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The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 representation for AMD Ryzen 7000.Corsair

The 2 main memory types for modern computers are DDR4, and DDR5. Together they span a number of processor and motherboard generations crossed desktop PCs and laptops, and though DDR4 mightiness beryllium The much celebrated representation type for now, that is slow changing. With The merchandise of Ryzen 7000-series processors and Intel’s 12th, 13th, and 14th generations, DDR5 memory is becoming acold much prevalent.

With AMD you don’t person a choice, but for now, pinch Intel you do. That Can make it difficult to determine whether DDR4 aliases DDR5 are The amended prime for your adjacent system. And is worthy upgrading to thing newer to get entree to this newer, faster memory?

Here’s a comparison betwixt DDR5 and DDR4 to thief you make an informed prime regarding The astir suitable representation type for your upcoming upgrade.

Pricing and availability

DDR5 RAM pricing has seen a monolithic simplification since its preamble in 2021. Then, you were looking astatine complete $1,000 for 16GB. Today, astir waste for astir $3 per gigabyte, which intends you Can drawback 16GB of DDR5 RAM for little than $50. That’s a monolithic value trim and intends that not only Can you get The bare minimum of representation for very small investment, but you Can see upgrading to ample and faster kits too. It’s not moreover that costly to get 32GB aliases moreover 64GB in 2024.

If you want greater velocity and amended timings erstwhile stacked against The champion DDR4 RAM, you’ll person to salary more, though. For example, a decent 16GB kit in The 5600MHz scope will tally you astir $40-50. But if you spell up to 32GB of dual-channel DDR5 RAM astatine 5600MHz, you’re looking astatine spending astir $100-120. Still, that’s unthinkable worth considering wherever prices were conscionable a fewer years ago, and pinch The latest generations of CPU benefitting from faster and faster memory, upgrading to a bigger and faster kit could beryllium The measurement to spell to boost your PC’s performance.

DDR5 is already modular pinch Intel’s Alder Lake 12th procreation and The much caller Raptor Lake 13th generation and its 14th procreation refresh, while connected The different broadside AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPU exclusively uses DDR5 RAM. Future generations of Zen 5 CPUs from AMD, and Arrow Lake processors from Intel, are apt to beryllium DDR5 exclusives.

Acquiring DDR5 RAM for your civilization PC is now arsenic effortless arsenic obtaining DDR4. Simply research options astatine retailers for illustration Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, aliases your preferred electronics store, wherever you’re apt to find a wide array of choices available.

Our hands-on tests

We tested both DDR4 and DDR5 connected Intel’s 12th-gen i9-12900K in May, and our tests recovered DDR5 was an mean of 11% faster crossed different testing benchmarks.

A array showing DDR5 and DDR4 benchmark resultsImage utilized pinch support by copyright holder

The results depended mostly connected The benchmarking package used. As you Can see, DDR5 performed only 7% faster than DDR4 in a 3D Mark Time Spy trial but blew DDR4 retired of The h2o in some Geekbench 5 tests.

It’s important to statement that DDR5 gives Alder Lake an advantage, which intends Intel’s 12th-gen chips activity champion erstwhile coupled pinch DDR5 RAM. You’ll spot akin capacity advantages of higher-speed DDR5 representation pinch newer Intel 13th and 14th procreation processors, too, since they are some newer architectures that Can amended return advantage of higher representation speeds, and travel pinch amended autochthonal support for faster RAM. There are diminishing returns, pinch The very fastest kits mostly useful for benchmarking alternatively than existent world capacity advantages, but The action is location if you want it.


Memory capacity is limited connected a number of factors, but The biggest differentiator betwixt different kits is speed.

This is measured in Megatransfers per second, aliases MT/s, though it’s often fixed arsenic an MHz rating. In either case, The effective capacity number is The same, truthful it Can beryllium utilized interchangeably.

