Dollar General: Long-Term Win But Expensive

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Dollar General Fourth Quarter Earnings Beat Estimates

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Company overview

Dollar General Corporation (NYSE:DG) is simply a discount retailer that operates successful nan United States. The institution offers a assortment of merchandise products, including consumable products, arsenic good arsenic snacks, wellness and beauty products, pet supplies, and seasonal products specified as vacation items and toys. Additionally, DG offers location products specified arsenic room supplies and apparel.

Share price

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DG's stock value capacity has been awesome successful nan past decade, gaining complete 300%. This has been driven by greater request for discounted products and DG's expertise to work this demand. The institution has grown impressively during a clip erstwhile brick-and-mortar retailers person struggled.

With markets weakening and nan banal value ticking down from its ATH, now is simply a awesome clip to see if DG remains an charismatic finance proposition. Our study will attraction connected considering the company's financial performance, alongside cardinal trends impacting nan unit space. This will thief america return a position of really good nan institution will execute successful nan coming years. Finally, we will reason pinch a comparison to different retailers successful nan US, to measure nan comparative attractiveness of nan business.

Economic conditions

Current economical conditions are marred by heightened ostentation levels, which is simply a consequence of supply-chain issues and robust request post-lockdowns. This has contributed to a diminution successful user discretionary income arsenic surviving costs rise. As expected, consumers person trim backmost spending for galore equipment successful consequence to this arsenic they position their finances much protect successful anticipation of things worsening. Elevated liking rates person only compounded this rumor arsenic nan costs of borrowing rises substantially. Due to this, galore of DG's competitors person seen softening request and are guiding weaker sales. This is not nan lawsuit for DG, who has seen quarterly income proceed to stay resilient, gaining marginally Q/Q. In nan astir caller quarter, income were up 11.1%. This is owed to DG's pricing superiority comparative to its competitors. As a discount producer, nan institution is seeing maturation arsenic consumers look for cheaper alternatives to nan products they are presently consuming. This whitethorn not needfully proceed but our position is that request show remains beardown regardless. This positions DG arsenic a beardown protect prime during marketplace downturns.

Looking ahead, our position is that conditions will apt weaken further arsenic ostentation is remaining stubborn. It is inconclusive arsenic to whether rates will person to summation further but regardless, softening request is expected. This should let DG to summation further marketplace stock from its competitors and proceed to grow, though not needfully astatine nan levels successful anterior years.

Another economical facet impacting DG is inflationary costs increases. As we person mentioned, nan proviso broadside has contributed to inflationary pressures owed to issues expanding accumulation pursuing nan extremity of lockdowns. For DG, this has contributed to rising proscription and different supply-side costs, starring to a diminution successful margins. Although these pressures are opening to ease, we could spot margins tick down further successful FY23.


While DG has historically been focused connected beingness stores, nan emergence of e-commerce has presented a situation to nan business, requiring an accommodation to its strategy. The problem for nan likes of DG is that these online businesses deficiency shop overheads, allowing them to value much competitively and summation marketplace stock quickly. DG has done good to grow its online beingness but still earns nan immense mostly of its gross done stores. Interestingly, DG's in-store request has remained beardown contempt nan soft online offering which goes against nan inclination seen by galore different retailers. Most retailers person seen softening in-store income while e-commerce has grown quickly. The logic is that their target assemblage is not those who attraction astir nan benefits of e-commerce, pinch consumers seemingly happy to forego nan convenience successful speech for DG's charismatic pricing. This bodes good semipermanent arsenic it shows nan company's resilience against arguably nan biggest threat to its wider industry.

Convenience and accessibility

Touching connected DG's strategy further, nan institution has focused connected continually improving its halfway target's accessibility to its stores. DG looks to work low-earning households who attraction astir worth for money. DG has been opening stores successful agrarian and suburban areas wherever location are fewer different unit options, allowing nan business to beryllium nan first prime for galore consumers. This allows nan institution to easy summation maturation successful areas successful which it faces little competition. Many of nan company's competitors do not attraction astir servicing these areas owed to nan debased maturation and margins that will travel pinch it. This has shown itself to beryllium a successful strategy truthful acold arsenic DG is focusing connected a conception of nan organization that is seemingly underserved, reducing competition. This comes pinch comparatively debased risk, pinch nan costs of a caller shop far beneath that of different retailers.

Expansion of merchandise offerings

Dollar General has been expanding its merchandise offerings beyond accepted discount products, into specified items arsenic foods. This perfectly complements its shop description arsenic galore consumers find convenience and frankincense worth successful being capable to shop for a big of products successful 1 place. From DG's perspective, they tin upsell products that consumers would different bargain from elsewhere, purely by having nan products successful position of consumers. Further, successful those locations wherever they are 1 of a fewer retailers, DG tin easy waste much arsenic consumers find themselves pinch small choice. DG tin compete connected value pinch almost immoderate big-box retailer, fto unsocial a section business.

Overall, DG's strategy is awesome successful our view. It is focused connected nan semipermanent improvement of nan business while being protect successful nature. The institution does not look a worldly consequence from e-commerce aliases nan system while exploiting manufacture weakness successful its halfway segment.


