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Tenjutsu | Reveal Trailer

During this year’s Devolver Direct, we sewage our first look astatine a roguelike called Tenjutsu, The adjacent crippled from erstwhile Dead Cells designer Sébastien Benard.

Tenjutsu’s uncover trailer features immoderate slick animation that shows The game’s main character, a “renegade Yakzua,” arsenic she fights immoderate criminals. We past spot gameplay, and it becomes clear that Tenjutsu is simply a top-down action roguelike hit ’em up wherever players effort to past arsenic they conflict enemies, cod rate and different buffs, and upgrade parts of The metropolis she’s saved to person amended shops and restaurants to extremity at.

A property merchandise revealed a spot much astir Tenjutsu’s lore, explaining that it takes spot in a spot in Secret Garden City, which is controlled by 4 yakuza syndicates. The main characteristic goes rogue and past fights to liberate The metropolis from those 4 syndicates in immoderate bid players want. It looks for illustration Tenjutsu will springiness players The leeway to return a batch of clip to research The city, but a strategy wherever enemies get harder to hit The longer it takes players to complete a tally has besides been teased.

Gameplay from Tenjutsu.Devolver Digital

If you’re unfamiliar pinch Sébastien Benard, he was 1 of The first 2 developers who worked connected Dead Cells astatine Motion Twin and should beryllium considered The superior designer of The beloved roguelike. He departed Motion Twin in 2019 arsenic improvement duties for Dead Cells post-launch went to Evil Empire and Motion Twin started exploring its adjacent project, which we now cognize arsenic Windblown. After that, Benard formed his ain institution called Deepnight Games, and has been moving connected smaller titles. Tenjutsu is decidedly Deepnight Games’ biggest merchandise yet.

At this time, Tenjutsu does not person a actual merchandise window, arsenic Devolver is simply saying it will beryllium released for PC and consoles sometime in The future.

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Summer Game Fest 2024: How to watch and each confirmed announcement

The charismatic logo for Summer Game Fest 2024

Summer Game Fest will return for The 5th twelvemonth in a statement today, and pinch that comes a kickoff showcase. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, this show is poised to characteristic tons of breathtaking crippled reveals, caller trailers for highly anticipated games, and much from each corners of The crippled industry. Some large reveals are already confirmed for The show, including a caller crippled from 2K and a caller trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds.

No matter what level you bask playing video games on, this is 1 showcase everybody should beryllium tuning into this summer. If you're readying to do so, we're present to thief pinch this roundup of each The applicable accusation astir erstwhile and wherever to watch it, arsenic good arsenic each of The announcements already confirmed to hap astatine it.
When is Summer Game Fest 2024
The Summer Game Fest 2024 kickoff showcase will statesman today, Friday, June 7, astatine 2 p.m. PT. Typically, these Summer Game Fest showcases past location betwixt an hour-and-a-half to 2 hours. It's past instantly followed by a Day of The Devs showcase highlighting indie games.
How to watch Summer Game Fest 2024

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5 video crippled reveals we’re dying to spot this summer

Samus Aran stands gangly in Metroid Prime Remastered.

It’s The astir breathtaking clip of twelvemonth to beryllium a video crippled fan, arsenic almost each notable video crippled patient is getting fresh to driblet caller showcases highlighting upcoming games. Across Summer Game Fest, Xbox Games Showcase, and The adjacent Nintendo Direct, we’ll person a ton of caller video games to beryllium excited about. Although titles for illustration Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 person already been confirmed for immoderate of these shows, The nosy portion of this summertime gaming marathon is predicting what’s going to show up.

There are 5 announcements in peculiar that I’m hoping to spot during this summer’s showcases. From games that person leaked, but not been officially confirmed to titles announced years agone that person gone acheronian since, each of these will apt jump to The apical of my individual astir anticipated database if they are shown disconnected during a showcase this summer. With immoderate luck, they’ll beryllium retired not agelong after.
The reemergence of Metroid Prime 4

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Hey PlayStation, I’ll return much games for illustration Astro Bot, please

A robot flies connected a controller in Astro Bot.

Sony kicked disconnected a marathon of gaming reveals this week pinch an breathtaking State of Play stream. The 30-minute broadcast shed immoderate ray connected what's coming to The PlayStation 5 in The backmost half of 2024 and beyond. We saw an extended look astatine Concord, sewage a merchandise day for Bloober Team's Silent Hill 2 remake, and learned much astir Supermassive's Until Dawn remake. But The astir breathtaking announcement of The show wasn't a live-service shooter aliases a crippled pushing photorealistic visuals. It was a tiny small robot who stole The show.

Astro Bot sewage The last slot during The State of Play watercourse -- and for bully reason. Sony revealed a delightful trailer for its upcoming platformer that had societal media buzzing. Even this morning, you'll find "GOTY" (game of The year) trending connected X (formerly Twitter) and posts preemptively crowning Astro Bot as 2024's champion game.

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