per diluted stock a twelvemonth ago.

On an adjusted basis, nan institution reported nett income of $10.6 cardinal aliases $0.85 per diluted stock compared to nett income of $10.8 cardinal aliases $0.88 successful 2021. Adjusted EBITDA for nan 4th fourth was $24.5 cardinal aliases 13% of gross compared to $24.4 cardinal aliases 14.8% of gross for nan comparable play successful 2021.

Now fto maine move to nan conception results. Our Structural Systems conception posted gross of $68.2 cardinal successful nan 4th fourth of 2022 versus $58.8 cardinal past year. The year-over-year summation reflects $13.4 cardinal of higher income crossed our commercialized aerospace applications, partially offset by $4 cardinal of little gross wrong nan company's subject and abstraction markets.

Structural Systems operating income for nan 4th was $4.4 cardinal aliases 6.4% of gross compared to $5.1 cardinal aliases 8.6% of gross past year. The year-over-year operating separator alteration was chiefly owed to unfavorable merchandise operation and higher restructuring charges, partially offset by favorable manufacturing volume. Excluding restructured charges and different adjustments successful some years, nan conception operating separator was 10.8% successful 2022 versus 12.2% successful 2021.

This is simply a coagulated operating capacity from nan Structural Systems segment. As a reminder, nan results of our MagSeal business, which was acquired successful Q4 2021, are portion of nan structures business. Our Electronic Systems conception posted gross of $120 cardinal successful nan 4th fourth of 2022 versus $106 cardinal successful nan anterior twelvemonth period.

These results bespeak $13 cardinal of higher commercialized aerospace revenue, partially offset by $0.7 cardinal of little gross crossed nan company's subject and abstraction customers. Electronic Systems operating income for nan 4th fourth was $13 cardinal aliases 10.8% of gross versus $15.4 cardinal aliases 14.6% of gross successful nan anterior twelvemonth period, chiefly reflecting unfavorable merchandise operation and higher restructuring charges partially offset by favorable manufacturing volume. Excluding restructured charges and different adjustments successful some years, nan conception operating separator was 12.9% successful 2022 versus 15.8% successful 2021.

Now astatine nan apical extremity of nan range, this conception has operated, this was a coagulated 4th for nan physics segment. As a reminder and discussed astatine our caller Investor Day, we commenced to restructure inaugural backmost successful Q2 2022. The identified restructure actions are being taken to accelerate nan accomplishment of our strategical goals and amended position nan institution for stronger capacity successful nan short and long-term.

During Q4 2022, we incurred $2.9 cardinal successful restructuring charges. The mostly of these charges were severance and use related. We expect to incur an further $12 cardinal to $16 cardinal successful restructure disbursal for installation consolidations, severance, and impairment of long-lived assets during 2023. Most of nan expected remaining charges related to nan repositioning of a information of our restructure inaugural that I mentioned earlier.

The mostly of nan accumulation being moved is going to our low-cost cognition successful Guaymas, Mexico pinch nan remainder going to different existing capacity centers successful nan United States. Once we upwind down accumulation astatine Monrovia and Berryville, we expect trading nan associated onshore and building astatine some locations. These initiatives are progressing arsenic expected and erstwhile we complete pinch our restructure, we expect our efforts will make annualized savings of $11 cardinal to $13 million. We person disposable liquidity of $246 cardinal arsenic of nan extremity of nan 4th quarter.

The 4th fourth of each twelvemonth is typically our strongest from a rate travel procreation position successful 2022 pinch nary exception. And we are pleased pinch nan procreation of $32.1 cardinal of rate travel from operations this quarter. Cash travel from operations successful Q4 of 2021 was $11.7 million. Our 12 months debt-to-adjusted EBITDA ratio was 2.2 and is amongst nan lowest successful nan past respective years. We vanished 2022 pinch a afloat twelvemonth effective taxation complaint of 13.6% versus 20.5% successful 2021. The complaint was little this twelvemonth arsenic nan mostly of nan taxation successful 2021 related to our summation connected sale, astatine slightest backmost transaction, which was taxed astatine a complaint successful excess of our effective complaint excluding specified transactions.

