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DEAR ABBY: My grandson’s friend’s father, “Jake,” and I person been friends for galore years.

There was an incident that arose erstwhile his boy came complete to bent retired pinch my grandson. They are some 11. I had antecedently made plans to spell somewhere, truthful I near The boys pinch my boy and his wife, my grandson’s uncle and aunt.

Jake became very upset and told maine it was unacceptable that I near his boy pinch my family. I had talked to Jake’s ex-wife, pinch whom I’m close, and told her I was going to time off her boy pinch my son. She said it was OK.

The different day, Jake and I were astatine an arena together. I near earlier having to speak pinch him. He sent maine a matter The adjacent time saying, “Let’s get past this truthful we Can beryllium cordial.” I was wounded that he made specified a large woody retired of it.

Was I wrong?


DEAR HURT: I neglect to understand why Jake felt your beingness was required erstwhile he dropped disconnected his son. Clearly, he knows he overreacted and is now trying to make peace.

Because The boys are close, I deliberation you should judge The oliva branch and move on. There is thing to beryllium gained by extending this unfortunate incident further.

DEAR ABBY: I applied to beryllium a supervisor astatine The institution wherever I work. Unfortunately, I didn’t get The job. One of my co-workers, who held The aforesaid position I did (though pinch importantly less years of acquisition astatine The company), was fixed The occupation instead.

Initially, I tried to motion it disconnected and continued moving arsenic usual. Unfortunately, I find I americium nary longer capable to do that.

Since this co-worker is now my boss, I sometimes person dictation/instruction from them, which makes maine uncomfortable. I person begun to consciousness suspicious — I’ll admit that.

I person worked present for 10 years now, and The truth that I haven’t been capable to move into a higher position has weighed maine down. For financial reasons, I can’t resign. Somehow, I person to make this caller reality work.

How do I free myself of these feelings of jealousy and study to proceed pinch my caller boss?


DEAR STUCK: One measurement to do that would beryllium to punctual yourself regularly why you are there. Bottom line: You request The money.

Life isn’t ever fair, truthful effort harder to judge it. While you are doing that, it couldn’t wounded to look astir to spot if immoderate different companies are posting occupation openings. If you find any, make clip for an interview, and — if you are hired — springiness your notice.

DEAR ABBY: My 2 sons don’t get on astatine all.

One is moving from overseas to The metropolis wherever I live. The boy who is now surviving in my metropolis is furious. He says he won’t spot maine anymore because he knows his relative will beryllium staying pinch maine for a short while.

This tears maine apart, particularly because my sons’ children are involved. Therapy hasn’t seemed to work. Any ideas?


DEAR TORN UP: As a matter of fact, I do person one: Do not licence your boy to emotionally blackmail you. Tell him that you, not he, will determine who you person nether your roof, and if he follows done connected his threat, The group who suffer will beryllium his children, not you, and not his brother.

Then put your ft down and instrumentality to it.

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, besides known arsenic Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby astatine aliases P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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