CrossAmerica Partners LP: 9% Yield At The Pump

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We've owned CrossAmerica Partners LP (NYSE:CAPL) disconnected and connected for years. Like galore different energy-related stocks, CAPL's fortunes person waxed and waned complete nan past decade. At 1 point, backmost successful Q3 '17, guidance had raised nan quarterly distribution 13 consecutive times, but past trim it successful Q2 2018, to $.525, wherever it has remained, including nan latest payout, which went ex-dividend successful early February.


CAPL is simply a wholesale supplier of centrifugal fuels, convenience shop usability and proprietor and lessee of existent property utilized successful nan unit distribution of centrifugal fuels. CrossAmerica Partners distributes branded and unbranded petroleum for centrifugal vehicles successful nan United States to astir 1,750 sites located successful 34 states; and owned aliases leased astir 1,150 sites. (CAPL site)


CAPL site

In 2019, finance entities controlled by Founder and existent Chairman, Joe Topper, purchased 100% of nan liking successful CrossAmerica’s General Partner.

CAPL has 2 main segments:

Its Wholesale conception has 2 areas of attraction - it distributes branded and unbranded centrifugal substance to ~1,750 sites located successful 34 states. It provides substance to respective different types of customer sites, including independent dealers, lessee dealers, CAPL company-operated stores (Retail Segment), and committee agents.

The Wholesale conception besides leases aliases sub-leases sites utilized successful nan unit distribution of centrifugal fuels. These are usually triple-net leases, and are mostly for 3-10 twelvemonth terms. There are ~900 sites generating rental income. CAPL owns 60% of these properties.

The Retail conception owns aliases leases convenience shop operations, C-stores, pinch ~253 unit sites. CAPL retains each profits from centrifugal substance and convenience shop operations astatine these sites.


CAPL site


CAPL had a very beardown Q3 '22, during which it had 3-digit maturation successful Operating Income, Adjusted EBITDA, and DCF. Its Distribution Coverage ratio jumped 67%, to 2.55X, vs. 1.53X successful Q3 '21:


CAPL site

After nan pandemic challenges of 2020, CAPL's gross bounced backmost successful 2021, rising 85%, arsenic nan US reopened. EBITDA was up astir 15%, while Distributable Income, DCF, was flat.

Q1-3 2022 had very beardown growth, pinch Revenue up 53%, Net Income up 382%, EBITDA up 57%, and DCF roseate 51%. Like we've seen pinch astir different companies, Interest Expense roseate significantly, from $12.3M to $22.33M.

CAPL had a $1.2B, (54%) summation successful its wholesale conception revenues chiefly attributable to a 52% summation successful nan mean regular spot value of WTI crude lipid to $98.96/barrel for Q1-3 '22, vs. $65.05/barrel successful Q1-3 '21.

There was an $800M, (84%) summation successful its unit conception revenues successful Q1-3 '22, chiefly attributable to a 43% summation successful nan mean unit substance price.


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At its 2/17/23 $21.69 closing price, CAPL yields 9.68%. As noted above, guidance has kept nan quarterly payout astatine $.525, aft cutting it successful Q2 2018, hence nan -3.18% 5-year dividend maturation ratio.


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With nan large jump successful DCF, and nan dependable distributions successful Q1-3 '22, CAPL's Distribution sum facet surged to 1.8X, vs. 1.19X successful Q1-3 '21:


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CAPL issues a K-1 taxation shape to portion holders.

Profitability & Leverage

ROA and ROE flip-flopped successful Q3 '22 vs. Q3 '20, but remained supra average. Net Debt/EBITDA improved to 4.34X, very adjacent to management's 4.0X to 4.25X Target Leverage Ratio.

The Equity guidelines was ~$57M arsenic of 9/30/22, vs. $120M astatine 9/30/22, hence nan large summation successful Debt/Equity. EBITDA/Interest sum improved to 6.1X, higher than average, whereas EBITDA separator decreased to 3.5%>


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Debt & Liquidity

CAPL has a $750M in installments facility, which matures successful April 2024, and a $ JKM in installments facility, which matures July 2026. The JKM installation was issued March 2022 to affiliates of Topper Group and Reilly entities.

Taking nan liking complaint switch contracts into account, nan effective liking complaint connected nan CAPL Credit Facility astatine September 30, 2022 was 3.9%. The effective liking complaint connected nan JKM Credit Facility astatine September 30, 2022 was 5.2%.

Total liquidity arsenic of 9/30/22 was $189.59M, pinch $163.6M disposable successful nan CAPL facility, and $14.2M disposable successful nan JKM facility, and $11.79M successful Cash. Management reduced CAPL's full indebtedness and finance lease obligations by ~$63M successful Q1-3 '22.


CAPL site

CAPL received $24.4M successful nett proceeds from nan issuance of backstage preferred rank interests during nan 9 months ended September 30, 2022.


CAPL's 1-Year ~total return outpaced nan S&P 500, but lagged its manufacture and nan wide Energy sector, which had an outstanding year. So acold successful 2023, CAPL has outperformed nan marketplace and nan wide Energy sector.


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While CAPL's yield, Price/DCF, and P/Sales are each attractive, its P/Book suffers from nan mini equity amount, i.e. book value.


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Parting Thoughts

At its 2/17/23 $21.69 closing price, CAPL is ~7% beneath its 52-week high, and 18.4% supra its 52-week low. You whitethorn want to hold for a value pullback earlier nibbling connected immoderate units.

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