Daily Crunch: Pentagon locks down unsecured email server that exposed sensitive military data

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Hello! If you had nan time disconnected for President’s Day, we dream it was a serene modulation into activity today. Please nonstop bully vibes to Haje arsenic he figures retired what to do pinch his damaged car (it’s a agelong story). Meanwhile, today’s Black History Month proposal comes from Henry connected “Blues Legacies and Black Feminism” by Angela Davis. Let’s excavation in. — Christine

The TechCrunch Top 3

  • What happens erstwhile thing is unsecured?: Well, unluckily for nan U.S. Department of Defense, it meant that delicate subject emails get leaked, Zack reports.
  • “That’s nary satellite — it’s a abstraction station”: Vast makes its first acquisition of Launcher successful a move that brings it person to building artificial gravity abstraction stations successful debased Earth orbit. Aria has more.
  • Success breeds IPO: Shared conveyance institution Lime reported its first profitable year, pinch Rebecca penning that “Lime has figured retired really to make shared micromobility a sustainable business.” So what happens erstwhile you are bully astatine what you do? The institution is now eyeing an first nationalist offering.

Startups and VC

FreshToHome, an Indian nutrient startup going aft a portion of nan country’s nutrient transportation market, has a caller backer successful Amazon, which led a $104 cardinal information successful funding. Manish writes that this finance marks nan largest cheque Amazon’s Smbhav Venture Fund has written frankincense far. Meanwhile, FreshToHome has made a sanction for itself, expanding its beingness by 100% complete nan past year.

Now present are 5 more:

  • Rolling retired nan HR reddish carpet: Human resources payroll supplier Workpay grabbed $2.7 cardinal as it prepares to motorboat its services to 40 countries crossed Africa, Annie reports.
  • “The upstream of getting a assemblage degree”: That’s nan word Kempus’ co-founders are utilizing to picture really nan institution wants to beryllium nan eventual app for sharing assemblage hacks, Rita writes.
  • Putting nan pep backmost into presentations: Presentations often deficiency pizzazz and return much than a basking infinitesimal to create. Chronicle wants to alteration that pinch its tool for making presentations that won’t put you to sleep, Catherine reports.
  • Crypto hunt acquired: Kaito, an AI-powered crypto hunt engine, now has $5.3 cardinal successful its pouch to improve browsing pinch AI and ChatGPT, Jacquelyn writes.
  • More layoffs: Following its Series C, South Korean agtech startup Green Labs is laying disconnected employees arsenic it restructures aft moving retired of funds, Kate reports.

5 strategies for managing paid customer acquisition during a downturn

When economical conditions change, companies set their trading tactics: When nan pandemic began, junk message volumes fell dramatically. After vaccines rolled out, mailboxes were erstwhile again afloat of irrelevant offers.

Paid trading is simply a halfway maneuver for early-stage startups, but this downturn is simply a bully clip for founders to reexamine customer acquisition strategies, says Brian Rothenberg, an finance partner astatine early-stage VC money Defy.

“Capital is much costly now than it’s been successful years,” he writes successful TC+. “Where other tin you put to thrust higher returns and to build a much durable competitory advantage?”

Two much from nan TC+ team:

  • Counting down to Q4: Please invited Alex backmost from paternity leave! He knocks out 3 questions for Coinbase arsenic its fourth-quarter net travel today.
  • As agelong arsenic it’s viable: For each those moving connected your minimum viable product, Haje has immoderate proposal for you: It doesn’t request to beryllium perfect; it needs to beryllium shape appropriate.

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Big Tech Inc.

It was “game on” for hackers today. First, immoderate hackers allegedly stole Activision games and worker data, Lorenzo reports. The institution said nan breach happened successful December and was confirmed by a gaming blog. Stay tuned for much connected that. Also, Coinbase is claiming that nan aforesaid hackers that targeted hundreds of different companies, nan alleged 0ktapus hackers, stole immoderate of its employees’ information, Carly writes.

In nan ongoing speech astir really ChatGPT is taking complete nan world, Mark Harris weaves for america nan web of nonprofits accelerating Sam Altman’s AI vision.

And we person 5 much for you:

  • Reaching for nan stars and landing successful nan clouds: Amazon launches 2 services to build and run networks successful nan cloud, Ingrid reports.
  • Flashing lights: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into Tesla aft 1 of its vehicles collapsed into a occurrence truck. Rebecca has more.
  • Get paid: India and Singapore linked their integer payments systems, Manish reports.
  • TikTok connected nan clock: Aisha has a brace of TikTok updates, including that nan societal media elephantine is expanding its investigation API to nonprofit world institutions successful nan U.S. and its “Creativity Program” is now successful beta.
  • In connected nan action: Rita reports that a caller norm successful Hong Kong astir ample unit crypto trades shows nan city’s desire to beryllium a crypto hub.
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