Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (DLR) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE:DLR.PK) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 16, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Jordan Sadler - Investor Relations

Andy Power - President and Chief Executive Officer

Matt Mercier - Chief Financial Officer

Greg Wright - Chief Investment Officer

Chris Sharp - Chief Technology Officer

Corey Dyer - Chief Revenue Officer

Conference Call Participants

Ari Klein - BMO Capital Markets

Eric Luebchow - Wells Fargo

Jon Atkin - RBC Capital Markets

Michael Elias - Cowen & Co

Michael Rollins - Citi

Matt Niknam - Deutsche Bank

Frank Louthan - Raymond James


Good day and invited to nan Digital Realty Fourth Quarter 2022 Earnings Call. Please statement this arena is being recorded. [Operator Instructions] I would now for illustration to move nan telephone complete to Jordan Sadler, Digital Realty’s Senior Vice President of Public and Private Investor Relations. Jordan, please spell ahead.

Jordan Sadler

Thank you, Andrea and invited everybody to Digital Realty’s 4th fourth 2022 net convention call. Joining maine connected today’s telephone are President and CEO, Andy Power; and CFO, Matt Mercier. Chief Investment Officer, Greg Wright; Chief Technology Officer, Chris Sharp; and Chief Revenue Officer, Corey Dyer are besides connected nan telephone and will beryllium disposable for Q&A.

Management whitethorn make forward-looking statements, including guidance and underlying assumptions connected today’s call. Forward-looking statements are based connected expectations that impact risks and uncertainties that could origin existent results to disagree materially. For a further chat of risks related to our business, spot our 10-K and consequent filings pinch nan SEC. This telephone will incorporate non-GAAP financial information. Reconciliations to nett income are included successful nan supplemental package furnished to nan SEC and disposable connected our website.

Before I move nan telephone complete to Andy, fto maine connection a fewer cardinal takeaways from our 4th quarter. First, nan combination of beardown request and tightening levels of proviso are translating into broad-based value improvements, which is reflected successful nan accrued re-leasing dispersed expectations and nan affirmative inflection successful stabilized NOI maturation that we are forecasting for 2023. Second, we stay focused connected achieving nan highest imaginable returns connected finance and immoderate advancement connected this beforehand is evident successful nan sequential betterment successful our improvement pipeline yields. And third, arsenic astir of you already know, we person made immoderate changes to our guidance squad since we past reported. Andy and Matt some person a agelong history pinch Digital and arsenic expected, nan modulation has been seamless. But conscionable arsenic important, they besides bring caller position and power to their caller roles and nan squad remains excited astir nan opportunity that lies ahead.

With that, I’d for illustration to move nan telephone complete to our President and CEO, Andy Power.

Andy Power

Thanks, Jordan and acknowledgment to everyone for joining our call. While my sound is astir apt beautiful acquainted to astir of you, this is my first net telephone arsenic CEO of Digital Realty. I americium honored to lead Digital Realty’s unthinkable world squad and I americium optimistic and excited arsenic ever astir nan opportunity that lies ahead. I want to convey some nan Board for their assurance successful maine and nan support that they supply successful executing our strategy and convey Bill Stein, who I first met successful 2004 arsenic we worked together connected Digital’s IPO for his activity complete these galore years.

Finally, I want to convey nan galore customers, partners, squad members and shareholders for nan benignant words of support and encouragement that I person received complete nan past 2 months. When I joined Digital successful 2015, we are chiefly a North American standard information halfway provider. Since then, we person evolved nan institution to beryllium a world supplier of nan afloat spectrum of scale, co-location and interconnection solutions to amended service nan increasing needs of our 4,000 positive customers. Today, Digital is nan world information halfway leader pinch an unmatched footprint of complete 300 information centers successful complete 50 metro areas successful 28 countries connected 6 continents. Globally, our portfolio comprises of much than 2.3 gigawatts of IT load and we person different 400 positive megawatts nether construction. I americium highly proud of nan occurrence that we’ve had and nan position that we are in. But now is not nan clip to remainder connected our laurels arsenic nan way that has brought america to wherever we are coming will not get america to wherever we want to be.

In that being, we person swiftly taken action connected a fewer fronts. First, we quickly backfilled nan domiciled of CFO pinch my long-time finance partner, Matt Mercier. Matt has played a activity domiciled crossed Digital’s world finance statement for good complete a decade, including nan successful integration of aggregate level acquisitions and nan implementation of systems that will supply nan instauration for our operations and evolving strategy. Second, we aligned and mixed our strategy of business segments and investments squad to guarantee that we person nan correct capabilities and are making nan correct investments successful bid to present nan world gathering spot for work providers and enterprises.

Third, we moved to align each exertion nether our Chief Technology Officer, including our CISO and our precocious appointed Chief Information Officer which will support nan acceleration of our travel and personality arsenic some a exertion and a existent property company. Recent merchandise launches, including work fabric, show nan imaginable of bringing together invention and exertion to thief thrust our customers’ growth.

Lastly, we further streamlined our world operations capabilities to maximize nan imaginable of Digital Realty’s 300 positive information centers and our group nether nan trusted manus of a long-time integer leader pinch a way grounds of bringing world teams together. And present is what’s adjacent connected nan schedule successful position of nan apical strategical priorities.

First, arsenic depicted connected Slide 3, we will demonstrably fortify our customer worth proposition. Through nan continued execution of our gathering spot strategy by delivering sustainable connectivity-rich solutions to our endeavor and work supplier customers, which will construe into amended integrated maturation complete nan mean and long-term.

Along these lines, yesterday, we announced a caller AWS Direct Connect on-ramp astatine Digital Realty’s Ashburn campus, landing 1 of nan highest depletion markets and adding coast-to-coast U.S. sum to our robust existing portfolio of AWS Direct Connect locations crossed EMEA. And earlier this month, we precocious our committedness to sustainability pinch a caller 10-year powerfulness acquisition statement for 116 megawatts of renewable energy, supporting nan building of a caller star parkland successful Germany. Second, we are integrating and innovating our capabilities crossed our full unmatched world plus portfolio and person topped nan largest unfastened web level successful nan world. Many of these integration and invention efforts will use some our customers arsenic they activity to deploy caller and analyzable workloads connected nan starring information halfway level and our ain soul team, unifying our expertise to present worth to nan market. Lastly, galore of you are acquainted pinch my galore sportfishing poles successful nan h2o mantra. And successful this vein, we scheme to further diversify and bolster our sources of superior successful bid to support our customer’s quickly increasing integer infrastructure needs, while improving superior ratio and returns for Digital Realty investors.