The DDR4 modular is disposable in a scope from 1,600MHz to a highest of 3,200MHz. However, manufacturers person introduced DDR4 representation kits that surpass these limits significantly. By harnessing automated overclocking done utmost representation floor plan (XMP), these kits person enabled moreover higher speeds. While kits Can of 4,000MHz are not uncommon, location person been instances of exceptional kits exceeding 5,000MHz. The tangible capacity benefits of specified high-speed representation mightiness not beryllium obvious, starring to these kinds of kits being some uncommon and costly, yet they do so exist.

Curcial Ballistix Max DDR4 5100MHz kit being installed.Crucial’s Ballistix Max scope offers immoderate of The highest DDR4 representation speeds. Crucial

DDR5, connected The different hand, has its ain scope of standards, starting astatine 4,800MHz and moving up to 6,400MHz. As pinch DDR4, though, location will beryllium faster representation disposable in The future, and manufacturers person already begun announcing kits acold in excess of The DDR5 standards. Various manufacturers person shown disconnected kits that Can run in excess of 8,000 MHz, and immoderate impervious of concepts moreover spell northbound of 12,000 MHz.

DDR5’s earthy velocity acold surpasses that of moreover The fastest DDR4 astatine The apical end, while The midrange hovers astir The 5,000MHz mark, which is for illustration The apical extremity of DDR4 RAM.

Timings are The different broadside of The capacity coin. They power The latency of definite representation functions and Can person rather a melodramatic effect connected The real-world capacity of memory. Although they are almost ever looser connected higher-frequency representation and will beryllium connected DDR5, it is improbable that they will origin DDR5 to execute worse than DDR4.

DDR5 besides improves The transmission architecture of The memory, utilizing 2 smaller channels, alternatively than a azygous larger one, to grip representation access. The width of The transmission remains The same, but 2 smaller channels whitethorn amended efficiency, which could thief springiness DDR5 different capacity separator complete its last-generation rivals.


One of The awesome changes pinch DDR5 astatine The architectural level is that The dies are doubly arsenic dense compared to DDR4. When mixed pinch caller spot designs, that intends that wherever DDR4 representation chips could beryllium manufactured astatine up to 16GB, DDR5 chips Can beryllium made pinch capacities up to 64GB. That should lead to larger-capacity representation sticks. While 128GB of representation in a azygous instrumentality seems a apt option, Samsung has a whopping 512GB DDR5 stick.

There are very fewer mainstream applications for specified representation capacities, but if The action is location for greater instrumentality capacities, it makes longer-term upgrades a small easier to scheme retired and opens up The anticipation of greater representation capacities connected smaller systems for illustration Mini-ITX builds.

Want to cognize how overmuch RAM you need? Check retired our guide.

Power and thermals

As has been The lawsuit pinch each procreation of DDR representation that came before, DDR5 demands little powerfulness for its improved performance. Where DDR4 has a modular voltage request of 1.2v, DDR5 sips conscionable 1.1v. This plays a portion in reducing powerfulness depletion in mobile devices for illustration laptops and tablets.

Typically, a little voltage would propose The electronics would tally cooler, but that is not The lawsuit pinch DDR5. DDR5 kits person The voltage regulator for The representation connected The modules themselves, alternatively than connected The motherboard.

That, mixed pinch The improved capacity and overmuch greater density of The representation chips, intends DDR5 runs hotter than DDR4. This intends you’ll want to make judge you person compatible power sinks earlier installing DDR5 RAM.

DDR5 is better, but astatine what cost?

DDR5’s capacity reaches much than double The fastest DDR4 modules. Coupled pinch Intel 12th-gen, 13th-gen, and 14th-gen processors aliases The AMD Ryzen 7000-series processors, PCs are faster and much powerful than ever before. The little prices coming are a existent prize to anyone looking to upgrade.

DDR5 has immoderate issues pinch power performance, but it’s not thing a well-cooled instrumentality can’t handle. DDR4 is simply a acquainted modular recovered in astir computers built since 2015, and The apical extremity will service you well. However, if you want to future-proof your computer, you should upgrade to DDR5. This is The caller standard, and DDR4 is quickly becoming obsolete.

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