Interest for nan afloat twelvemonth 2022 was $11.6 cardinal versus $11.2 cardinal successful 2021. While our indebtedness refinancing during 2022 was timely and beneficial, nan rising liking complaint situation drove nan summation year-over-year. Assuming nary pivot connected liking rates during 2022, we expect liking disbursal to beryllium astir $18 cardinal successful 2023. And erstwhile our liking complaint hedge becomes effective January 1, 2024, we expect it will supply important beneficial offset successful nan longer-term.

Just 1 further remark from me, 2022 is nan 3rd consecutive twelvemonth pinch an situation of important marketplace and macro economical alteration and during nan clip we’ve attempted to continually measure and set our priorities arsenic we attraction connected regular execution to present for our customers and each different stakeholders. And we look guardant to building connected nan beardown instauration we person established arsenic we move done 2023 and beyond.

I’ll now move it backmost complete to Steve for closing remarks. Steve?

Steve Oswald

Okay. Chris, convey you. Well, it surely was a beardown quarter. I dream you’re pleased. And nan twelvemonth successful 2022 was our champion apical statement since 2019. So we consciousness bully astir it. As mentioned earlier, nan way is now clear coming retired of our investor gathering successful December. I deliberation we’re disconnected to a very bully commencement successful 2023. We’ve sewage a batch to do and I deliberation it’s each going to supply a batch of worth to shareholders and to nan institution going forward.

In addition, each nan meetings I’ve been having and attending and manufacture news I’ve publication shows, I deliberation there’s awesome opportunities arsenic we each cognize up complete nan adjacent respective years. And Ducommun squad will beryllium fresh to seizure nan upside erstwhile available. My thanks, arsenic ever to our labor and investors for nan support, arsenic we see again, a very bully twelvemonth and tons of affirmative things ahead.

So again, convey you for listening. I’ll now unfastened it up for questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions] Our first mobility comes from nan statement of Ken Herbert from RBC Capital Markets. Your statement is open.

Ken Herbert

Hey, bully greeting Steve and Chris.

Steve Oswald

Ken, bully morning. Thanks for joining us.

Ken Herbert

Yes. Hey possibly conscionable wanted to first talk astir nan debased to mid-single apical statement expectations for 2023. And I wondered, Steve, if you tin break retired a portion a small spot by market. It looks for illustration commercialized aero should proceed to spot immoderate evidently bully maturation based connected nan backlog and build rates. What is your presumption for maturation successful that market? And past what are your assumptions for maturation successful defense?

Steve Oswald

Well, it’s really going to turn successful commercialized aero, Ken. We’re a small spot – we’re – arsenic we’ve talked astir we’re fresh to go, right? So we’re a small spot – pinch Spirit and Airbus and Boeing, we’re benignant of – I wouldn’t opportunity we’re capped, but we’re perfectly going to spot maturation successful commercialized aero this year. But we surely are cheering for them to get to nan adjacent level of production. So that’s nan first point I’d say.

The 2nd point is I’ve mentioned successful remarks pinch defense. I mean, we person a mates of programs that either done timing bid – nan bid business correct now, we’re going to fundamentally bring defense successful astir apt correct astir level to this year. But we’re encouraged pinch our backlog and we deliberation 2024 is going to beryllium a amended year. But we deliberation this twelvemonth pinch a mates of things, F-18, we person a small spot of a programme location and Apache and a fewer others that are conscionable much timing based. We’re going to beryllium supra $100 million, but we’re going to beryllium beautiful – I’d opportunity beautiful flash.