The opportunity earlier america is tremendous. We person each nan cardinal ingredients astatine our fingertips and a agelong runway for growth. When I assessed nan integer infrastructure scenery today, including its basal prospects and past really Digital Realty is positioned wrong this sector, I’d opportunity nan following. First, request for our merchandise remains rather beardown and good supported by ongoing integer transformation, migration to nan cloud, and nan wide improvement towards centralized compute. As it goes, exertion begets technology. And nan maturation successful high-performance compute infrastructure has driven invention that tends to spur nan adjacent activity of maturation successful exertion that successful galore respects, advances productivity and hopefully, complete time, driving betterment to nan wide value of our lives.

While nan request drivers we person enjoyed for nan past decade continue, we whitethorn now beryllium connected nan precipice of nan adjacent activity of request that will thrust our assemblage for nan adjacent decade. For years, we person referenced caller exertion for illustration artificial intelligence and instrumentality learning arsenic imaginable drivers of demand, but location person been comparatively fewer identifiable workloads complete circumstantial infrastructure requirements tied to those circumstantial technologies. The motorboat of ChatGPT 3.0 is simply a seemingly important milestone. Microsoft’s incorporation of ChatGPT into Bing past week, Google is coming pinch nan motorboat of Bard and Baidu’s Ernie Bot each propose that we are connected nan forefront of nan broader preamble of AI, which could spawn a activity of take and a proliferation of usage cases and yet thrust request for compute infrastructure astatine scale.

This is our domain expertise. We are successful nan very early days of this exertion and its imaginable and person yet to spot nan effects of its preamble successful nan information halfway sector, but we are good positioned to support our customers and partners and we are moving diligently to understand really their requirements will germinate and making judge to incorporated these into our latest designs. Importantly, arsenic we acquisition pinch nan cloud, nan advent of caller exertion tin play retired complete a very extended timeframe. We person built Digital Realty pinch these timeframes successful mind and scheme to beryllium location to support our existing and increasing customer guidelines crossed nan globe successful nan future.

Let’s move to nan quarter. Our halfway FFO landed wrong nan implied guidance scope that we provided past 4th arsenic nan word that is taking style successful our halfway portfolio continued to summation momentum. Capping disconnected different grounds twelvemonth of bookings, caller leases signed moderated from nan grounds we achieved successful nan anterior quarter, but remained rather beardown and were highlighted by a bully rebound successful our 0 to 1 megawatt conception and grounds interconnection bookings.

Demand was geographically broad-based pinch beardown contributions from APAC, nan Americas and EMEA. This demonstrates nan breadth and momentum that we are seeing successful this business, which is simply a reflection of our ongoing effort to present nan gathering spot for our work supplier and endeavor customers. During nan 4th quarter, we added 106 caller customers, continuing nan streak of 100 positive caller logos that we person added each 4th since closing nan InterXion transaction astir 3 years ago.

One of our cardinal wins during nan 4th fourth was an description of our narration pinch Avnet, a starring world exertion supplier and solution supplier and a personnel of nan Fortune 500. Avnet Integrated has standardized connected PlatformDIGITAL for an first 3 marketplace deployment successful Northern Virginia, Dallas and Silicon Valley. This business enables high-performance, costs effective computing solutions that tin beryllium deployed quickly successful Digital Realty accommodation globally while mitigating consequence and complexity. A awesome world automotive shaper deploying internationally chose PlatformDIGITAL, leveraging Digital Realty’s unrivaled world footprint and expertise to negociate analyzable deployments. 4 of nan world’s largest financial institutions, including 3 of nan 10 largest successful Europe selected PlatformDIGITAL seeking network-oriented solutions ranging from hybrid IT, trading and marketplace information support to high-performance computing and more. A starring world plus head and work supplier leveraged Digital Realty’s HPE GreenLake confederation to importantly trim networking and IT infrastructure complexity. Importantly, pricing connected caller leases signed accrued yet again successful nan 4th fourth successful each of our business segments, marking nan 4th consecutive 4th of value improvements successful 2022.

We besides proceed to adhd much CPI-based escalators pinch astir 25% of nan recently signed leases successful nan 4th containing inflation-linked increases pinch fixed complaint escalators connected nan balance. We besides saw different 4th of affirmative leasing spreads connected renewals successful nan 4th quarter, helping to support a affirmative inflection for nan afloat twelvemonth 2022. While we admit that nan move was driven by nan spot successful nan 0 to 1 megawatt renewals, we are beyond nan constituent of excuses and telephone america and for illustration to item nan wood alternatively than nan trees and constituent to nan wide inflection successful marketplace rents and re-leasing spreads that took spot successful 2022 arsenic a whole. We expect marketplace conditions to stay supportive this twelvemonth and our guidance reflects a further inflection successful this affirmative inclination arsenic Matt will laic retired successful a fewer minutes.

Speaking of amended pricing, I’d for illustration to supply an update connected our largest marketplace successful Northern Virginia. We person continued to activity constructively pinch nan powerfulness supplier successful this marketplace and we are now pleased to beryllium successful a position to opportunity that we afloat expect to beryllium capable to present connected nan commitments that we person made to our customers wrong our improvement pipeline. So while conditions are acold from business arsenic accustomed successful this market, we are encouraged by nan advancement made complete nan past 90 days and stay hopeful that we will proceed to beryllium capable to activity pinch a section inferior supplier to support nan increasing needs of our communal customers.

Moving connected to our finance activity. During nan 4th quarter, we sold a 25% liking successful a information halfway successful Frankfurt, Germany to integer halfway REIT. The installation was weighted astatine astir $500 cardinal and nan transaction generated astir $150 cardinal of proceeds for Digital Realty. We besides acquired onshore successful 5 different metros for early development, including 2 integrated caller marketplace entries into Rome and Akra [ph]. Rome is 1 of nan largest cities successful Europe by population, but has been fundamentally ignored by world information halfway providers. We person acquired a parcel wrong 15 kilometers disconnected nan seashore that will make it an perfect interconnection constituent for early subsea cables that onshore successful Rome, thereby enhancing our position successful nan Mediterranean while serving arsenic a connectivity hub successful nan mediate of nan country.

Before turning it complete to Matt, I’d for illustration to reiterate my attraction connected ESG and stock immoderate of our caller advancement pinch you. We were recognized by a assortment of organizations for our ESG success, including for nan sixth consecutive year, Digital was recognized by NAREIT pinch nan Leader successful nan Light Award for Data Center sustainability. Sustainalytics precocious included Digital Realty successful nan 2023 top-rated ESG institution list. Newsweek precocious named Digital arsenic 1 of America’s astir responsible companies for 2023 and erstwhile again, Digital is 1 of nan JUST Capital’s Most JUST Companies.

