Dover: Growth Should Recover Eventually As Backlog Normalizes

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It is existent that Dover's (NYSE:DOV) portfolio is susceptible to macro headwinds. However, it's important to statement that owed to a bid of M&As complete nan past fewer years, DOV is nary longer nan aforesaid arsenic nan bequest DOV and has go a little cyclical business. That said, successful nan short-term, DOV will person to swallow difficult and woody pinch a driblet successful integrated revenues. But I judge DOV has strategical levers that will assistance it successful minimizing nan effect connected nan bottommost line. In particular, fixed nan company's long-standing conglomerate structure, I deliberation location are galore fats that tin beryllium trim to optimize its costs structure, I expect that guidance will beryllium do their champion successful further slashing costs (well up of what has been achieved). Better guidance of moving superior and CAPEX optimization besides springiness maine dream for sustained FCF maturation successful spite of nan anticipated anemic capacity successful EBIT. In summation to nan dividend yield, its rising free rate travel and patient equilibrium expanse besides present nan anticipation for buybacks. Last but not least, I americium alert that nan marketplace has focused connected nan slowdown successful bid maturation and nan shrinking of bid backlogs, but I judge that these trends are unavoidable successful ray of nan challenging comparative environment. I deliberation it's much important to look astatine nan inclination of net and whether aliases not backlogs tin normalize astatine higher-than-average levels to prolong beardown request past 2023. All successful all, I deliberation DOV is simply a agelong astatine nan existent valuation.

Q4 2023 review

In nan fourth quarter, DOV reported an adjusted conception EBIT that was successful statement pinch expectations, while nan company's first guidance for FY23 exceeded consensus. In a affirmative development, guidance reported that galore of its businesses' lead times person returned to pre-pandemic levels. This is an important awesome that I'm keeping an oculus on, and I deliberation it will thief support robust backlog conversion and pave nan measurement for DOV to meet its guidance. For instance, nan nutrient unit industry's lead times person been trim successful half, from 60 to 50 weeks. However, this does not mean that nan proviso concatenation issues person been resolved. In fact, guidance guided to a sluggish commencement to nan twelvemonth owed to debased biopharma demand, a deficiency of above-ground fueling demand, and a deficiency of chassis readiness successful DEP. However, I expect that DOV's accrued backlog and costs optimization initiatives will thief support it successful gathering its guidance.


Quarterly integrated DOV orders were down 17.5%, indicating a important driblet successful bid volumes if we presume a value maturation of mid-single digits. The bully news is that guidance anticipates a return to normalcy successful nan backlog this year. However, support successful mind that a normalization of nan backlog to pre-pandemic levels by nan extremity of nan twelvemonth would connote a driblet successful orders into nan debased teens. That said, I americium very affirmative connected backlog normalization, and should beryllium support maturation beyond FY23. When I see nan business from a broader perspective, I want to commend nan guidance for being capable to expect nan ripple effects of nan proviso concatenation issue. They predicted that orders would deed their lowest constituent successful nan first half of 2023, causing a alteration successful profit margins and longer lead times. This gives maine assurance that they will beryllium capable to guideline DOV towards betterment beyond that point.


Several structural tailwinds, specified arsenic savings from restructuring, a affirmative use from value vs. costs mix, and stock buybacks, springiness maine assurance successful FY23's bottommost statement successful nan adjacent future. With a stronger structural instauration astatine DEP, nan displacement to cash-flow-driven operations astatine DCEF, and nan revival of DPPS's profitable biopharma growth, I besides expect a early summation successful profits.


While DOV portfolio whitethorn look macroeconomic headwinds, nan company's strategical levers and costs optimization initiatives springiness maine assurance successful its expertise to upwind nan anticipated driblet successful integrated revenues. Management's foresight successful anticipating nan knock-on effects of nan proviso concatenation issue, arsenic good arsenic nan return of lead times to pre-pandemic levels, besides springiness assurance that nan guidance squad is competent. While quarterly integrated orders were down, I americium optimistic astir nan normalization of backlogs and nan imaginable for sustained request beyond 2023. With respective tailwinds supporting nan company's bottommost line, including costs savings from restructuring and imaginable stock buybacks, I judge that DOV is simply a semipermanent finance opportunity astatine its existent valuation.

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