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AMD RX 7600 connected a pinkish background.Jacob Roach

I wouldn’t walk little than $500 connected a caller graphics card in 2024. I understand that fund is retired of The mobility for galore PC gamers, and I’m not advocating for higher GPU prices going forward. But pinch The games disposable today, it conscionable doesn’t make consciousness to settee for a fund GPU that will struggle The infinitesimal you return it retired of The box.

We sewage a sensation of The problem past twelvemonth pinch games for illustration The Last of Us Part One, Resident Evil 4, and Hogwarts Legacy, and The rumor is cropping backmost up again with Horizon Forbidden West. I’m talking astir VRAM in modern GPUs. At this point, you’re overmuch amended disconnected redeeming up for a much costly GPU, waiting until The adjacent procreation arrives, aliases digging heavy connected last-gen options.

Why are you buying a caller GPU?

If you salary attraction to PC hardware reviews — peculiarly The YouTube megamind of reviewers — you astir apt already person a sour sensation in your rima for 8GB graphics cards. I get it. I don’t work together that 8GB GPUs are wholly obsolete, however.

Get your play teardown of The tech down PC gaming

That’s still much than capable representation for The immense mostly of PC games, and depending connected what you play, you whitethorn ne'er brushwood an rumor pinch an 8GB graphics card.

Logo connected The RTX 4060 Ti graphics card.Jacob Roach

There conscionable isn’t a beardown statement for buying a brand-new 8GB graphics paper in 2024. I’m chiefly focused connected The harvest of options betwixt $250 and $400 from AMD and Nvidia — cards for illustration The RX 7600 and RTX 4060. AMD has its RX 7600 XT pinch 16GB of VRAM astatine $350, but that value is excessively precocious for really anemic that paper is compared to The remainder of The market.

Although a caller GPU will amended your capacity crossed The board, you chiefly slot in a caller graphics paper to alteration caller games connected your PC. Maybe it’s playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a higher graphics preset pinch features for illustration DLSS, aliases it’s unlocking The slate of demanding PlayStation exclusives now disposable connected PC like The Last of Us Part One and Horizon Forbidden West. In these premier releases, complete and complete again, we spot that 8GB of VRAM simply isn’t enough.

More than little performance

Even considering The fund position of these graphics cards — and The earthy capacity concessions arsenic a consequence — they’re a mediocre investment. In generations past, you could trust connected a fund workhorse GPU for years. Cards for illustration The GTX 1650 could supply respective years of gaming for a debased price. Your wide capacity would spell down arsenic much demanding games released, but you could still play them.

Frame clip for The RTX 4060 Ti in The Last of Us Part One.Those spikes in framework clip are monolithic stutters in The Last of Us Part One connected The RTX 4060 Ti 8GB astatine 1440p. Jacob Roach

The VRAM rumor is simply a different beast. In titles like Horizon Forbidden West and Diablo IV, you’ll tally into little performance, but The much pressing rumor is stutter. Particularly erstwhile entering caller areas, The VRAM buffer will fill, vastly lowering your framework complaint briefly. It’s not a awesome play experience, and it’s decidedly worse than conscionable playing a crippled astatine a little framework rate.

Make The correct investment

You’re not conscionable retired of luck, thankfully. Given really precocious in The existent procreation we are, you Can find last-gen options for very debased prices connected The secondhand market. Cards for illustration The RTX 3080 are disposable for astir $400 connected The secondhand market, while AMD’s RX 6750 XT is commonly disposable for astir $300 pre-owned. Both travel pinch much than 8GB of VRAM, and they’re coagulated performers compared to current-gen options astatine The aforesaid price.

RTX 4060 Ti capacity in Hogwarts Legacy.Even The last-gen RTX 3060 Ti Can get adjacent to The capacity of The caller RTX 4060 Ti in VRAM-constrained titles. Jacob Roach

The different action is to wait. Rumor has it that AMD will merchandise its next-gen GPUs in The mediate of this year, while Nvidia is expected to travel up astatine The extremity of The year. Even if next-gen GPUs don’t lick The VRAM problem, they’ll push prices down, allowing you to prime up a paper for illustration The RTX 4070 aliases RX 7800 XT for a little price.

At this constituent in 2024, erstwhile we person a twelve aliases much examples of caller games stressing 8GB graphics cards and much apt connected The way, it’s not a bully thought to put in a fund graphics paper that hardly crosses The mark. It’s a shame that’s really things are this generation, but The PC gaming marketplace is caught in an awkward spot — games are stressing hardware that current-gen fund GPUs conscionable don’t have.

This isn’t a caller story, though. Given what we’ve seen from games and backlash for cards for illustration The RTX 4060 Ti, I’m hopeful that next-gen options will reside The VRAM concerns PC gamers person correct now. Until they show up, I’d clasp disconnected connected fund GPUs pinch 8GB of VRAM if you want to get your money’s worth.

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