In summation to these awards, fixed nan value of power security, readiness and sustainability, Digital remains keenly focused connected supporting nan improvement of renewable powerfulness projects. During 2022, we contracted for a full of 470 megawatts of renewable power and successful greenish entree to nan power grid and we already added different 160 megawatts of star powerfulness to our portfolio successful 2023. We are committed to minimizing our effect connected nan situation while delivering sustainable maturation for each of our stakeholders.

Before I move it complete to our caller CFO to reappraisal our financial results, fto maine present Matt Mercier to those of you who don’t already cognize him. Matt joined Digital successful 2006 and has been my right-hand man, helping maine tally Digital’s finance team. Matt has been intimately progressive successful astir each facet of finance astatine Digital from superior markets to M&A, FP&A, IR and each things world finance.

With that, I americium pleased to move nan telephone complete to our caller CFO, Matt Mercier.

Matt Mercier

Thank you, Andy. I americium privileged to win Andy arsenic CFO and humbled by nan opportunity to lead an incredibly tin team. Over nan years, I person had a chance to meet and walk clip pinch galore of you and I look guardant to catching up pinch each of you complete nan people of nan adjacent respective months astatine manufacture conferences and events that we are slated to attend.

Let maine jump correct into our 4th fourth results. We signed a full of $117 cardinal of caller leases successful nan 4th quarter, highlighted by beardown rebound successful our 0 to 1 megawatt conception and grounds interconnection signings, which accounted for 40% of full bookings. Demand was geographically diverse, peculiarly wrong nan greater than a megawatt segment, which saw astir moreover contributions crossed nan Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. 9 of our 10 largest deals successful nan 4th landed extracurricular of North America, pinch beardown contributions from Japan, South Africa, Latin America and Europe, demonstrating nan progressively world quality of our footprint and customer base.

At nan different extremity of nan scale, somewhat successful opposition to nan hesitation we noted connected our past call, we saw a bully bounce backmost wrong our smallest customer conception nether 500 kilowatts, which delivered nan 2nd champion quarterly leasing measurement of 2022 astatine nan highest mean complaint seen each year. Geographically, our 0 to 1 megawatt deals play to our strengths successful EMEA and nan Americas pinch EMEA mounting a quarterly grounds for 0 to 1 megawatt positive interconnection bookings.

Importantly, pricing connected caller leases signed accrued for nan 4th consecutive 4th successful each of our 0 to 1 and greater than a megawatt segments, reflecting improving fundamentals and tightening conditions crossed our regions. In nan 4th quarter, we knowledgeable astir 90% customer retention and a further simplification successful churn to conscionable 0.8%, marking nan lowest level successful astir 3 years, arsenic our customers’ integer infrastructure requirements proceed to increase, but nan imaginable of early readiness is decreasing.

Turning to our backlog. On Page 9, nan existent backlog of signed, but not yet commenced leases accrued to a grounds $477 cardinal astatine twelvemonth end, principally owed to nan inclusion of Teraco arsenic different signings were mostly offset by commencements. The lag betwixt signings and commencements moderated somewhat successful nan quarter, but remained elevated comparative to humanities levels astatine astir 15 months owed to a fewer larger longer word leases that require build-outs. Approximately, 60% of our grounds backlog is slated to commence passim this year, divided reasonably evenly passim nan first and 2nd halves.

Moving connected to Page 10, we signed $195 cardinal of renewal leases during nan 4th fourth pinch pricing increases of 0.8% connected a rate basis. For nan afloat year, we renewed astir $700 cardinal of existing business astatine a 1.8% summation connected a rate basis, a touch amended than our upwardly revised guidance of somewhat affirmative for 2022. Renewal rates successful nan 4th fourth for 0 to 1 megawatt renewals remained beardown crossed each of our 3 regions and were up 4.1% overall, nan strongest quarterly summation since adding interaction. As Andy referenced, we did spot a 3.6% diminution connected renewals successful nan greater than a megawatt class successful nan quarter, wholly owed to a azygous lease astatine a azygous asset. However, we saw a better-than-anticipated betterment successful marketplace rents and an inflection successful re-leasing spreads successful 2022. More importantly, marketplace conditions improved passim nan past twelvemonth and our guidance for 2023 reflects this affirmative trend.

Turning to our results. Digital Realty delivered operating and financial capacity successful nan 4th fourth that was mostly accordant pinch our expectations, highlighted by improving halfway operating performance, advancement toward enhancing our returns connected finance and accrued liquidity.

Let’s jump into nan metrics connected Page 11. In position of net growth, we reported 4th fourth halfway FFO per stock of $1.65, accordant pinch nan debased extremity of our implied guidance scope for nan 4th fourth and down 1% connected some a sequential and year-over-year basis, fixed a seasonal acceleration successful operating expenses, a important uptick successful liking rates and a afloat quarter’s dilution associated pinch nan acquisition of Teraco connected August 1.

On a changeless rate basis, halfway FFO was down 1% sequentially, but was up 2% year-over-year. For nan afloat twelvemonth 2022, we reported changeless rate halfway FFO per stock of $6.91, representing 6% maturation complete 2021. The betterment successful operating capacity is champion gauged by our stabilized aforesaid superior portfolio, which was challenged successful nan first half of nan year, but improved meaningfully successful nan 2nd half peculiarly successful nan 4th fourth erstwhile stripping retired nan sound related to FX.

Focusing connected apical line, information halfway gross maturation connected a changeless rate ground improved steadily passim 2022 expanding by 4% year-over-year successful nan 4th fourth compared to a 1.8% diminution successful nan first quarter, demonstrating nan move successful our halfway operations that we flagged past quarter. The sequential step-up from 3Q to 4Q was mostly driven by an 80 ground constituent betterment successful occupancy arsenic commencements outpace churn arsenic good arsenic nan use of affirmative re-leasing spreads and increasing interconnection revenues.

Turning to our rate descent connected Page 12. 56% of our 4th fourth operating gross was denominated successful U.S. dollars, pinch 20% successful euros, 7% successful British pounds, 6% successful Singapore dollars and 2% successful Japanese yen. The U.S. dollar reversed people from nan spot we person seen passim nan first 9 months of nan year, removing nan headwind connected reported sequential growth. Nevertheless, nan dollar was meaningfully stronger than it was versus 2021, negatively impacting our reported gross maturation and adjusted EBITDA maturation by astir 500 ground points a piece.