Dollar General Financials

Dollar General Financials (Tikr Terminal)

Presented supra is simply a breakdown of DG's financial capacity successful nan past decade. The wide appraisal is very positive, pinch maturation connected nan apical and bottommost lines.

Revenue has grown astatine an awesome complaint of 9%, driven by some fierce description s of their geographical footprint successful nan US and same-store sales. In nan astir caller quarter, DG achieved 6-7% aforesaid store-sales, which is an unthinkable capacity during specified times. Our position is that consumers are flocking to nan business much and much arsenic their financial position deteriorates. Looking ahead, our position is that beardown maturation should continue, arsenic Management continues this strategy of description .

With a business that targets nan discount segment, margins are not going to beryllium groundbreaking but nan institution has done good to support these nether control. GPM has remained level astatine c.31%, pinch a diminution successful nan astir caller periods arsenic a consequence of rising costs. Taking a blimpish view, it is apt margins whitethorn somewhat tick down further successful nan coming twelvemonth but stabilize and summation from past on.

S&A has grown successful statement pinch revenue, driven by labour and compensation costs, arsenic good arsenic occupancy costs. We would for illustration to person seen immoderate standard economies here, which nan institution has seemingly been incapable to achieve. For this reason, DG's EBITDA separator has remained level crossed nan humanities period.

Capex has contributed to nan little FCF successful nan existent period, pinch nan institution remodeling 485 stores and opening 268.

Overall, nan institution produces a beautiful charismatic income. The institution tin execute a resilient EBITDA margin, alongside FCF conversion successful nan region of 4-7%, erstwhile factoring a normal level of capex. When marrying these mean margins pinch nan existent growth, DG looks fantastic.

Moving onto nan equilibrium sheet, nan institution has aggressively accrued its debt, arsenic a intends of increasing nan business and backing distribution to shareholders. This mightiness look concerning but our position is that a 3x ND/EBITDA ratio is arsenic acold arsenic a institution should go, leaving immoderate separator remaining. Alongside an 18x sum of liking payments, we spot nary liquidity issues.

This does mean distributions will request to decline, pinch nan institution now incapable to money nan existent year's expenditure again. Assuming a akin FCF to FY22 successful FY23, DG would person a full warfare thorax of $2BN. When compared to a full distribution of c.$2.6BN successful nan LTM period, we could spot a diminution successful nan region of 35-55%. This is not perfect for investors intelligibly but we are seeing a akin pullback from a big of mature businesses.


Based connected our qualitative analysis, our position is that nan institution tin proceed anyplace betwixt 5-10%, purely done shop description supported by soft same-store growth. With economical conditions incapable to materially break margins, it is reasonable to presume these will proceed astatine their existent level pinch perchance immoderate betterment done efficiency. Finally, FCF should statesman to aggressively amended arsenic capex spending should soften compared to nan existent levels.

To summarize, our position connected nan adjacent 5 years are:

  • Revenue maturation of 5-7.5%.
  • GPM and EBITDA margins astatine existent levels, expanding by 100bps complete respective years.
  • FCF separator improving to 6-7% by FY27.

Peer comparison

Dollar wide target dollar character dillard's macy's Kohl's

Retailer comparison (Tikr Terminal)

Presented supra is simply a cohort of brick-and-mortar retailers pinch their cardinal financial metrics.

DG performs reasonably good against these businesses. The institution is arsenic as profitable connected an EBITDA level while producing acold superior growth. Only Target (TGT) performs astatine a akin level but is not forecast to turn arsenic quickly, owing to DG's fierce shop description .


Dollar wide target dollar character dillard's macy's Kohl's

Valuation (Tikr Terminal)

DG's awesome financial capacity and strategical occurrence are reflected successful nan company's existent valuation, pinch nan business trading astatine a noticeable premium to nan cohort chosen.

Our position is that an EBITDA trading premium beyond 10% looks to beryllium a agelong and truthful connected a comparative aggregate basis, nan institution looks overvalued by 6%.

The company's rate flows look acold much attractive, however, pinch our DCF suggesting a 3% upside. Our cardinal assumptions are:

  • An mean gross maturation complaint of 6%, followed by perpetual maturation of 2.5%.
  • A FCF conversion initially of 4%, trending up to 6%.
  • An exit aggregate of 14x, which is successful statement pinch nan company's historical average, arsenic good arsenic a discount complaint of 6%.

We are slightest assured astir our last 2 assumptions and truthful coming nan pursuing sensitivity analysis.

Dollar General DCF

Sensitivity of supra DCF (Author's ain calcs)

Final thoughts

DG's Management is laser-focused connected executing a awesome maturation strategy, achieving awesome financial results. Importantly, nan institution has shown itself to beryllium robust. Growth continues during weakening request and e-commerce has not wounded nan business. These are nan hallmarks of a semipermanent compounder. The institution is not perfect, however. Excessive distributions successful past years mean nan institution will apt request to slow down and nan institution commands a rich | valuation. Finally, nan valuation leaves investors nary headroom if nan institution does spot maturation slow to a halt, which is not retired of nan question. Our position would beryllium that nan banal value whitethorn inclination down arsenic investors reprice nan plus to bespeak a little level of dividends/BBs. We frankincense complaint nan banal a hold.

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