Disney’s Hotstar suffers outage in latest setback

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Disney+ Hotstar is suffering an outage for immoderate users successful India successful nan mediate of a celebrated cricket match, drafting flak from customers astatine a clip erstwhile nan Disney crown jewel is already facing respective setbacks successful nan South Asian market.

It’s unclear what prompted nan glitch, which Hotstar acknowledged arsenic “unforeseen method issues” crossed its apps and web. Domain registrar records show that Hotstar renewed nan domain name,, connected February 17. If Disney had concisely mislaid nan ownership of nan domain, it would return immoderate clip for nan caller alteration to bespeak to each users.

A Hotstar spokesperson did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

The outage comes amid nan ongoing high-profile cricket tourney betwixt India and Australia. Hotstar, 1 of nan astir celebrated video streaming services successful India, precocious lost nan streaming authorities to nan celebrated IPL cricket tournament successful what analysts opportunity could topple its customer guidelines successful nan country.

The patient is besides reportedly group to suffer rights to watercourse HBO shows successful nan country, according to Deadline.

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