Turning to nan equilibrium expanse connected Page 13. Our reported leverage ratio astatine 4th extremity was 6.9x, while fixed complaint sum was astatine 4.9x. Given nan crisp betterment successful nan euro and nan lb successful nan 4th fourth and nan normal of really leverage is calculated pinch nan mean speech complaint utilized for calculated adjusted EBITDA and nan spot complaint utilized to people our indebtedness astatine year-end, our nett indebtedness to adjusted EBITDA was inflated by astir 0.2 turns utilizing nan mean speech complaint to people our indebtedness astatine year-end. Our leverage would beryllium 6.7x nett indebtedness to adjusted EBITDA.

Since our past call, we drew nan remaining $500 cardinal outstanding from our 2021 guardant equity offering and tapped our 5.55% 2028 notes for an further $350 cardinal to bring nan full magnitude raised connected that enslaved to $900 million. Since year-end, we besides closed a $740 cardinal 2-year word indebtedness pinch a 1-year hold option. It’s besides worthy mentioning that our finance people in installments ratings were affirmed pinch unchangeable outlooks by each 3 standing agencies since our past call.

While leverage is supra our humanities mean and our semipermanent target, we person bolstered our liquidity, and we intend to trim leverage towards our semipermanent target complete nan people of 2023. Our weighted mean indebtedness maturity is complete 5 years, and our weighted mean coupon is 2.7%. Approximately 86% of our indebtedness is non-U.S. dollar denominated, reflecting nan maturation of our world platform. Over 80% of our nett indebtedness is fixed complaint and 97% of our indebtedness is unsecured, providing ample elasticity for superior recycling. Finally, we person minimal near-term indebtedness maturities pinch only $100 cardinal maturing successful 2023, together pinch a well-laddered maturity schedule.

Lastly, let’s move to our guidance connected Page 14. We person provided an first halfway FFO per stock guidance scope for nan afloat twelvemonth 2023 of $6.65 to $6.75, reflecting level maturation astatine nan midpoint of nan range. arsenic nan betterment successful our stabilized portfolio is balanced by nan effect of higher liking disbursal and superior recycling. Focusing successful connected nan integrated betterment we forecast for 2023, we expect Cash and GAAP re-leasing spreads to amended to greater than 3%, aforesaid superior rate NOI maturation of 3% to 4% and an 80 ground constituent uplift successful full portfolio occupancy astatine nan midpoint of our expected scope by year-end.

Importantly, arsenic Andy referenced astatine nan outset, 1 of our cardinal priorities is to further diversify and bolster our superior sources, which is geared towards expanding our superior ratio and finance returns while reducing leverage towards our semipermanent target. As reflected successful this guidance, passim 2023, we expect to recycle superior from a operation of non-core dispositions, associated ventures of halfway assets and associated ventures of standard improvement successful prime halfway markets. In addition, we expect to use from precocious single-digit adjusted EBITDA growth, nan retention of free rate travel and nan moderation of caller rate headwinds.

This concludes our prepared remarks. And now, we will beryllium pleased to return your questions. Operator, would you please statesman nan Q&A session?

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions] And our first mobility will travel from Ari Klein of BMO Capital Markets. Please spell ahead.

Ari Klein

Thanks and congrats, Andy and Matt connected nan caller role. Maybe conscionable starting connected nan equilibrium sheet, nan $2 cardinal successful plus income and JV is targeted for nan year. Can you springiness america immoderate further colour connected nan divided betwixt nan two, nan types of assets, nan timing and pricing is simply a beautiful wide range? Anything you tin adhd connected that front?

Andy Power

Thanks, Ari. This is Andy. Why don’t I footwear it off, and past I’ll manus it to Greg on, telephone it, valuations and we will person successful a broader plus class. So it’s $2 cardinal astatine nan midpoint arsenic our backing plan. As a reminder, this has been portion of our playbook for respective years. I deliberation we’ve either sold outright aliases associated task adjacent to $4 cardinal of assets complete nan past fistful of years. The title is really threefold: 1 called rounding therapies aliases completion of our non-core assets, disposition program; trading outright to associated ventures astir our stabilized assets; and three, associated ventures astir our improvement program. Rough ballpark connected numbers, I would say, nan non-core dispositions are astir apt successful nan 500-ish area and nan different 2 buckets are taking up nan mostly of nan $2 cardinal astatine nan midpoint. Greg, do you want to travel successful connected valuations and broader?

Greg Wright

Yes. Thanks, Ari. Look, I deliberation erstwhile you look astatine nan – let’s look astatine first astatine nan stabilized JVs and nan improvement JVs, I mean, clearly, we are seeing beardown request for those assets. The backstage markets person a beardown bid for those assets fixed nan value of nan assets, stableness of nan income stream, nan creditworthiness of nan customer base. And nan fact, rather frankly, that’s a difficult plus people pinch beardown secular demands we’ve seen really a important rotation successful nan information halfway abstraction from backstage superior complete nan past mates of years. Not to mention beardown betterment successful pricing and little vacancies successful each of our awesome markets person really gotten investors’ attraction successful position of maturation potential. So connected that beforehand we still deliberation pricing has held successful there. We’ve seen immoderate transactions successful nan marketplace recently. There is been immoderate smaller transactions. We’re besides alert of 3 sizable hyperscale platforms wherever that pricing is staying beardown from what I understand. But what it tells america is that nan sellers and their equity backers, who we deliberation are sophisticated, are seeing beardown value. So simply put money connected nan sideline is outweighing nan finance opportunities.

And past successful position of headdress rates pinch respect to nan non-core plus sales, I mean, clearly, they are going to beryllium each complete nan spot for illustration we’ve seen successful nan past. As you recall, complete nan past fewer years, we’ve sold astir $2 cardinal of these non-core assets. And astatine immoderate point, we talked astir having astir $1.5 cardinal left. But look, I think, erstwhile you look astatine this, it’s important to understand that galore of these assets are astatine different stages. So headdress rates will extremity up successful a range, and you look astatine our scope correct now astatine 0% to 10%, and it intelligibly depends connected circumstantial conditions. For example, if we waste land, right, that’s a zero headdress rate. So location is simply a wide scope and it depends connected nan asset.

Ari Klein

Got it. And past conscionable possibly a follow-up conscionable connected nan leverage, if you do each this, wherever do you deliberation that gets you to exiting 2023? Thanks.

Matt Mercier

Yes. Ari, this is Matt. Thanks for nan question. So look, I deliberation pinch nan measurement that we’re looking astatine our scheme this year, arsenic Greg and Andy mentioned, successful position of $2 cardinal astatine nan midpoint for plus income and associated ventures, really being nan bulk of backing for our – nan improvement walk that we person left. And past if you look astatine – we’re looking astatine 8% to 9% maturation successful our adjusted EBITDA, which I deliberation will beryllium a large portion of our deleveraging scheme besides for this year. So without giving a circumstantial number, I would opportunity we’re going to beryllium good connected our measurement to bringing leverage backmost down person to 6x by nan extremity of nan year.


