Digging into Coinbase’s better-than-expected Q4 results

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Alternative gross sources whitethorn beryllium a cardinal facet for exchanges, arsenic Coinbase sees trading volumes fall, but different non-trading areas rise

Earlier this day Coinbase reported its fourth-quarter and full-year 2022 results. TechCrunch’s first look astatine nan numbers is here. In consequence to nan company’s earthy numbers, shares of Coinbase are disconnected astir 2.2% successful after-hours trading arsenic of nan clip of writing. (The institution initially fell overmuch further earlier recovering to affirmative territory, gains that it later shed up of its net call.)

In mentation for today’s information download from nan American cryptocurrency exchange, TechCrunch identified a number of questions that we wanted to answer, including queries relating to nan company’s gross mix, user activity, and expertise to take sides its interest return complaint during nan present-day crypto downturn, aliases winter.

Let’s spot what we tin study from nan caller data.

Questions, Answered

Starting pinch gross mix, successful nan 4th fourth of 2022 Coinbase saw its trading revenues fall, and its non-trading revenues emergence erstwhile compared to nan 3rd 4th of nan aforesaid year. This mostly answers our query regarding wherever Coinbase’s apical statement would travel from successful a world of much constricted trading activity.

Of nan company’s $604.9 cardinal worthy of nett gross successful nan 4th quarter, immoderate $282.8 cardinal came from subscription and services revenues, aliases conscionable nether 47%. That aforesaid fig was 36.5% successful Q3 2022, and 8.6% successful nan year-ago period.

Put simply, Coinbase has undergone a monolithic gross constitution alteration from trading incomes comprising nan immense mostly of its apical statement to simply half; nan displacement was much driven by falling trading revenues, but connected a year-over-year basis, Coinbase’s “subscription and services” gross roseate a respectable 32.5%. In a crypto winter, that’s thing to sneeze at. (Coinbase benefited from a rising liking complaint ambiance erstwhile it came to income generated from liking itself successful nan 4th fourth erstwhile compared to nan year-ago period.)

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