Ken Herbert

Okay. That’s helpful. And for defense, does that flattish bespeak arsenic good nan – it looks for illustration you’ve sewage an incremental, telephone it $45 cardinal aliases so, $40 cardinal to $45 cardinal from offloading benefits successful 2023 comparative to 2022?

Steve Oswald

Yes. It’s going to – it won’t beryllium that high. It’s going to beryllium – we came successful – I don’t want to travel constitute down nan number there, but we’re astir apt going to get tailwind of opportunity $30 cardinal from nan offload, possibly $35 million, because we came successful beautiful bully shape. But again, these offloads are besides helping pinch immoderate of nan timing connected these programs. So it’s decidedly going to thief us. We’re going to surely hold, service arsenic they say. And going into 2024 because you person to understand erstwhile we’re moving cards for nan Patriot aliases for different things, I mean, these person a agelong tail arsenic acold arsenic getting everything complete to Tulsa. As I’ve mentioned earlier, immoderate of these programs are Raytheon. But we proceed to make advancement and I mentioned successful my remarks that Primes are eager for costs simplification and they’re surely challenging and questioning their in-house operations. So that’s helping us.

Ken Herbert

And if I could conscionable 1 – yes, conscionable I admit that. Just 1 last mobility connected nan defense outlook. I mean, budgets are up benignant of 10% successful fiscal 2023. There’s evidently immoderate uncertainty astir fiscal 2024, but we’re seeing higher world spend. Do you – you’ve called retired timing connected a mates of programs, possibly those thief successful nan second portion of nan year. But do we spot past a benignant of a worldly inflection positively successful defense into 2024? Or really do you deliberation astir this longer-term? Because nan flattish sales, I tin admit because it’s accordant pinch what a batch of different companies person talked about. But I’m conscionable curious, Steve, your position connected erstwhile we commencement to spot nan backing drawback up aliases get amended reflected successful your results.

Steve Oswald

Yes. We consciousness overmuch amended astir 2024, Ken. Okay. Certainly pinch what we’re seeing, I mean, we had a – possibly we don’t disclose that our physics systems defense business had a awesome bid 4th successful Q4, which was sequentially, I’ll conscionable springiness you that number, astir apt astatine slightest complete 40%, 45% versus Q3. So orders are coming in. I mean, obviously, there’s timing connected deliveries. Is it going to beryllium 2023, 2024? We consciousness bully astir 2024 arsenic acold arsenic being capable to move guardant again.

Chris Wampler

Yes. And 1 different remark too, Ken, is conscionable arsenic you – I deliberation arsenic we’ve seen everything turning from bid to transportation to shipment is pushing retired somewhat arsenic you’ve travel done these past mates years. So that’s why we’ve sewage – we’re looking astatine this adjacent full months and saying benignant of hold, service and past commencement to spot it prime up.

Steve Oswald

Yes. And Ken, arsenic it rolls retired you mightiness spot a small spot of different suppliers for these Primes that are struggling aliases person different issues, right? Other issues wherever it’s surely a small spot of situation for america because I mean, we’re beautiful overmuch fresh to deliver, but there’s different things happening pinch immoderate of these programs either there’s hiring challenges astatine immoderate of nan Primes aliases there’s different suppliers that are late. So we’re emotion a small spot of that excessively this year. We’re hoping for a overmuch amended activity adjacent year.

Ken Herbert

Great. All right. Thanks, Steve. Thanks, Chris.

Steve Oswald

Yes. Thanks for nan question. Always admit it.


One infinitesimal for our adjacent question. Our adjacent mobility will travel from nan statement of Mike Crawford from B. Riley. Your statement is open.

Mike Crawford

Thank you. I deliberation would you work together that proviso concatenation constraints are easing? And if so, really overmuch of an opportunity is location to bring successful immoderate moving superior to return that backmost into cash?