The adjacent mobility comes from Eric Luebchow of Wells Fargo. Please spell ahead.

Eric Luebchow

Great. Thanks for taking nan question. I conscionable wanted to touch guidelines conscionable connected nan wide request environment. It’s bully to spot a pickup successful benignant of immoderate of nan endeavor colo bookings. Maybe you could talk astir what you spot successful nan hyperscale funnel. We evidently heard immoderate a mates of hyperscalers talking astir a spot of a slowing successful gross growth, but it seems for illustration request remains beautiful robust, and possibly you could benignant of touch connected that for us?

Andy Power

Corey, do you want to deed connected nan request wide first?

Corey Dyer

Yes. I’ll deed nan request overall. Thanks, first of all, for nan question, Eric. Look, request remains arsenic beardown arsenic ever, and we’re much than happy pinch benignant of what our pipeline looks for illustration and whether aliases not we’ve sewage capable to support our request connected nan hyperscale extremity and really I should conscionable opportunity acknowledgment for nan nickname connected nan betterment astir endeavor and still 1 megawatt. But connected nan enterprise, we’re still seeing immoderate really beardown request crossed and crossed nan globe, really nan accepted ample build, but besides immoderate different interconnection needs. These hyperscalers are starting to travel up for their connectivity options. It’s really nan advantages that our portfolio plays retired for them. We’re seeing that proceed to turn that request from them, utilizing our level arsenic a gathering spot arsenic they request to heighten their connectivity requirement. And truthful you’re seeing that crossed some places. And I would show you that you besides spot nan merits of our narration astir nan opportunity to build up from nan activity position for them. When you deliberation done nan costs and nan trouble getting powerfulness that we person correct now, these hyperscalers and our narration pinch them proceed to evolve. I deliberation improved and nan worth that we proceed to bring to them will proceed to thrust request for america and spot nan pipeline build crossed each of our regions, truthful really happy pinch wherever we are connected that arsenic good arsenic nan travel backmost connected nan endeavor arsenic well. Thanks a lot, Eric.

Eric Luebchow

Great. And conscionable 1 follow-up, I conscionable wanted to touch guidelines connected nan renewal dispersed that you guided to this year. Any benignant of colour you tin supply connected really those will shingle retired versus nan greater than 1 megawatt versus nan sub 1 megawatt category? And are location immoderate markets I’m large successful Northern Virginia wherever proviso is highly limited, wherever you’re really starting to spot worldly rental improvements passim nan year? Thanks.

Andy Power

Sure. I mean I deliberation we’ve seen this pendulum connected pricing moving our favour now for respective quarters. It started to move astatine nan opening of 2022, summation steam, became much broad-brushed and I deliberation it was a operation of not only proviso and demand, but our worth proposition really resonating pinch our customer base. In a backdrop, we’re rather honestly, it’s ne'er astir apt been harder if you bring connected capacity, procure powerfulness arsenic good arsenic nan plus plan. This is – we ended nan twelvemonth wide successful affirmative territory. The little than 1 megawatt, which is becoming a overmuch larger and larger information of our gross guidelines evidently led nan way. We had immoderate affirmative quarters successful greater than net. We had immoderate somewhat antagonistic quarters. If you look astatine nan greater than 1 megawatt, again, and I cognize we’re really tied to making excuses. It takes 1 azygous woody conscionable to propulsion it down, conscionable telephone to 3% successful that class erstwhile predominant deals are moving successful affirmative territory. This twelvemonth is nan first called wide inflection to affirmative territory and rate mark-to-markets successful respective years, wherever we’re guiding to for 2023 will beryllium virtually nan champion rate mark-to-market inflection successful adjacent to 10 years for our business, and it’s evidently it’s progressively a melodramatic amount. And I deliberation each those things I conscionable mentioned successful position of our worth proposition arsenic good arsenic supply/demand moving successful our favor. Ashburn is – aliases Northern Virginia, excuse me, is simply a premier illustration of it. This quarter, 170 cardinal of gap, 50 almost 60 megawatts had almost nil Ashburn signings successful it. And you could opportunity past 4th did not person a ace ample magnitude either owed to, telephone it, nan tightness of that market, nan coming aliases deliveries aliases bringing connected much capacity. So we don’t person a h2o statistical group of information to constituent to. But what we’re seeing connected nan quotes going out, nan interactions pinch caller customers is that these rates are moving swiftly good past nan hundreds into nan overmuch much firmer territory and still person ways to spell successful position of runway.


The adjacent mobility comes from Jon Atkin of RBC Capital Markets. Please spell ahead.

Jon Atkin

Thanks. So I was willing successful conscionable benignant of large picture, your first convention telephone arsenic CEO, immoderate benignant of principles to underscore things to contemplate and things to beryllium putting into action astir changes successful wide operating practices, changes successful merchandise attraction strategy. I deliberation you already deed connected superior allocation, but conscionable immoderate benignant of large image benignant of items to telephone out? And past secondly, possibly for Matt, but arsenic we look astatine nan FFO per stock guidance for nan year, what are nan benignant of operating catalysts that you tin place that mightiness get neutral to nan precocious extremity of that range? I deliberation you talked astir renewal spreads, but what’s your screen complete benignant of hitting nan midpoint aliases possibly astatine nan midpoint based erstwhile you spot your commencement pipeline conscionable nan wide pricing comes? Thanks.

Andy Power

Thanks, John. I’ll tackle nan first 1 and past fto Matt show you really we’re going to hit nan guidance we conscionable put retired an hr agone successful existent clip to that one. So I won’t rehash it what was each passim nan book of what’s taking spot for nan past 60 days. But I tin show you, successful that clip had – I was capable to spot each 3 of our regions a batch of clip pinch customers, nan squad made it location for Valentine’s Day preschool and beryllium capable to put immoderate preliminary thoughts together connected apical priorities, which I outlined successful nan prepared remarks. But conscionable to rehash them successful a small spot greater detail. Obviously, first and foremost is demonstrably strengthening our customer worth proposition. That is number 1 for an important reason. We’ve evidently assembled successful a playful postulation of integer successful assets complete nan past respective years, some inorganically and organically pinch what we’re doing successful nan likes of Rome, Barcelona, Israel, crossed Africa. Mexico City and moreover truthful harnessing nan powerfulness of that level is benignant of nan afloat customer spectrum pinch this divers array of capabilities is going to beryllium key. I firmly judge successful delivering that to our customers pinch a world standard and consistency pinch existent section expertise and really go that gathering spot for some nan endeavor and nan work supplier customers positive successful 50 successful increasing metros northbound of 30 countries and 6 continents, each pinch nan vein of accelerating our pricing power, soul and integrated growth. Two, integrating and innovating is privilege number two. We’ve had years of M&A that is successful nan rearview mirror. Just rather frankly, I deliberation each nan captious puzzle pieces erstwhile it comes to what we do person been taken disconnected nan committee and we sewage much than our adjacent share. We request to complete that integration activity and complete our ain integer transformation, making it easier and for soul and outer customers and besides proceed advancing connected our innovation, some connected nan connectivity arsenic good arsenic nan beingness infrastructure front.

You’ve seen astatine nan likes of work fabric, which is conscionable still successful its infancy. And it’s sewage galore awesome maturation states to come. You’ll spot that connected nan abstraction and powerfulness beforehand aliases things for illustration Direct Connect, we landed successful specified a precocious depletion marketplace pinch AWS conscionable announced yesterday, on pinch pressing our sustainability activity and making judge that we are lifting nan barroom for our manufacture and our plus people and doing what’s correct for our customers and nan world we unrecorded in. All that is astir – it’s astir elevating a data-driven attack to each facets of our business. Last but not least, again, diversify and bolster our superior sources. It’s astir completing nan non-core dispose we’ve talked astir and past expanding our backstage superior business programs for some stabilized arsenic good arsenic improvement hyperscale assets pinch that successful mind of enhancing superior efficiency, accelerating maturation and returns to our integer shareholders. So that’s nan nuts and bolts of nan 3-point plan, and I’ll fto Matt tackle your 2nd question.

Jon Atkin

Yes. Maybe conscionable quickly conscionable quick, yes, if I could conscionable spot successful nan direction. On nan third-party backing of nan improvement pipeline, what are – you person not done that to my recollection recently. And I americium conscionable interested, are location peculiar challenges astir governance? Is it nan economics? Is it yet nan correct partner aliases nan correct projects? What are immoderate of nan benignant of factors that I deliberation it’s difficult connected that which you mightiness request immoderate benignant of little disbursal from JV done your improvement pipeline?

Andy Power

I deliberation you had six much questions successful there, Jon. But nan – arsenic Greg touched connected already, location is been a melodramatic rotation of superior into integer infrastructure. And location is conscionable not capable places to put it successful position of assets built aliases coming correct now. And we’re a awesome partner for that. We’ve had a history of partnership. We’ve done versions of this successful parts of nan world, beryllium it Latin America aliases Africa and expanding that usage of superior to – aliases telephone it, pinch accepted markets to accelerate our superior ratio and pat into nan resources of our level and monetize these agelong runways of maturation we person for nan hyperscalers is really nan playbook. So I don’t deliberation location is – we’re each astir trying to portion this together immoderate elemental fiduciary successful mind playbook, limiting assured games. So we’re going to beryllium looking and already person been talking to partners that are like-minded successful that attack semipermanent investors successful nan abstraction that really admit nan worth we present for our customers time successful and time out. Maybe Matt, do you want to quickly do Jon’s mobility because I’m judge we sewage a fewer of others arsenic well.

Matt Mercier

Yes. So, Jon, look, I deliberation to beryllium brief, we consciousness beautiful bully astir nan fundamentals of nan business. I deliberation that we person talked about, a number of america person talked about, pricing and request consciousness good. And therefore, that leads america to person beardown condemnation connected our aforesaid superior rate NOI maturation and nan associated mark-to-markets that are going to thief thrust that. And past connected apical of that, successful position of continuing to lease up our improvement pipeline, that goes backmost to, again, emotion beardown astir wherever we are successful nan request rhythm and our expertise to seizure that. So, what that leaves remaining, I would opportunity is timing astir erstwhile nan dispositions and nan associated task superior travel to close. And possibly last, I cognize we talked astir FX a batch past year. Right now, we are assuming that FX is neither a headwind nor a tailwind, but that’s besides thing we can’t power that could person influenced adjacent twelvemonth based connected wherever we are successful nan economy.


The adjacent mobility comes from Michael Elias of Cowen & Co. Please spell ahead.

Michael Elias

Great. Thanks for taking nan questions. My first mobility for you is, I mean you person talked astir establishing this world interconnection level and you person taken steps to do that pinch Telx, InterXion and past besides Telko [ph]. As we deliberation astir nan adjacent steps for you guys, what are nan astir meaningful steps you could return to accelerate your traction connected nan interconnection front, is it adding much unreality connected ramps? Is it building level capabilities, what is that? And past my 2nd mobility for you would be, successful nan past, you talked astir doing $1.5 cardinal of non-core plus dispositions complete nan coming quarters. And now it sounds like, we are astatine $500 million. Just wondering what changed successful position of your position connected nan dispositions, is it conscionable timing, aliases was nan headdress complaint situation not supportive of you getting nan valuations that you want? Thank you.

Andy Power

So, why don’t we return successful reverse, truthful Greg, why don’t you deed connected nan programme versus what gets done successful almanac 2023.

Greg Wright

Sure. Thanks Michael. I dream you are well. Look, I want to beryllium clear. First of all, we talked astir nan $1.5 cardinal estimate of non-core assets previously. I dream we made it clear that’s what was remaining. So, we sold $2 billion. And we said whether it was a 4th aliases 2 quarters agone that we had different $1.5 cardinal left. We didn’t propose that we were going to waste that each complete nan adjacent respective quarters, and we wouldn’t propose that. But instead, we said complete time. So, arsenic you look astatine that $1.5 cardinal and really it’s going to commencement to tally off, we earmarked astir $500 cardinal of that for ‘23. And if you look backmost astatine our level of activity, whether it was ‘22, ‘21, ‘20, location is evidently different volumes successful those years. It’s ne'er perfect. Things rotation complete from 1 twelvemonth to nan next. Quite frankly, from my perspective, whether it’s May aliases July, I don’t deliberation it really matters to opportunity whether it’s beforehand half of nan twelvemonth aliases nan backmost half of nan year. But look, that has not changed. And again, conscionable arsenic our headdress complaint scope this twelvemonth is zero to 10%, it was nan aforesaid past year, and nan volumes haven’t changed. So again, it’s – I would opportunity we are continuing to execute upon that programme that we articulated to nan marketplace a mates of years ago. Actually, it’s been 3-plus years agone now. And look, I would for illustration to deliberation we person done a beautiful bully occupation pinch it. So, that’s it connected that front.