Steve Oswald

Mike, bully question. I deliberation that it is easing, I deliberation it’s a small spot benignant of down nan mediate connected commercialized aero because 1 of nan reasons wherever we’ve been winning much is that we person titanium sheets and we person different things that possibly immoderate of nan suppliers don’t, we’re capable to benignant of travel successful and help. So I would opportunity that 2nd half of nan twelvemonth we spot that successful a amended spot easing and we’re surely willing successful getting our turns up.

Mike Crawford

Okay. And past are location immoderate different circumstantial programs that you’re really aiming to beryllium to summation business via offloading from Primes, aliases you conscionable don’t want to get into that level of item connected this call?

Steve Oswald

I astir apt don’t. I mean, conscionable because I want to beryllium delicate to nan customer and/or nan customers. But I will conscionable show you that, particularly successful nan paper area, I mean, we put that statement retired astir Appleton being complete $100 cardinal now, which is simply a 70,000 quadrate ft plant, which is – and that’s each cards and that’s each group coming and saying, hey, we want you to do it present arsenic good as, Tulsa now is onto nan adjacent shape and we’re expecting really bully things.

And again, I mentioned – I talked a small spot astir 1 programme conscionable because I mentioned earlier is that, taking thing retired of a awesome operation, trial equipment, those types of things. I mean it’s – these things request to return clip and they should. So that’s why we’re much bullish successful nan 2024 period.

Mike Crawford

Okay. Thank you. And past past mobility mightiness beryllium much for Suman, but what if immoderate changes aliases opportunities are you seeing connected nan M&A beforehand wherever you’re looking for much of these niche suppliers protected…

Steve Oswald

Yes. No, admit nan question. And that’s why I benignant of put successful my remarks arsenic well. So look, we were – arsenic I mentioned, we were much forthcoming and rightly truthful astatine our Investor Day successful December. And hopefully everybody was pleased pinch those – pinch each 4 of our operations because we’ve really – I think, done a bully occupation astatine each of them. And I will conscionable opportunity that we’re active, nan exemplary useful for us. It does accelerate our margins, does tons of things for america and that's benignant of wherever we're heading correct now, Mike, astatine slightest for nan adjacent twelvemonth aliases 2 these aforesaid benignant of floor plan acquisitions you've seen successful nan past.

Mike Crawford

Okay, great. Thank you.

Steve Oswald

Thanks for your time.

Chris Wampler

Thanks Mike.


[Operator Instructions] Our adjacent mobility comes from statement of Pete Osterland from Truist. Your statement is open.

Pete Osterland

Hi, Steve and Chris, acknowledgment for taking our questions today. So first we've heard a fewer different things crossed nan proviso concatenation astir expected build rates this year, peculiarly for nan 737 MAX. So conscionable wanted to cognize what build complaint are you presently producing astatine connected nan MAX and are you actively readying for accumulation complaint increases this year? Is that thing that's reflected successful your income guidance aliases would that correspond upside if it were to materialize?

Steve Oswald

Yes. So look we're – we've been down this roadworthy a lot, nan full industry, right? So we're taking [indiscernible] period astatine slightest for this year, okay. We dream that that's going to spell up and surely we do not person that afloat baked in, I'll show you that. So, that is immoderate upside for us. I will show you a agleam spot would beryllium nan Tier 1 tone because they're evidently up of nan chain. So Boeing is trying to wrap up aliases we're going to consciousness that from tone up of time. And again, we're – we've been much humble pinch our measure rates this twelvemonth conscionable because we want to make judge that we're not excessively acold retired complete our skews arsenic they opportunity because we're concerned astir different supplier deliveries, we're concerned astir them capable to prosecute capable mechanics and group to get nan activity done. So I would opportunity if things spell – if things break nan correct measurement we're going to – we're going to person a amended year.

Pete Osterland

That's very helpful, thanks. And past conscionable arsenic a travel up well, I cognize you didn't springiness circumstantial guidance connected this, truthful was wondering if you could conscionable thief calibrate america connected margins for nan upcoming year. So conscionable immoderate colour you could springiness connected pricing versus costs inflation. Do you expect that to beryllium a headwind this year? And conscionable successful general, should we beryllium reasoning astir seeing margins up this twelvemonth arsenic income turn and you commencement to spot nan benefits of your restructuring aliases conscionable really are you reasoning astir that?

Steve Oswald

Yes. No, acknowledgment Pete. So yes, I deliberation arsenic you look astatine this twelvemonth and you spot wherever our jump disconnected constituent is, yes, we would opportunity and past we benignant of awesome this successful immoderate of nan speech astatine nan investor day. We do position it's benignant of a modulation twelvemonth connected margins. I mean, we're – those aforesaid pressures are still there, truthful we don't deliberation there's going to beryllium incremental headwind. We deliberation we're going to conscionable proceed to activity done it. And again, hopefully we will find our measurement to immoderate type of improvements arsenic we spell done nan first half of nan year, particularly pinch wherever we were past twelvemonth and past nan restructuring benefits successful nan backmost half of nan twelvemonth arsenic we decorativeness up.

And that's wherever we'll commencement to get nan much important assistance conscionable connected nan guidelines business. When nan maturation hits excessively that's ever going to beryllium different constituent to it. But arsenic you've benignant of heard successful nan forecast we have, it's not – it's not a maturation driven year, it's going to beryllium much astir what we tin do pinch nan business, what we tin do pinch nan costs building and nan repositioning is simply a large portion of that.

Chris Wampler

Yes. Let maine conscionable jump successful here. So look, arsenic I mentioned this successful nan Investor Call, we don't return scheme consolidation lightly here. But I will show you nan 2 factories that we're going to adjacent didn't really thief america successful 2022, okay, from separator perspective. Okay, I'll time off it there. You tin construe that but nan 2nd constituent is that erstwhile we consolidate those into debased costs centers we return each nan disbursal out, that's going to, I deliberation delivered very nicely successful nan midterm for our separator story, Pete.

Pete Osterland

All right. Very helpful. Thank you.

Steve Oswald

Thanks for calling in. Appreciate it.


One infinitesimal for our adjacent question. One infinitesimal for adjacent question. And our adjacent mobility will travel from nan statement of Ken Herbert from RBC Capital Markets. Your statement is open.

Ken Herbert

Hey, Steve, I conscionable wanted to travel up connected nan – connected your past comments connected nan restructuring. How overmuch of nan – really overmuch of nan activity astatine Monrovia and Berryville person you already transitioned and really overmuch is near to do there? And past really overmuch of a moving superior headwind is that this year, I'm judge you've built information banal and inventory and provisions successful anticipation of nan move?

Steve Oswald

Yes. Okay. A mates of things, arsenic I'll fto Chris grip nan 2nd portion of that. Let maine conscionable grip nan first part. Look, we've had I deliberation fantabulous aliases nan champion you tin – nan champion you tin expect announcements to nan teams, okay. And I'm happy to opportunity that for nan astir portion we still person teams moving difficult successful those facilities. We are actively either engaging pinch customers, arsenic acold arsenic I said – mentioned earlier, pruning immoderate things that really conscionable aren't bully for america and for shareholders going successful nan agelong term. So we're actively doing that. And we're besides putting plans successful spot and arsenic we spell forward, building buffer for – to beryllium effective and to person this point benignant of innocuous to customer acquisition pinch nan commons.

So we are active, we beautiful overmuch we're astir apt going to beryllium going done nan first 4th beautiful overmuch tight pinch nan group, and past we're going to commencement moving retired connected moving things and accelerating. So but arsenic I mentioned earlier, I'm happy really we started off. Again, these things are ever tricky and we're disconnected to a very bully commencement and we consciousness we person nan plans and we person nan correct believe for keeping group connected nan squad and for each nan things you request to do to beryllium effective to move nan activity successful place. And Guaymas arsenic good arsenic we mentioned successful nan – I deliberation it was successful nan investor call, we person different building down location now. So we're successful a very bully style pinch a level abstraction and workforce to return nan mostly of this activity successful Mexico. Not everything, but nan mostly of it.