Andy Power

And then, Michael, connected your 2nd question, listen, I deliberation I look astatine it arsenic a coming together of galore puzzle pieces here. One, we person been adding nan captious locations nan world that our customers request for a afloat level solution, turn to northbound of 50 metropolitan areas, 30-plus countries crossed six continents. And really, I would say, demonstrably starring sum successful immoderate of nan hardest parts of nan world pinch their irreplaceable level capabilities. Two, adding to that bequest magnetic destinations aliases customers and next-generation versions of those magnets. And we person seen galore of those property released crossed aggregate categories Others person little nary variety, but ensuring nan broadest attractiveness for our customer guidelines based connected our curation of our gathering subordinate community. Three, has been exertion to bear. Internal exertion I talked about. We person been eating our ain cooking erstwhile it comes to integer translator and tying this together for our soul squad members, which yet provides amended experiences for our customers and region nan clash successful their procurement and their business. And lastly, outer innovation, which we person been doing pinch nan likes of evolving from Service Exchange to ServiceFabric tying together our connectivity platforms. And past harnessing each that successful 1 level offering fundamentally that has nan champion of some worlds, a world platform, $50-plus cardinal endeavor serving nan largest customers to nan astir section customers and doing it that standard and expertise mixed pinch existent on-the-ground section experience. But Chris tin possibly adhd connected immoderate of nan exertion elements arsenic well.

Chris Sharp

Yes. I admit it, Andy. And convey you, Michael, for nan question. Yes, ServiceFabric, I mean it’s thing that we person talked astir for immoderate clip now. It’s a purpose-built merchandise that enhances nan customer experience. And we person been aligning pinch our customers to region that complexity. And rather frankly, it facilitates an easier process of deployment for our customers. And conscionable to underpin Andy’s benignant of position astir nan broader reach, I deliberation 1 of nan things that’s besides driving a batch of traction and worth to some our endeavor and our hyperscale customers arsenic an unfastened ecosystem that really accelerates nan maturation of nan endeavor and they tin lick much usage cases and much markets connected PlatformDIGITAL. And I deliberation that’s nan cardinal constituent that we are highlighting. And rather frankly, you are starting to spot moreover yesterday pinch nan announcement of nan on-ramp coming into Ashburn. That’s 1 of nan largest unreality operators aligning to 1 of nan largest markets for Digital Realty today. And I deliberation conscionable to underpin a mates of metrics. That’s 25 information centers pinch 500-plus megawatts. So, if you slow down and you deliberation astir that, nan worth that’s going to beryllium created and to beryllium further created successful that marketplace is demonstrable. And truthful nan underpinning of why we brought ServiceFabric to marketplace wherever we person purpose-built package developers, really we are moving that complexity and nan past portion is successful investing successful our customers. We don’t want to compete pinch them. So, you will spot nan likes of a further group of property releases coming retired pinch bare metals, security, it’s nan afloat culmination of what enterprises are looking to do connected that hybrid IT enablement, which is halfway to a wide swath of customers that we are servicing coming and rather frankly, that we will beryllium servicing successful nan not-too-distant future.


The adjacent mobility comes from Michael Rollins of Citi. Please spell ahead.

Michael Rollins

Thanks and bully afternoon. I conscionable want to besides widen my congratulations to Andy and Matt successful nan caller roles. If I tin inquire 2 financial questions. And I americium conscionable looking astatine Slide 14 from nan deck. So, nan first mobility is if you look astatine nan midpoint of gross maturation guidance for gross and EBITDA, tin you break retired nan integrated information of nan maturation comparative connected revenue, you will person power and you will person acquisitions and divestitures benignant of a operation of worldly arsenic you person been recycling assets and investing successful caller ones? And past for EBITDA, conscionable divided betwixt nan integrated and nan M&A impact? And past nan 2nd question, arsenic you look astatine nan EBITDA maturation and you look astatine nan halfway FFO per stock growth, what is holding backmost nan portion parts holding backmost halfway FFO per stock growth? And what are nan opportunities for Digital Realty to unlock that successful nan early and get backmost to spot a much accordant narration of nan EBITDA maturation comparative to what that halfway profit per stock maturation should do? Thanks.

Matt Mercier

Sure, Mike. So, let’s talk astir gross because I deliberation that’s nan 1 that’s sewage much – a small spot much to unpack successful it for erstwhile you are looking year-over-year. So, I deliberation arsenic astir of america know, powerfulness has been a large topic, and we expect to beryllium – proceed to beryllium a topic. We are, for illustration different operators seeing increases successful powerfulness costs, peculiarly successful EMEA. So, if you look astatine that growth, it’s astir 23% from 22%, nan midpoint 23%, astir 14% of that is tied to inferior reimbursements correlated to higher expected powerfulness costs. And conscionable a reminder, we expect nan mostly – I would opportunity nan mostly of our contracts are afloat pass-through. And moreover those contracts that are not afloat pass-through, we person for nan mostly of those, we person nan expertise to walk connected value increases, which we either person done aliases will do soon. So, we are not expecting immoderate aliases very minimal bottommost statement effect to our results successful ‘23 from higher powerfulness costs. So, that besides – erstwhile you past nett that down, you are talking astir about speaking, 9% maturation successful our rental and interconnection gross driven by nan business, which besides coincides pinch nan maturation successful adjusted EBITDA that you will spot location arsenic you do – arsenic you person done nan mathematics arsenic well. In position of past having that travel down to halfway FFO, look, I deliberation portion of that is what’s successful nan scheme this twelvemonth is to group america up for being capable to do that going forward, being capable to proceed to leverage nan fundamentals that are continuing to amended and accrue to our favour arsenic demonstrated by nan maturation of nan stabilized portfolio, truthful that erstwhile we get our leverage down and equilibrium expanse and a stronger position, we should beryllium capable to spot that going guardant successful ‘24.

Michael Rollins

And does that mean that nan PowerCo deal, nan recycling divestitures that you did, those are benignant of a neutral effect connected nan gross and EBITDA maturation rates for 2023 complete 2022?

Matt Mercier

So, nan – I conjecture I will reply that successful position of for illustration we are – obviously, timing is simply a factor, but our – nan disposition, telephone it, associated task superior scheme that we person laid out, nan scope takes into information those imaginable dispositions.


The adjacent mobility comes from Matt Niknam of Deutsche Bank. Please spell ahead.

Matt Niknam

Hey guys. Thanks for squeezing maine in. Andy and Matt congrats some connected your caller roles. I had a mobility astir nan proviso chain. I was conscionable wondering pinch proviso concatenation constraints loosening, are you seeing possibly immoderate of your larger customers moving slower aliases little actively engaged successful procuring abstraction they request possibly respective years retired giving shortening lead times. And past if I could conscionable sneak successful 1 more. I wanted to inquire astir nan dividend. We are talking a batch astir backing nan business done divestitures and whatnot. I americium conscionable wondering really possibly Matt aliases moreover Andy, you are reasoning astir dividend per share, optimal payout levels. And is that moreover a lever you would beryllium consenting to see to propulsion successful bid possibly to thief money nan business and de-lever faster? Thanks.

Andy Power

Thank you again. So, connected proviso chain, nan – I would opportunity location is simply a loosening, but I would opportunity we are not backmost to normal. And nan accumulation slots that go disposable look to get gobbled up quickly. So – I wouldn’t opportunity that location has been a relationship betwixt customer buying behaviors done to our proviso chains. I mean rather frankly, which is simply a contributor to nan pricing revival has been that nan request is remaining rather patient crossed nan committee for some endeavor and hyperscale business. And it’s outpacing proviso and proviso is – I deliberation that disconnect is successful galore money markets is going to proceed for immoderate time. You person sewage things for illustration powerfulness shortages, you person sewage municipalities, you person sewage permitting, you sewage biology impact. There is simply a full big of reasons why it’s a batch harder coming to bring connected capacity efficiently and effectively. I deliberation we successful our level guidelines retired supra many, fixed our expertise, our clip doing successful business, our relationships, our consistency. But it’s decidedly helping connected nan wide pricing dynamic. And I don’t deliberation I person seen a relationship to customers emotion nan luxury of clip erstwhile they are buying and particularly nan larger customers, I wouldn’t opportunity are taking a hold and spot owed to that whatsoever. Matt, do you want to grip nan dividend question?

Matt Mercier

Sure. I mean look, ultimately, nan dividend is simply a Board level decision. I would – what I would adhd connected to that is that it’s – successful wherever we are, we would – our nonsubjective is to maximize our free rate travel disposable to america to money nan business. And past successful narration to nan dividend, we want to make judge that we are paying retired 100% of our taxable income. We want to make judge that we person an due payout ratio. And past connected apical of that, we request to see immoderate of nan immoderate of our plans, which see imaginable for dispositions that could make superior gains that could besides beryllium portion of that analysis.


The adjacent mobility comes from Frank Louthan of Raymond James. Please spell ahead.

Frank Louthan

Great. Thank you. What, if you tin – a mates of questions connected Ashburn. If you could locomotion america done benignant of nan disposable powerfulness and benignant of nan assurance that you person that those large tons to beryllium location erstwhile you request them? And past benignant of a follow-up connected that, are you seeing immoderate changes successful nan buying patterns from your customers? Are they re-architecting deployments truthful that they tin push much things extracurricular of Ashburn to benignant of debar immoderate of these issues successful nan future? Any of that benignant of activity would beryllium helpful.

Andy Power

Sure. Thanks Frank. So, I mean Ashburn, I would opportunity overall, nan communicative remains nan aforesaid of what transpired astatine nan extremity of past summer. And nan powerfulness – incremental powerfulness deliveries into nan largest, astir robust successful nan first market, rather frankly, successful nan world, is going to beryllium restrained greatly for respective years. Last quarter, I fundamentally said I couldn’t guarantee it, but I person assurance that we, moving pinch nan powerfulness providers will beryllium capable to present connected our customer commitments, which represents nan lion’s stock of conscionable awkward of 80 megawatts we person successful our improvement cycle. Today, arsenic you heard successful my prepared remarks, we are bully to go. We will beryllium capable to present for those customers, and location is nary concerns astir nan powerfulness being available. What comes adjacent is still to beryllium determined. So IP, and again, akin coagulated answers I provide, I can’t committedness you this, I can’t guarantee it. But I do person a beardown magnitude of assurance that nan devices successful our instrumentality kit astatine Digital Realty, fixed our acquisition successful region, our captious and strategical landholdings, our breadth of infrastructure and our relationships will beryllium capable to beryllium imaginative successful position of bringing connected immoderate incremental powerfulness deliveries successful this bottleneck period. That is connected apical of what I would opportunity is, obviously, Ashford is our largest market. I conscionable looked astatine nan 2023 expirations, while we are – we surely person a higher retention, little churn twelvemonth expected comparative to anterior years. A ample information of our expected churn happens to beryllium successful Ashburn, which is simply a blessing fixed nan expertise to remarket that abstraction astatine higher and amended uses. So, each of these, but nan Ashford communicative aliases saga continues, but broadly, it is greatly improving nan pricing move to a overmuch much healthier situation for integer and different providers successful nan market. In position of buying patterns, conscionable tremendous magnitude of infrastructure crossed this portion of Northern Virginia is not really shifting large-scale request to different locations to immoderate awesome stakes. So, folks are still clamoring for disposable capacity aliases staying wherever they are pinch america aliases successful market, and we person not seen a title displacement connected this marketplace and it will return a fewer years, but nan Calgary is supposedly coming pinch caller powerfulness brining task successful nan region from nan South and nan North.

Frank Louthan

Okay. Great. Thank you very much.


That concludes nan question-and-answer information of today’s call. I would now for illustration to move nan telephone backmost complete to President and CEO, Andy Power, for his closing remarks. Please spell ahead.

Andy Power

Thank you, Andrea. So, successful my earlier remarks, I did mention thing we didn’t talk astir connected successful nan Q&A, but I do deliberation this is an incremental tailwind of request for our manufacture and Digital Realty arsenic it relates to AI-related applications that we judge is connected nan precipice of driving an incremental activity of demand. As a result, I conscionable precocious asked ChatGPT, really AI would effect request for information centers. Here is simply a summary of nan response, and I quote, “The effect of artificial intelligence and nan request for information centers is apt to beryllium important successful nan coming years. As AI continues to summation traction and much and much businesses adopt AI-powered solutions, nan request for information retention and processing is expected to summation significantly. AI besides has nan imaginable to create caller data-intensive applications specified arsenic autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and personalized medicine, further driving nan request for information centers. In short, nan effect of AI connected nan request for information centers is expected to beryllium important and companies operating successful this abstraction are good positioned to use from this trend.” Obviously, self-serving – but erstwhile you spot immoderate of nan invention that’s playing retired present and conscionable nan wide media successful nan news, this AI inclination has surely travel to fruition. And while this AI is surely still successful its improvement phase, we astatine Digital Realty, work together and excited – are excited by nan forecast that ChatGPT conscionable provided.

In closing, Digital Realty had a beardown 2022. We judge we are making nan due adjustments present and now successful 2023 to position america to return advantage of nan unthinkable opportunity that lies earlier us. I would for illustration to convey each of our information squad and exceptional squad members of Digital Realty and everyone connected this telephone for joining america today. Thank you.


The convention has now concluded. Thank you for attending today’s position and you whitethorn now disconnect.

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