Chris Wampler

Yes. And conscionable connected nan inventory aliases nan investment, Ken, I would opportunity humble finance present nan first half of nan year, Steve mentioned a small spot of information stock. I mean, there's an constituent of that but we do position that benignant of being first half of nan year. Transitions are happening, moving it down and truthful by nan clip you get to nan extremity of nan twelvemonth it's nominal successful benignant of what nan afloat twelvemonth position would look like, but location could beryllium a small spot of finance present nan first half of nan year.

Ken Herbert

Okay. Helpful. And if I could 1 different speedy travel up. Airbus coming announced immoderate fierce aliases planned fierce complaint moves connected their wide assemblage portfolio pinch possibly nan complaint increases connected nan A320 family pushed retired to nan correct a bit. Can you level group america connected wherever you are pinch Airbus, possibly arsenic a percent of your aerospace business and opportunities pinch their proviso concatenation disruption and issues to either return stock and really overmuch will you participate successful nan accelerated accumulation connected their wide assemblage aircraft, nan 330 and nan 350?

Steve Oswald

Yes. Ken, I did spot that note. I only briefly, I didn't publication it, I conscionable concisely saw immoderate of nan things. So first of all, conscionable astatine nan item we're successful reasonably bully style connected nan A330, truthful we were not that optimistic astir it a mates years ago. So to spot that moving successful nan correct direction, that's thing that we really were players on. I won't get into precisely what nan percent is, but we're going to – that's going to beryllium use america nan A330. We're successful nan mediate of trying and arsenic you know, these things return clip to get a position connected nan A350 which is thing that we're engaged successful actively. So much to travel there. We for illustration to spot those increases. I deliberation nan year-over-year number that I said astir nan A320 and Airbus was beautiful dramatic.

We deliberation that, that's going to continue. As I mentioned successful my Investor Day backmost successful December, you person to ever beryllium a small spot careful. With Airbus they person a batch of mouths to provender and but they request nan parts to produce. And we're beautiful much, moreover though we mightiness beryllium somewhat disconnected now, we're beautiful overmuch been 100% connected clip nan Airbus for complete 3 years pinch a little, possibly one, 1 aliases 2 misses present aliases there. So we're successful awesome style pinch Airbus, not really fresh to spell afloat connected what nan disclosure is connected the, nan magnitude of business, but it continues to grow. And we're hopeful and we consciousness bully if these – if they're moving hard, we're going to consciousness stock gain, that's what we want.

Ken Herbert

Okay. Thanks Steve.

Steve Oswald

Thanks Ken.


Thank you. And I'm not showing immoderate further questions successful nan queue arsenic astatine this time. So walk it backmost to Steve Oswald for immoderate closure remarks.

Steve Oswald

Okay, convey you. And okay, convey you again everyone for joining us. I thought it was a very bully Q&A arsenic good arsenic hopefully you felt nan script, what was helpful. We person a batch going connected astatine nan company. We're going to, I deliberation if things spell our measurement we're going to hopefully do a small spot amended than our gross guidance, but we ever effort to beryllium thoughtful and we want to beryllium arsenic transparent arsenic we tin connected these calls and thief investors and thief our expert partners.

So – but we consciousness bully – very bully astir 2024. We're closing these factories for a reason. It's each going to use from nan mid- to semipermanent particularly successful nan separator area and different things. We're excited astir our Atlantis cognition going to nan adjacent level, which is simply a large portion of our future. And we're progressive pinch acquisitions and we're emotion good. So again we admit your support and convey you again for listening.


This concludes today's convention call. Thank you for participating. You whitethorn now disconnect. Everyone person a awesome day.

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